[UPDATE Tuesday] Multi-Car Traffic Accident With Extrication Shut Down Hwy 299

Traffic backing up and major accident

Traffic backing up at the scene of a major accident on Hwy 299. [All photos by Mark Nelson until 7:25 p.m.]

Two vehicles are over the bank at mile marker 9.6 on Hwy 299 as of 6:36 p.m.and one van is on its side,  according to scanner traffic. Four ambulances are on their way to the scene. Six to seven patients are injured. Hwy 299 is completely shut down in both directions.
UPDATE 7:06 p.m.: According to the photographer, a head-on accident has completely closed Hwy 299. One vehicle is over the edge with a rappel team trying to get to the victims. Another vehicle is smashed in the road. There are injured on the ground with people holding tarps to keep the rain off as emergency personnel work on the injured.

Fieldbrook, Blue Lake, and Arcata Fire, as well as the Humboldt County Sheriff and CHP and volunteer bystanders, are all helping at the scene.

UPDATE 7:09 p.m.: We hear on the scanner that three are injured critically and one person is dead.

UPDATE 7:12 p.m.: According to the scanner, one teenager and four kids are left at scene. All other patients on the way to Mad River Hospital.

UPDATE 7:14 p.m.: There is no estimate of when Hwy 299 will reopen due to the severity of the accident. Please avoid the area if at all possible.

UPDATE 7:25 p.m.: Photos below are by Mark McKenna.

UPDATE 7:29 p.m.: According to photographer Mark McKenna, nine seven people were transported to the hospital. Several of them children.

UPDATE 7:36 p.m.: According to Blue Lake Battalion Chief Ed Jones, he isn’t 100% sure on the numbers of those transported. He said when they arrived there were a lot of bystanders and it seemed like there were kids everywhere. At that point he wasn’t keeping track of numbers just trying to help everyone.

UPDATE 7:40 p.m.: 

UPDATE 7:56 p.m.: According to Mark McKenna, our photographer, the CHP has started opening the highway to one-way controlled traffic.

The minivan on the road is a Toyota Sienna. It is on its side facing east in the westbound lane. As can be seen in the above photos there are lots of children’s belongings on the side of the road–including multiple car seats, tiny patent leather shoes and a Disney sleeping bag. 


  • Sounds awful.

  • Praying

  • Kristy Walstrom

    I do believe they have just asked to roll the coroner, in the last hour and 20 mins, they have had 3 coroner cases , one on highway 36 in the 7 thousand block, one in Fortuna on Spring street, and now this one…. Such a sad day all the way around

  • Prayers for all…so sad. 🙁

  • Speed limit is 55. Y’all need to slow the hell down. What? Are you going to lose 5 minutes in the hour of driving?

    • More like Mr asshole

      Seriously? Unless you were there, you don’t know what happened so stfu

    • Don’t forget that 101 is closed and there is a lot more drivers on 299. A lot who have never drive, This road before. So don’t comment on speed when you don’t know what the causes were.

    • the misadventures of bunjee

      You’re assuming speed was the factor. You know what happens when you assume things.

    • No its 65 honey

      • It’s actually 55 there honey. Anything east of Blue Lake is…

      • Once you leave the divided road way and go from 4 lanes to 2 lanes,…..Speed limit drops to 55. Trust me, I’ve gotten a ticket for it…..about right where the accident took place.

      • Where that accident happened it was 55, you must be one of the speeders that we all need to watch out for. Lol. Mountain roads are dangerous. Gravity and speed are not your friends on that road. Just sayin

      • It’s 55.. I know this because I got a speeding ticket TODAY ON 299 thinking it was 65.

    • It’s a head-on collision. Someone was out of lane. It’s a straight section. You don’t go out of lane in a straight section by speed alone.

      • Unless your trying to pass

        • Or not watching the road. With all the kids in there, maybe the driver got distracted and swerved the lane.

          • No! The driver of the van was hit by someone ON THEIR PHONE doing 90 mph! So please before saying anything thing about what the family feels. She would never risk her kids lives like that! She is in critical condition and lost her baby!

