Three Suspects Arrested in Yesterday’s Shooting; Two More Sought

Ramon Aviles is the first photo or the one the left Ervin Dixon is the second photo or in the middle Alberto Garcia is the third photo or the one on the right

Ramon Aviles is the first photo or the one the left
Ervin Dixon is the second photo or in the middle
Alberto Garcia is the third photo or the one on the right

This is a press release from the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office. The information has not been proven in a court of law and any individuals described should be presumed innocent until proven guilty:

On Saturday, April 15, 2017 at about 10:12 a.m. Humboldt County Sheriff Deputies responded to a residence on Dyerville Loop, in Myers Flat for a report of a gunshot victim and possible home invasion robbery.  The victim told deputies that he was met by numerous individuals at his residence and an argument ensued. The victim was hit in the back of the head by one of the individuals and was shot when he attempted to flee. The victim was transported to a local hospital for treatment.

Deputies arrived on scene and located three subjects exiting the victim’s property. Those subjects were detained while deputies continued their investigation. Based on the investigation, Ramon Aviles, Ervin Dixon, and Alberto Garcia were placed under arrest and transported to the Humboldt Correctional Facility where they were booked for PC 211- Robbery and PC 182- Conspiracy. Their bail has been set at $100,000 each.

Two additional persons are being sought for questioning in this investigation:

Person #1- 30-40 year old Hispanic male adult, 5’0 110 lbs. Last seen wearing a golfer type hat, plaid long sleeve shirt. Possibly associated with a green or brown Dodge 1500 Quad-Cab towing a 10-12 ft. white enclosed trailer.

Person #2- 30-40 year old Hispanic male adult, 6’0, 300 lbs, dark shoulder length hair- last seen wearing a blue long sleeve button up shirt. Possibly associated with a silver early 2000’s Ford SUV.

Anyone with information for the Sheriff’s Office regarding this case or related criminal activity is encouraged to call the Sheriff’s Office at 707-445-7251 or the Sheriff’s Office Crime Tip line at 707-268-2539.

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  • The top head line telling who is or whom they are makes no sense to me the men in the picture could be the guy on t he left or he could be the one on the right ?,Or who is or who is not .maybe I’m not seeing something wrong here because i have no clue who is who ,but.anyway there is a lot of Robberys ,and home invastions usually associated to harvest time, but is year around now .i would bet a large sum pf money they are not locals .just saying .Ok I just figured it out who’s who ,but I had to read it a couple of time s they could have just put a name under each subject .

  • Spurious Truthyist

    Are you kidding me? You couldn’t figure them out even with two ways of knowing which one was which? Btw, very stream of consciousness type of writing there….
    on another note… white enclosed trailer- wasn’t there one of those stolen last week?

  • insert racially insensitive comment here_________________

  • Pinches Méxicanos de mierda

  • Down syndrome Thugs

  • Michelle Guthrie

    Another shooting in Humboldt. How original.

  • Why is mogtx always the first responder on every article does he just sit there waiting by his computer or phone waiting to spew on the first thing that comes up

  • And believe me I know the guy on Fruitlyn that got shot I think it might’ve been vigilante justice not a home invasion just saying. He owed many people money and told many lies surprised he lasted this long

  • A my lib-tard, loving, hippie friends believe the government should take our guns so we can’t defend ourselves. If they were met at the door with AK-47 or AR -15 Pointed at them I think they would have left without the innocent becoming the victim.

  • In about three more hours, we will have gone a whole day without a reported killing. I hope we can make it.

  • Who truly walks around the house with a loaded AK-47 or an AR 15 come on I’m going to my front door in my underwear ready to fight to the death my guns are locked up and I live in the woods. I don’t sleep with a gun under my pillow I never want to live that paranoid but I do have guns but yeah they take a minute to get to but I’m scared of nobody come on I guess if I was a liar and cheat and had it coming and have my guns way closer to being ready

    • Recommend hand print safe for your sidearms. Very fast access with no key or memory required. It’s all about speed when it comes to any battle.

  • Why is the bail so low? Rob someone and shoot them then 10k and They are back out? It doesn’t matter if they were the driver or the shooter they all get the same charge something doesn’t add up here

  • poor guys are just trying to get there money back.

  • Pretty sure it was just western justice the boy f**k the wrong people I know he f***ed me a couple years ago

  • I many young but I know just about everyone in fort white. These people can’t be from here.

  • People have owed us for years,but I don’t try to kill them.geeze

  • Yes I am recovering from a horrific attack ,so all I got is red headed black belt ,so hello I’ll try not to be the first to comment I’ll wait for you first.

    • Why would somebody care if you comment first? That is the real question.

    • Sorry mogtx. I hope u get well. I tend to be a ass on holidays especially. Talked my kids into goin to school and movin away. I’m very proud of them but now their 1000 miles away with my grand children.

  • Hey let’s grow the exact same beard…. Okay

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