[UPDATE 11:45 a.m.: No Longer on Lockdown] Whitethorn School in Lockdown Following a Report That a Man Is Being Chased by Armed Individuals

Breaking news graphicWhitethorn Elementary School is on lockdown, confirmed Stacy Hanson of the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office. She is attempting to gather more information for us but, according to scanner traffic, a man apparently appeared at the school claiming to be chased by armed individuals.

We’ll update as soon as possible.

UPDATE 11:45 a.m.: According to Stacy Hanson of the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office,  Whitethorn School is no longer on lockdown. “Deputies are still on scene investigating,” she said. “However, it looks as if this was not as reported.”



  • Someone who turned in his ability to protect himself to the Eureka Police Department?


  • Finally, something demographically and geographically sensible. Legal marijuana, pending opioid safehavens, what could go wrong? Hope all are safe.

  • Hmmmm…..has he been up for 8 days on Crystal?

  • Although I’m a liberal, when will my liberal friends learn that if good, law abiding citizens turn in their guns it leaves us with no defense. Oh, you think the criminal will turn in their guns? Take your head out of the sand! Look at REAL facts. every year guns are used over 80 times more often to protect a life than to take one. Just like the recent post where a gunman stole a truck at gunpoint. I’m sure he would have turned in his gun.

    • tax paying citizen

      I think you’re unclear on the concert of gun control. NO one is asking you, or other citizens to turn in your guns. What we would like is for it to be much harder for mentally ill people to buy guns. It’s pretty easy now, and the NRA lobby won’t allow
      even the most basic universal background check legislation to pass.

      • Govt has no constitutional authority to declare who is fit or unfit to defend themselves. There is no constitutional authority to infringe upon any individual’s right. Only the individual has constitutional authority to give up their rights by choosing to hurt another’s right to life, liberty or property. Those who take away another’s right to defense, are the guilty ones that must be punished in a court of law. The court of law is supposed to treat all persons with equal justice, whether rich or poor, left or right, religious or atheist, homeless or politician.

        • tax paying citizen

          Defend yourself??!! Where in the constitution does it say that?
          but it does say “well regulated…”

        • Woulda, coulda, shouda!!! What planet do you live on? Justice in not only blind but she is stupid too. She is a prostitute used by the rich to get what they want. The rest of us cannot usually afford her time.

      • Tell that to trump, the mental health check is no longer required due to his changing the law.

        • “Tell that to trump, the mental health check is no longer required due to his changing the law”.
          Another Liberal lie.
          1st, there was never a mental health check required. 2nd, when you buy a gun, you have to state that you don’t have mental health problems.
          3rd. The law you refereed to wasn’t a law. It was a regulation fostered by Osama, and it only affected those on Social Security. The regulation stopped SS recipients from owning a gun if they suffered from something as simple as memory loss.
          You really should educated yourself.

          • Aww someone thinks their cute and clever with word play. Osama=Obama. Maybe you should educate yourself on Cult behavior! You think your different than those you poke at?

            Pink Floyd 1975

            “Wish You Were Here”

            So, so you think you can tell Heaven from Hell, blue skies from pain.
            Can you tell a green field from a cold steel rail?
            A smile from a veil?
            Do you think you can tell?

            Did they get you to trade your heroes for ghosts?
            Hot ashes for trees?
            Hot air for a cool breeze?
            Cold comfort for change?
            Did you exchange a walk on part in the war for a lead role in a cage?

            How I wish, how I wish you were here.
            We’re just two lost souls swimming in a fish bowl, year after year,
            Running over the same old ground.
            What have we found?
            The same old fears.
            Wish you were here.

            • Exactly. LOL Old hippies love to quote old hippy anthems. Hippycrite, cure thyself. How many miles per gallon does your vehicle gulp? Almost no hippies without a fuel-guzzling vehicle of some sort. Same old gray ponytail types DID vote for bin-Bama. Look at the beam in your own eye ….

        • Bingo.

      • A lot of people, cities and States are asking you to turn in our guns. Eureka did it recently.
        You obviously haven’t tried to buy a gun in California. It is not easy to buy a gun and many,many guns can’t be bought in California.Plus it takes at least 10 days once you can find a California compliant gun, then you have to take a test.
        California has made most of the guns I own illegal, plus they put restrictions on much of the ammo you want, the size of magazines you can have and outlaw the magazines you have owned for years. Plus California won’t buy the magazines they have made illegal and won’t compensate you for your property.
        It is also against Federal law to buy a weapon if you have mental health issues.
        I just became an Oregon resident and once I found the gun I wanted,I paid for it and walked out of the store with it strapped to my side in less than 10 minutes. Not only that, all the guns, ammo, magazines etc., that California made illegal, became legal in Oregon.
        California has a population of over 33 million and yet only issues 70,000 CCW permits and most of those are issued in just a few counties.
        Oregon has 3.8 million people and issues more than 250,000 CCW permits.
        Even Liberal anti gun Massachusetts, pop. 6.5 million issued 350,000 CCW permits.
        Mean while, Californians are left practically defenseless.
        You should check the facts before spouting nonsense.

        • They didn’t become legal in Oregon, they always have been.

          • You didn’t read what I wrote. They were illegal in California and became legal once again when I moved out of state. So, yes, they were once illegal and now they are legal.

      • What CONCERT is that on Gun Control is a decent band or just some wanna be group??? I think you meant to say CONCEPT!!!

    • I for one will give up mine… when they are pried from my Cold Dead Fingers!!! I’m a registe4red member of the Green Party as well so YES!!! I am VERY Liberal!!!

      • Hell yeah! Guns are like cars, the handler is the problem.
        Im liberal&green party too, and think gun ownership is fine, especially in rural areas. There are other uses for guns than shooting people.
        Im with ya, when the only ones with guns are authority we are f’d.
        Interesting to remember that having guns was a major class issue in britain when our countrys founders left and came here. That is a main reason it was given such strenghth in the constitution, being able to bear arms represented a positive class change, one where people could have control over their own food sources.

    • Your facts are in error. Therefore, they are not facts. The most frequent method used by criminals to obtain guns is by stealing them from those law-abiding citizens. Give them up and we’re all better off.

  • I’m glad the school had a plan set up, even if the situation was not exactly what was originally thought, it’s good to know there is awareness to keep the children and teachers somewhat safe.. my grandchildren go to this school and it would be troubling to think that the person that came to the school for help could also bring a worse situation onto the school grounds. I’m glad the sheriff responded and hope it was resolved quickly.

    • 19 comments and yours is the only one on topic. Thanks for being sensible. I live near the school and would a follow up on this story. The neighborhood has definitely been more chaotic recently.

  • Sylvia Christianson

    Thank you Maryellen for getting back to the important subject of our school and our children and grandchildren

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