            • Don’t know any of the people , but I’m praying for all involved. God place his grace on the family’s injured . In Jesus name amen

            • How do you know this? I am a friend of the family. Please let me know where this information came from. Thank you

            • Leigh-Anne Anderson Caudill

              Thank you for what your said. The family in the van are my cousins. Distant but still family. They lost 2 children. And their mom is still in critical condition. And through all of this they are praising God because that is who they are. They are in my prayers daily.

            • My mom was the person pronounced deceased on the scene so please do tell me where you got this information???

            • So sorry for your loss Cyn. Emily, you are mistaken about this accident. You are confusing this with another accident. Link is below:


            • I would really like to know where you got this information because my mom was in the other van that was hit and was killed and my mom’s husband would never put there lives at risk they were god loving people😢

    • You are right! I came home to Blue Lake,and had to take the Redding way. I only had to wait 15 min. at the slide area. I can’t believe how many people were driving like idiots,the weather was wet and dangerous,but everyone kept passing,even over the double yellow line. I kept behind a slower big rig,and let everyone pass. It was funny,because eventually you saw the same idiots who passed me,and they had to wait for controlled traffic in some places. I was home by 5pm tonight.Glad I took it slow. So sorry to hear about the accidents

    • Who fucking cares! People lost their lives! What the hell is wrong with you?! Kids may wake up without their parents! Have you no soul? Crimony! Smdh!

    • CuriousHumboldtian

      And actually where this occurred the speed limit is 65…

      • actuallt no its not you [edit] as soon as you pass the blue lake ezit it turns to 55….and who fucking cares why are you fighting over the speed limit nobody knows what happened ywt…SOMEONE LOST THERE LIFE……SHUT THE FUCK UP SND MOVE ON

        • Natalie Franqui

          That’s my niece please show us some respect we are very sadden with some comments.
          Just keep our famiky in prayer we may lose all. ….

          • Very Sorry…No words to fix or shut them up but Ignore the negative. They need to fix their own lives or just be quiet. Me too but So SORRY!

          • Sandra Contreras

            I’m a friend f a friend and just heard about this. My prayers are so much with your family. How are the children doing now?? Has anything changed or possibly often better.
            I pray God watches over them all and keeps His hands on each of them.

          • May god keep you all in his arms and prayers for your family

          • Prayers for your family. It doesn’t matter how it happened or who’s fault… it happened. Just so sad. May God wrap his arms around all involved.

          • Prayers for your family in Jesus name!

    • [edit] Mr Safety. How do you know speed was a factor?

    • Mr Safety that was my niece. how do you think i feel reading this comment. what if it was your family member. please think before you post things. i know it has nothing to do with you and yours so you dont care, but be careful in being insensitive. God bless you.

    • Kelly M Mosenfelder

      [edit] We’re you there?[edit] Accidents happen and people just died no one needs you judging them based off accusations in your own mind. It was also a very rainy day with slick roads that ever cross your mind? It was downpouring yesterday. Stop spreading your hatred. Other people don’t need it.

    • I’m not sure why people found this comment so disrespectful. Almost certainly, someone was either speeding or not paying attention. It is unfortunate that the momentary lapse resulted in a death. Very sorry for the loss of life and this reminder for the rest of us to always drive carefully. It only takes a second traveling at 55 mph+ for a tragedy to occur. RIP.

      • Have you ever thought that there was a blowout of a tire or A car malfunction? Why would you assume speeding or not paying attention is the only factors possible? I don’t understand why people comment without really thinking through before they reply or would even think that there are only two options of why an accident took place. I guess anytime you hear of a car accident it’s due to speeding or not paying attention.

    • Very true I say the same thing all the time

    • Mr. Safety…..Really, that’s your comment? Unkind..

    • Really? Insensitive.

    • The Toyota swerved into the Town and Country it was not a speed problem…

    • Are you kidding me. May god bless you and surround you with light and love..I cannot believe another would have the nerve to say that……as I said before God bless you

    • These are tiny babies, The Mom was 8 Mths Pregnant and lost that child and another child all are injured and the Mom is still in A coma, She is a Preachers Wife had 6 small children..That comment was uncalled for..You wasn’t there You can’t say what happened..

  • Does anybody know who was is the accident?

