[UPDATE] Tall Garberville Redwood’s Top Was Lopped Today

About 12:45 p.m. the tall redwood tree by Ray’s Food Store was topped. The timber worker laid the top in the precise spot needed to avoid the surrounding buildings. Lori Wellborn captured this video for us. It’s impressive to watch the large top slide into the exact spot needed.

UPDATE: Our Facebook page has a video of the entire tree being taken down. https://www.facebook.com/RedheadedBlackbelt/posts/1864297270451584



  • why, leave the trees alone, now its a stick…

  • Why was it topped?

  • The tree did not look like it was leaning or diseased – makes no sense to me, either! Luckily, we have plenty more growing back at Humboldt Redwoods State Park. Local parks are part of what make this area special. Glad the tree topper got the job done safely.

  • They are taking it all the way down!! Gone!!!

  • Someone needed to pay the bills?

  • As I understand it, a redwood tree standing alone has a high risk of falling during heavy weather. Redwoods have shallow root systems and no tap roots; they depend upon connecting their roots (and often, in old-growth forest, high-growing branches) with the roots of other redwood trees for stability, especially in high winds when the ground is saturated. (Even so, they fall fairly frequently, as we all know!) If this tree had fallen in the middle of Garberville it would have done a lot of damage and possibly injured or killed people, and everyone would now be complaining that it should have been taken down years ago. A sole tree in the middle of town is like a tiger in a zoo. We should focus on saving forests, habitat, and ecosystems.

    • If what you say was the reason for cutting this tree down, why was this done at the end of a hard wet winter? Maybe the property owner wants to catch up on his expensive winter PG&E bill! I think something is rotten in Denmark and it doesn’t look like it was the tree.

  • Was the tree rotten? In somebody’s way,perhaps? It’s still sad the tree looked young🌲

  • Where’s Julia ‘Butterfly’ when you need her? Oh, that’s right in Costa Rica being a tax dodger.

  • Yesmeagain your probably right but my way of thinking they shouldn’t have cut the ones down that were around it. Sad so sad.

  • That’s the same tree that was ‘popsicled’ a few years ago. It went from a beautiful tree to a green stick in the air.
    That was really sad to see.
    Redwoods really do need to be with their tribe. I hope the person who decided to cut the tree down, does the right thing, and plants a few, in a place where they will thrive.

  • Now it’s a beautiful stump!!

  • I was just looking at that tree yesterday and remembering when they cut all the branches off. I was comparing it to the other redwood on Locust that still had its branches, looking at the ground and how it is causing the sidewalk to buckle. They are truely majestic trees! Sad that they took it down but I’m sure they had their reasons.

  • The tree was originally “shaved” because several large limbs blew off in a wind storm and damaged an adjacent structure and the owner of the structure was afraid someone was going to get hurt. The tree was not “natural” it grew unusually fast because its roots were in the sewer line that ran behind Madrone Realty.

  • As I understand it the tree was not a remnant of a pre Garberville forest it was planted by a Mr. Ted Tucker who was a real estate guy here in town.

    • As beautiful and lovely as redwoods are, indeed my favorite tree, redwood trees are wild and don’t belong anywhere near human habitation. They shed limbs profusely in wind storms. A limb from that tree took out the Radio Shack sign a few years ago, and limbs from that tree have been found in the town square, hundreds of feet away.

      The location of the tree is (was) on prime commercial real estate in the center of town. It was not a good place for a redwood.

      Never plant a redwood tree around buildings. it will break your heart every time! It will either destroy something or you will have to cut it down.

      Kirby is right, the tree was planted by the Tuckers. I counted the rings on the stump and it was around 75-80 years old. Most rings were around one half inch wide. Not a prime lumber tree.

      • What you meant to say (I’m sure) was that human buildings belong elsewhere, not in proximity to redwoods.
        Never put a building near redwoods.
        The trees are more important than you are.

      • What he meant to say was, never let a family that grew up on logged redwood tree profits, tell you if your redwood tree is sound or not! You don’t want any of those, “wild redwood trees near human habitation either!” They just can’t be tamed. 75 years old is getting close to the end of a humans life, but just a youngster in redwood tree years!

  • Too many trees cut in Gville lately, and no new ones being planted. The Catholic church lost a beautiful magnolia last year; the hospital cut down the gorgeous weeping cedars a few months back and now this. No one gives a shit about anything green growing in this ugly dirty little town…no gardens, no aesthetic sense. Just dog shit, cigarette butts and more and more big trucks parked in the crosswalks and sidewalks.

  • If you dont like our dirty little town then leave i bust my ass every Tuesday and Friday cleaning this town so shut the hall up.u might want to join us if you think so little of garberville

    • I think we should name the stump “Groot”. Or perhaps its full name “I.M. Groot”.

    • Hey Big Louie
      If people and their dogs/butts were not such slobs, and drivers and ‘citizens’ not so self-involved/stoned/drunk, had a higher level of awareness and an eye for the future..or if Garbageville would incorporate so there could be a code of conduct, it would help. And I’d love to move–can you donate to the cause???

      Who are you that ‘cleans’ Garbageville on Tues. and Fri., pray tell? I’ve never seen you.

      And no, I’m not into cleaning up dog shit and cig butts or wiping your ass, either.

      Clean up after yourself and your dog. And get beyond your need for a parking space right in front of the business you’re dropping your dope bucks at.

      My god people, don’t y’all live in the hills? And you *can’t* walk a block???

  • Damn! Missed my chance!
    Thought for years to anoint that Redwood with a sign: ‘World’s Largest Bottle Brush’! (That’s what it looked like after they limbed it a few years ago).

  • I hate them for cutting her down……she’s amazing habitat for all sorts of birds…….damn rays food place, or who ever did that…….damn them to hell

  • Covelo or busted

    WOW!…..So glad to see video footage of the last beautiful thing in G, ville get killed. Kinda like watching my grandma get shot, and killed …..Kirby said the tree wasn’t NATURAL? Your not very natural either Mr . Kirby…. And Ernie says it not ”PRIME LUMBER TREE”…. Guess he hasn’t bought any new PRIME REDWOOD redwood decking from P.L./ Green Diamond….It all has 1″ — 1-1/2″ growth rings…. It was an insurance Job ille bet $$$$$$ on it. Remember the tree in RAZE parking lot, when they first built RAZE?… They chocked it w/ asphalt … it died slooooooowlly., then thy removed the HAZARD. And those nasty/ messy ROTARY trees w/ all those nasty/ shitting / loud /obnoxious/ raucous/ NATURAL Blackbirds!…..WELL? What more can i say? …KILL THEM!…P.S.Nice falling job.. was that our pal Climber Dave?

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