[UPDATE 8:15 a.m.] Large Tree Entangled in Power Lines Blocking Maple Hills Road; Power Out in Miranda

Icon of tree blocking road

Stock photo of tree blocking road.

A large redwood tree fell across Maple Hills Road between Salmon Creek and Bear Butte Road about 5:30 this morning. The roadway is completely blocked.

The other exit from Salmon Creek is technically closed but vehicles can get through the north Salmon Creek exit. Please drive cautiously, however.

The power is out in Miranda to over 400 customers, according to PG&E.

UPDATE 7:06 a.m.: South Fork High School’s Facebook page states, “Power is out in Miranda. According to PGE, it will be back up at 10:00 am. School is open. We will continue to monitor the situation.”

UPDATE 7:44 a.m.: According to Shanna Archibold, local resident who took the following photo, “County workers are still waiting for PG& E to turn off the power. So still no estimated time of reopening.”

The tree is crumpled across both lanes.

The tree is crumpled across both lanes. [Photo by Shana Archibold]

UPDATE 8:15 a.m.: Power has been restored to most customers.



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