  • Regardless of who was speeding or distracted or had medical emergency while driving or had a tire blow, lets all take a little more time to get where we’re going and be the example of not distracting ourselves with phones or consules or even food.
    Try not to expect everyone to be exactly on time or to be available on their phone every second. Driving safely is way more important.

    And there are more folks using the 299 right now with the 101 closed. The curves on 299 can be deceiving even during the day. The chp needs to make a big presence there and on 36 right now, seems to be the only thing that makes people drive better, threat of ticket price.

    • If you can’t navigate the turns on hwy 299 you don’t need a drivers license! Prayers to the people involved 😭

    • Dear parents with driving teens and others:

      I am a teenager. I am frightened by driving every time I am behind the wheel. My friends drive. Cell phones are becoming more and more prevalent in taking focus away from the road.

      No one should be on their phone on a windy road like 299. OR AT ALL. HAVE YOU ALL LOST YOUR MINDS TO SAY THAT YOU CAN TRUST YOUR TEENAGER WITH DRIVING FOCUSED? Tell people you know about this.

      Also. Speeding. Why would here be speed limits if they were a whole load of crap? No. They aren’t. And they should be followed. And who cares if you THINK it it is 55 or 65? Look at the signs. KNOW IF IT IS 65 or 55.

      We all know that something was not right. So let’s send prayers to those who are involved and are affected, because who knows? I sure hope the next one is not you, or anyone else.

      NETWORK, NETWORK, NETWORK. Tell those you know about this. If everything was super straight forward, none of this would have happened. I think this is a very strong learning experience. Take it. Learn.

      Prayers to those who are living and grieving,

      Ruth Verhaegh,
      Teenager behind the wheel

  • My prayers go out to all involved so tragic slow down please

  • At this point how or why it happened is not important. What IS important is that someone lost his or her life and I pray that no one else does. May God be with all of you and your families.

  • I sure hope the next of kin was notified before these horrible pictures were put on here!!!!

    • I agree. The photos have an impact, but if someone died and the family hasn’t been notified yet, this would be a terrible way to find out.

      • I would have never known my family was in an accident if I hadn’t gone through the photos. Didn’t find out til almost 9 that my mother was the person pronounced deceased on the scene

        • Cyn, I know your family is going through a lot right now so I understand if you chose not to answer but I struggle with these concerns and want to offer information and balance that with compassion for those who are suffering. Could you tell me either here or write to my email, mskymkemp@gmail.com, in what ways we could have been more sensitive or more informative if we had the information?

          • I’m sorry for the misunderstanding, was just saying that if I hadn’t seen this post then I possibly wouldn’t have known it was my family because I live 2 states away. Thanks for your concern

  • Theresa O'Brien

    The van had 6 children and a pregnant mom. They are family members of our church family. Please keep them in your prayers. I will try to set up a help page for them because they will need it.

    • My prayers going up for all, especially the pregnant mamma! Her little ones need her! And my heart feels for all affected by this tragedy!!!

      • The update said the mama was in critical condition and the un borne child has passed away. Tears come to my eyes for all involved and god rest his had on the suffering.

    • Did they all make it ? An this is soo sad

    • Teresa I am a member of a prayer outreach that has been praying for all involved since we heard about the accident. Could you please send me the info so we can help this family financially as well. It’s Water of Life Prayer Outreach on Face Book. If you need my number it is 9188896159 in His service, Jackie Thomas

  • I was driving 299 west bound about 530. It started to rain really hard I was lucky enough to get to blue lake by the time.it started pouring in the mountains. It wasn’t so bad here in town. I hope all those little kids are ok, I mean everyone for that fact. Thoughts out to the family of the deceased. All around tragic.

  • My prayers are with everyone involved. My deepest condolences to the family of the victim lost. May they Rest In Peace. My heart goes out to them all including the emt firefighters CHP and everyone else there

  • Hate driving 299. Full of greedy growers driving like assholes.

  • Those photos are brutal.

  • 299 is open to one way traffic now. Prayers to everyone involved…..it looks awful.

