[UPDATE 11: 18 a.m.] Fire Burns Several Buildings at Hoopa High

burned buildings

The burned area [Photo by Sharon Reed]

A “suspicious fire” burned several buildings at Hoopa High this morning, confirmed Stacy Hanson of the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office. “The call came to the Sheriff’s Office at 4:16 this morning,” Hanson said.

However, Hoopa Fire and other fire departments were on the scene even earlier, according to social media accounts. [UPDATE 11:18 a.m.: According to Nathan Falk of Willow Creek Fire, “Willow creek fire sent one structure engine with 4 personnel to assist Hoopa VFD with the fire this morning. Our time of dispatch was 03:24.”]

According to a resident, Sharon Reed, “It was the auto shop, wood shop, and choir room” that burned. None of the main classrooms burned.

Hanson said, “The Arson Task Force is being called out.” The scene is being secured for investigation.

Here’s another photo that was taken earlier this morning by Daisey Yaple.




  • Omg what the hell is next to go in hoopa.hope the us government builds them new buildings look on the bright side .

    • How about just giving us our land back and vacating

      • And then what? Depend on the Hoopa, Yurok and Karuk Tribes to build schools?

      • Maybe write trump about that I’m sure he will give you you land back

      • That’s a totally lousy plan. Y’all up there rely on us. I mean, how would things go with no cell phones, no internet, no food deliveries to your stores, no electric or phone service, no gasoline deliveries, et al.

        Some of us (myself included) rely on you, too.

        • Silly, I mean all our land, pre-treaty. The whole North America. I’m sure we would find a way to keep the lights on.

          • Strange to hear a native claiming ownership to land .
            We are all from this earth so far as I know . So it’s our land too . The laws of nature are what lost your stewardship of the land . It was inevitable and unfortunate.
            Natives were never given a chance , but that’s not he current generations fault or responsibility. No ones leaving

    • The Federal Government doesn’t build schools. Schools are owned by the State. I am sure they will receive a large insurance payout to rebuild those run down buildings. Interesting.

      • The schools are owned by the local school district, in this case the Klamath-Trinity Joint Unified School District.

  • Sorry to hear this.

  • Building and forest arson continue. How about new buildings of concrete block, metal roof, over head sprinkler systems?

  • Sorry to hear this. Pretty sad this is turning into a racist thing in the comments. Jeez people. Where is the love???? The first moment I saw this post, I was just wishing for some of those mobile offices. I cannot believe how people treat each other. I just don’t comprehend not being kind.

    • I hear you. People in LOCO are actually making jokes. There is NOTHING funny about kids with so much already working against them losing a way to learn two marketable skills. I hope that they’ll be able to rebuild quickly, so next years’ students will be able to take wood and auto shop.

  • JustWantToHearTheEndofTheStory

    Auto shop, wood shop, and choir. All the things that make high school bearable.

  • Somebody broke the law and needs to be held accountable! Arsonist sucks. Very happy no one was hurt. Bunch of assholes with nothing better to do. I’m sorry for the students and the community. Now they have to clean it,rebuild and money is hard to come by.So sad these IDIOTS did this

  • My oldest daughter graduated ftom there.I worked there in Special Needs. I also worked at Hoopa Elementary. Lots if memories. This Is so sad. Things are getting worse. Was not this bad say 20 years ago. Why would someone do this. They are taking from their own kids. Whoever did this should pay.

  • The Government owes the Native American Indians the financial stability to build proper schools, housing and live a better life. My dad taught at Hoopa High School and we lived there amongst the most wonderful people. There is more poverty on reservations than anywhere in the United States. It is time to put them first and foremost.

  • fire is an easy way to kill “black mold” What a coincidence

  • Congratulations! A new record for intolerance, ignorance, stupidity, provincialism and racism. Humboldt County never lets us down!

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