Learn How to Construct a Bioswale

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Bioswale [Image from press release]


Saturday, April 29   10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

At the Lost Coast Education Center and Garden, next to the BLM King Range fire facility, 768 Shelter Cove Road in Whitethorn.

The workshop will cover the theory, design and hands-on construction of a bioswale (also known as a berm and basin) to help capture and infiltrate runoff into the soil. Participants will learn how, where (and where not to) construct a bioswale, their uses for groundwater recharge, as well as their use in capturing nutrients and sediment.

The day of the workshop a small bioswale will be constructed and planted with native perennial bunch grasses. Participants will also receive a basic written guide on how to build a bioswale.

Bring work gloves, sturdy shoes, a notepad, water and a lunch.

For more information contact Kyle at 707-943-1504 or email at owlsperch@asis.com


  • Laytonville Rock


  • Honeydew Bridge C.H.U.M.P.

    Using swales with permaculture is very important in constructing a food forest.

    This would be nothing but an irrigation ditch for dope growers.

    I would encourage anyone into real agriculture, and more importantly permaculture, to look into this style. It works very well combined with Back To Eden style.

    Again, dope growers-

    This style isn’t for you, but for real agriculture and people focused on sustainable plantings.

  • Lake County Not So Bad

    I have some experience with these. Five years ago I read all the hype and watched the videos and thought these were pure magic and I wanted some of it. In the end, they’re only good as a glorified curtain drain. Sure, I had lots of fun and excitement building them, using an A frame, planting plants and watching the swales fill with rain. My desert land got no greener but I did learn some things, got good exercise and now have a curtain drain.

    • Bioswales infiltrate runoff, therefore help recharge the natural aquifer. They are meant to attenuate stormwater flows and prevent runoff of polluted or sediment laden water. You’ve done a good thing by constructing them on your land.

  • For this geography I think the most important lesson is the part where not to build them.

  • Can these Bioswales also be dual-purposed?

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