  • I appreciate the media very much, however having had a family members life cut short due to a car wreck and seeing the aftermath, I highly disagree with posting some of these photos. Seeing photos of shoes and belongings, and car seats mangled and strewn about is NOT what the surviving family and friends of the occupants of either vehicle want to see, and not necessary to make the story. Very distasteful, disappointing, and disrespectful to the survivors of the crash that will look back on this nightmare later in life, and to the surviving family and friends of those involved. With that being said, thoughts and prayers to every soul effected by this tragedy. May you have the strength to power through this..

    • I agree. I lost a friend several years ago in a car accident and the local news just happened to be filming live when the tarp covering the car flew up. (it was weighed down with bricks all around it)

      It is awful to see these pictures. Prayers for all involved.

    • I agree. That goes farther than the mere reporting needs. I wouldn’t have photographed some of that, or posted it, out of sheer horror for what has happened to these people and those who know them. And I’m a photographer. My heart goes out to all of them.

    • I agree- they are extremely distasteful, disappointing and disrespectful. Not the memories the family needs to see. Please, Kim, remove most of these pictures.

    • Myself I’m thankful of all the pic’s and all the info given, It let me know how bad this accident was or otherwise I wouldn’t of known, I’m miles away, This is a very good Christian family that loves god, They were there for me after I had my accident. They need our prayers.

  • Isn’t that the spot where the road drops several inches!? With the rain and the drop and the bad road condition it could be several combinations of things that call this horrible accident!! My prayers go out to all envokved, from victims to first responders to volunteers!

  • Margaret Gensaw

    Prayers to all.

  • Seeing the car seats by the road breaks my heart… 🙁

  • Heart wrenching, shattered dreams. My thoughts and prayers go out to all.

  • What is the matter with some of you people? This is a serious accident, not a sounding board for your petty peeves! Find some compassion!

  • Why show the photos of all there belongings, when family hasn’t been notified. You’ve no idea the terror & pain caused by doing so, should they be recognized. By family or friends.

    When I was forced off the road by a DUI hit & run driver & rolled 4 times, photos were posted online, before I ever made it to the hospital. My SUV was the only one colored like it in the area. I was covered with a tarp, while jaws of life were used to extricate me. My daughter was shown the photos by another student & thought I & her sister were dead. She was in 8th grade and has never gotten over the shock.

    • My close friends wife and children were in the accident. She was seven months pregnant. Now one child and Mom in critical condition.
      They Pastor a small church near Oroville.

  • Please send prayers. I know the family that was in that van. These are wonderful christians and could use prayer. She is the wife of my pastor and at least 3 of their children were injured, one being sent to Oakland and the mother is 6 months pregnant. I know there was one fatality, but not sure from which vehicle. All of the accident victims need prayer not condemnation or speculation as to fault. That will come out and will be handled at the appropiate time in a justly manner. Thank you

    • The other family is a strong native Christian family! They just lost their mother today in this accident! All family members involved in this horrible accident are in our prayers!

      • Leanne, could you please private message me at Jody Swanlund on messanger. My dad and mom were heavily involved in the accident scene. My mom also tended to the driver of the red van until he was taken by ambulance. Our prayers are with the people in the red van as well as their families.

  • What a terrible collision! Praying for all involved.

  • Prayers up for the family, the first reponders and the kind folks who stopped to help.
    It is hard in this day and age of instant social media coverage of tragedies for the families who have not yet been notified. May all the family be given abundant healing and mercy and may their family get to them safe as they join them in their recovery.

  • Prayers plz!my cousin yesenia ia the pregnant one involved with her children she lost her baby😥jesus plz have mercy!

  • Old Highway 299

    My prayers for everyone involved. My deepest condolences to the families. Thanks for all that jumped in, a nurse, a traveler a couple construction workers and all the responders. Your training was a valuable asset. It’s the everyday people that can make a difference in the world we live in.

  • prayers for the family that lost their loved one and prayers for the injured . We just lost a family member to a wreck and know the pain that it has caused .

  • Sending prayers to all involved in this horrific tragic accident.

  • This is part of my church family. I have started a gofund me account.

  • God bless🙏💜💛mercy please for all.

