Beloved Local Radio Station, KMUD, Loses Antennas

Press release from KMUD:

High winds on April 11 are the cause of signal interruption for Redwood Community Radio’s KLAI (90.3 FM. Strong winds had broken off one antenna completely, and severely damaged a second one. The antennas were part of a three antenna array that serves Northern Mendocino and parts of Southern Humboldt county. They’re installed on a tower high atop Cahto Peak west of Laytonville.

KLAI is a repeater for KMUD, the non-commercial station licensed to Garberville. KMUD started broadcasting in 1987, and KLAI started as a low power translator, financed and installed largely by volunteers in the early 1990s.

The installation also transmits Radio Bilingue, a non-commercial radio network based in Fresno, California, on their station KVUH, 88.5 FM. The two radio stations share equipment and an antenna array. Radio Bilingue has programs in Spanish and English, music and news. The two organizations jointly installed the equipment in 2006, at the same time increasing the KLAI signal to 500 watts, and KVUH to 1,000 watts.

KMUD provides daily local and regional news at 6 pm, and call-in talk shows six days a week and a vast range of music. Community support is critical to keep both stations on the air.

The stations will be reinstalling antennas as soon as possible. It may take several weeks for equipment to arrive and for the weather to be sunny and calm enough for tower climbers to complete their work.

For more information see and You can see photos of the tower and the damaged antennas on the KMUD website. Both stations also broadcast on the internet.



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  • Never sell out!

  • When everything else goes down to nothing, radio is still there. It can save lives. But sadly the cell phone generation never learned that, and Verizon and ATT do not care. Please support local radio.

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  • Good to have ya back kym. Hope ya feelin better. Wish the news was better. But cant blame ya for that. Beautitiful spring. Should be some good news coming. Keep the faith.

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