  • Please everyone have compassion for these families involved. Prayers go out to everyone. Negative comments also should be kept to yourselves this is not a place for this. Family could be reading this heartbreaking story and are suffering the pain it causes. R.I.P. to the person who did not make it and healing power be sent to the families. So Sad all the way around for everyone…

  • People please stay off the highways until caltrans can make much needed repairs to our roadways. There’s nothing in redding or elswhere worth traveling for. Not victom blamming at all. Too damn much rain. Needed infrastructure repair. Give caltrans some time and sun to repair our roads. Truely prayers for this horrific tradegedy. Truely prayers.🙏💖

  • Omg, this is horrible, sending up prayers to all the families!!!!

  • I truley wish photos would not be shown immedeately after these accodents….not how people should find out about people they care about

  • Prayers for the wonderful kind woman who passed in this accident. She was so very welcoming and kind over the years and leaves behind her devoted family and community. May the mom in the other vehicle and her little ones be healed of all injuries and may the child of the dear one who has left us be surrounded by her incredible and strong family as the road to recovery begins. Again, thank you so very much to all who stopped to help and the emergency volunteers and fire fighters/ems/hospital crews and life flight crew. Two communities are reeling from this devastating accident and I would hope that the folks with venomous comments would post them elsewhere, not here.

  • Who was envolved in this accident?!

  • This is my cousin and her babies that got in the accident… I’m really heart broken…

  • Who was in the crash

  • Thank you so much to all the people Who stopped to help my niece and her kids.

    This could happen to anyone so please just keep them in prayer

    Thanks ones again to all the people who help out .. I will always be greatful to y’all

    God bless..

  • Also praying for the family of the one who lost there love one

  • If it was not posted I would not have seen it in TX. and known the need to pray. I moved to TX from Blue Lake, and know Hwy 299 very well.

  • May God heal those that are hurt, and comfort those that are hurting.

  • amen!

  • Why no names mentioned in this article? Why is the name of the church not mentioned?

    I want to donate but not blindly. If it is someone I know the donation will be a lot larger.

    • Here is an article about the GoFundMe. The woman who started the GoFundMe lives in McKinleyville and works in Eureka. http://kymkemp.com/2017/04/18/family-injured-in-accident-on-299-needs-your-help/ Here is where she and her friends are talking about the GoFundMe on her Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/theresa.howell.9/posts/10158444129065231?pnref=story

    • Charles, email me at stubby1000@hotmail.com and I can give you more info. Don’t really want to post their info on the web. This situation is still ongoing and they are not out of the woods yet. Still very fresh.

    • Charles, maybe you shouldn’t donate. The act of donating is an act of charity, and as such knowing the identities is irrelevant. The chances of actually personally knowing the victims is slim. These folks have just entered the worst situation of their collective lives; an extremely serious accident involving injury and death. Their support from unknown strangers is an affirmation of their faith and belief in God, as well as other people. While it is not a requirement to be a christen to have faith, most christens do indeed have faith.

      Perhaps, Charles, now is the time to turn the corner on your beliefs and give something back. If you ran off the road and landed in my yard, as two cars have done in recent years, I would help in any way I could, not even knowing you.

      Doing something blindly in support of others is sometimes the very definition of faith.

  • Thank you for posting all the pictures! The general public needs to see what’s at stake everytime they get behind the wheel.

  • I know this family personally!!! God be with this family!

  • There are no such things as “accidents.” Someone is always at fault. People who scream “accident” want there to be some mysterious force that takes people’s lives. Driver distraction and not heeding weather, poor maintenance and of course dui are the main causes of car crashes these days.

    I am astonished by the speed of which people turn to technology to (ad)dress their wounds. Every tragedy seems to have its “online solution.” We need fellowship with kin and neighbors, not slavishness to profiting websites catering to pain.

  • Would have expected the horrid photos over at loco, but frick really KYM! Such a classless move. Such a sad accident, my thoughts are with this family this morning.

    • It is always hard for me when even a very small percentage of my readers disagree with my decisions to print something. I question myself and wonder and lay awake trying to see what I could do better.

      But in this case, I’m genuinely bewildered. There is no injured person even seen from a distance. The photos show a true record without being either grisly or intrusive. The most poignant images are of shoes and child seats and Disney sleeping bags. They open our eyes to the precious contents of so many vehicles on the road reminding us not just to be careful for our sakes but for the sakes of the small ones that depend on us.

      I am sorry that some of my readers seem offended but, showing accident scenes is something we do frequently with little to no discussion among our readers and often we have frequent requests for more information. And these photos while particularly heartrending because they hint of the tiny beings impacted do not show the injured. Instead, they show a community of bystanders to battalion chiefs working together to assist those in need.

      • You can post photos but not necessary to post them all. This is not a Vietnam Time Magazine moment impacting the world opportunity. Many know their are kids in vans etc. Those that wrecklessly ignore those facts are either on something or addicted to speed going fast or young or naive and think they are invisible and immortal. Number one fatality for children is car accidents. Most know this and seat belts save life, rain and windy roads can impact your driving and so on. But to post so many personal photos, about someones family before they can even notify their own family and church and friends is not right. You can take a couple but the intent you went into shows us thay you were doing this for more of a personal reason versus news worthy. Hence why so many opposed.

        • So, any of the photos are okay. Just less of them?

        • You seam to have it all figure out, right? But we choose to “walk softly”…..

        • People like me who are coming here, Is coming here to see what happened, So the more pic’s that show what happened the more understanding we have, For those that can’t handle seeing this stuff can go to filtered media and stay in the dark of what’s happening in the real world. Telling and showing the whole seen opens all our eyes to what happed and what’s going on. Which I believe we all have the right to know as we all have the choice not to know or see this stuff, Just simply don’t look and stay away from this kind of stuff. I would like to see more pic’s, I would like to know how the injured is and the cause of this accident. I know the this family very well. So I turned here to find out all I can not having to go to then letting them have there privet needed family time.

      • Everyone knows your heart is in the right place, and your decision-making is balanced and thoughtful.

        My only concern was that the family might see the pics before being notified of the accident, esp. if there was a fatality. Because photos were of personal belongings, it made the vehicle more identifiable, rather than just a photo of a dark minivan that crashed.

        If the family had already been notified, then my concern isn’t valid.

        • Yes, We all started getting phones calls and able to see it on-line if we chose too. Her husband was driving his truck, He was either following behind her or in front of her, They was on there way to visit family. Showing all this stuff let me and all the other people know how bad this accident was. This is the only way me an others can see this. Were hours apart. Some in other states. For those that it may bother to see this, Don’t have to click and see. I’m hearing that friends and family appreciate all the pic’s an info giving us depth of what happened.

      • You do a great job Kym. Of course this is an awful way to find out someone you care about has been in an accident, but any way you hear about it will be awful. For those worried it could be one of their loved ones based on type of vehicle, the pictures are a godsend. For those that need to slow down, the photos are a good reminder.

        Keep up the good work.

      • I think the photos are an important part of this story, none of them are graphic. Nothing drives home the importance of safe driving than photos like these. You would be doing a public disservice to not show them. Maybe some young driver will see these and be given that little push that will bring home how dangerous driving can be. It also helps the community see that a horrible tragedy has happened right here at home. I personally heard the sirens going back and forth for an hour on 299. The picture of that beautiful family and the idea of them living through that twisted wreck, is newsworthy and it is reality burying our heads in the sand won’t change that.

        • Thank you. I take it hard when I upset people who depend on me for the news. I know it is foolish but it comforts me to know that others agree with me.

      • Perfectly said Kim…The pictures open our forgetful eyes sometimes to realities we need to be more in tune with…This accident is no one’s fault, it tragic.I think seeing the pictures invokes a feeling of wanting to bring comfort and help to the beautiful and helpless little children involved…Ive cried my eyes out over this story, and I’ve been reminded once again, how precious life is and how uncertain our futures can be.Prayers for Eternity to the people’s hearts and lives affected.You do a great job kim!♡♡

    • The pictures help us to understand the severity of this horrific accident. The pictures are small in part. There was a car over the side of the road under stated. Every reader has a perspective. My note to readers: First aid kits, Flares, Bottled water, Fire Extinguishers, Parachute cord or rope and First Aid Instructions in case I’m the one injured.

  • Prayers for the family💖

  • Terrible tragedy last night, prayers to these folks whom now hv altered their lives.. Me nd my kids had 2 near collisions, both are preventable had ppl followed this common sense rule. .. PLEASE SLOW DOWN, PLEASE REMEMBER THIS RULE, 10 miles per hour equals 1 car link !!! GET OFF EACH OTHERS BUMPERS AND LIVE ANOTHER DAY OR SUFFER the consequences , the choice is YOURS, AMEN.

  • Sending prayer and deepest sympathy to EVERYONE.
    I am so sorry for this tragic accident and how it brings so much sorrow.

  • A neighbor from Oklahoma

    Brother John in response to “slavishness to profiting websites catering to pain.” Everyone has a right to an opinion. That does not always mean that opinion is right. This family is known and loved all over the country via their ministry. By kin and neighbors even in Georgia. They don’t have to ask who is my neighbor. They know through such” profiting websites” I am a neighbor from Oklahoma who plans to express my love and support via “go fund me” with do respect to you sir. P.S. Your opinion is not without merit given certain circumstances. But NOT HERE!!!

  • Any update on the condition of those who were injured? Number of casualties. What a horrible tragedy.

  • Sister in Christ

    Oh Dear Heavenly please lift both families. Lord God you are almighty. Please comfort all involved. Lord God we put our faith in your hands. Lord God helps to help those who need us now to come together as one, united in your love God. As both these families are love by many Lord God please bring the right care providers give them wisdom and the right supportive family and friends to those is this accident to receive your love. In Jesus name I pray. AMEN

  • friend of the family

    Update, driver 25/26 yr, is in bad shape, was flown from the local hospital to the trauma center down south. She was 6 mo pregnant w/ fully developed baby that didn’t make it. 2 yr girl is brain dead on life support, was flown to Oakland trauma center. no more can be done, just prayers, Their other small kids I haven’t heard their condition. Her husband was driving his pick-up behind her and wasn’t in the crash. He’s by her side at the hospital. A fund for donating has been set up to help with expenses,

  • Old Highway 299

    Do not go gentle into that good night,
    Old age should burn and rave at close of day;
    Rage, rage against the dying of the light.

    Though wise men at their end know dark is right,
    Because their words had forked no lightning they
    Do not go gentle into that good night.

    Good men, the last wave by, crying how bright
    Their frail deeds might have danced in a green bay,
    Rage, rage against the dying of the light.

    Wild men who caught and sang the sun in flight,
    And learn, too late, they grieved it on its way,
    Do not go gentle into that good night.

    Grave men, near death, who see with blinding sight
    Blind eyes could blaze like meteors and be gay,
    Rage, rage against the dying of the light.

    And you, my father, there on the sad height,
    Curse, bless, me now with your fierce tears, I pray.
    Do not go gentle into that good night.
    Rage, rage against the dying of the light.

    Dylan Thomas, 1914 – 1953

  • ELC just a friend of mankind

    Would all of you that are so quick to pass judgment on what was went wrong what happened and whose fault it was please understand regardless to who is at fault this was a accident That is right A ACCIDENT the best response I could give upon seen these pictures was to stop and just say a word of prayer for them everyone involved and at the same time thank the GOD of Heaven not that I’m better than them because I’m not none of us are that this horrific tragedy did not knocking on my door because it’s the Bible said he rains on the just and the unjust alike no one is exempt from tragedy this just could have been just as well have been my family or your family so I ask you rather than say all your negative comments all your negative thoughts publishing them with everyone please go find a mirror and just for a moment be thankful

  • Hi everyone on here probably won’t read this but the lady in the van that was hit by yesina woods was my aunt.she too was a Christian lady and lived a great life. She always was there for people in need and opened her home to every one.she also fostered children with no place to go and offered them love and open arms. I was really hurt to hear all this talk of what their van looked like or how only yesina was affected. My aunt had 8 kids with four to five grandkids each. She was a beautiful soul and person. She loved the Lord and my uncle Kevin lost the love of his life. They were soul mates a love that people could only wish for is what they shared.His daughter was seriously injured. I think this was horrible and we shouldn’t compare because both sides lost lives and will be forever changed. My condolences for the other family.

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