CHP Releases More Information on Stolen Pink Tow Truck and Masked Armed Robbers

Firefighters with the stolen tow truck carrying the Dodge Ram. [Photo by Nehwan Nelson]

Press release from the California Highway Patrol:

On April 13, 2017 at approximately 3:15 AM, a flat bed tow truck, owned by Buddy’s Auto Center, was a completing a service call on Hwy 96 north of Hoopa in Humboldt County. The tow truck was carrying a Dodge pickup and pulling an enclosed trailer containing two snowmobiles.

The driver of the tow truck stopped for a chainsaw that was in the roadway and was confronted by two subjects reported as carrying firearms. One of the subjects discharged a round from a handgun and demanded the occupants of the tow truck get out.

The suspects were described as wearing dark clothing and dark masks. The tow truck driver and passenger complied and were unharmed.

The suspects got into the tow truck and fled the scene traveling southbound on Hwy 96 towards Hoopa.

The California Highway Patrol and the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Department responded personnel to the scene. At approximately 8:30 AM, a US Forest Service crew reported having located the tow truck, which was on fire, on upper Mill Creek Rd. California Highway Patrol officers responded to the scene on Mill Creek Rd.

The tow truck and Dodge pick-up were recovered. The tow truck sustained fire damage. The trailer and snowmobiles are still missing.

Anyone with information is requested to contact the California Highway Patrol.
Trailer Information : 2007 Haulmark 6×10 fully enclosed trailer, black with chrome wheel wells, California License plate 4KR8700
Snowmobile #1 : 2011 Skidoo Snowmobile Summit Everest 800, black, License plate 24HE95
Snowmboile #2 : information pending

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  • Unbelievable that’s my cousin’s company …..

  • Not the first time a Buddy’s tow truck driver was held at gun point. But this time they took the truck, what a waste.

  • Not safe in hoopa better to be packing when going up there my wife is a counselor for uihs for 25 yrs service to the Indian community ,and they won’t go up there anymore to dangerous for the counselors. Doesn’t that just suck for the people in need of it

  • Really angered to read this. We have had stellar help from Buddy’s when we have needed a tow. Yes we buy the AAA Extra plan and it is well worth it. The low down scoundrel thieves are a danger to all. I hope they do get caught. Tried and justice is served.

  • This is bull shit! Buddy’s just helped me get my truck home after I was in a bad accident. These men and women are doing their jobs by helping others get their vehicles home. I hope these ass holes get what’s coming to them!

    Thank you Buddy’s for doing what you do and helping those who are truly in need.

    I would not blame Buddy’s from restricting no pickups in that area or having a police escort when on these calls.

    • buddy's ain't your buddy

      and they did it out of the goodness of their hearts right? oh no wait,, they were doing their jobs so you would pay them.. they just wanted your $.. why does this make them good people? if they didn’t “help you”, they wouldn’t get paid. police escort??.. that’s a good one!

      • I’ll bet you are the life of the party.

        Tow truck drivers have a captive audience, they don’t have to be helpful or nice. The fact that someone points out that they were both really bunches up your panties or what?

  • Too bad Eureka PD gave back the RUPS vehicle to the government. Would’ve been an awesome close encounter of the good guys winning. Biggest message here-DON’T STOP FOR ANYTHING.

  • What’s the story about eureka PD giving back the RUPS? I thought it was the Sheriffs. I also thought it was overkill.

  • buddy's ain't your buddy

    haha.. good!! i will always hate buddys.. they will rip you off. my toyota pickup was stolen from a trailhead about 10 yrs ago. the thieves ditched it alongside a road about an hour after stealing it.. there was no damage to my truck at all, they were able to drive it up on a tow truck but they tried to charge me a huge fee for 2 tow trucks just because they had sent 2 out (another vehicle had been stolen at the same time). they thought i should pay for both..WTF? i got screwed over by them way more than the people who took my truck, so its nice they got some of their own medicine.

    • Sleepy Alligator

      If the truck really didn’t have any damage and was drivable you should have gone and retrieved it yourself. You could have avoided the 10year grudge you have …….with a tow company!

    • Actually this exact situation happened to me. Buddy’s sent out a tow truck and a flat bed for a minor accident and charged me for 2 tows through AAA… I wonder how long they’ve gotten away with this scam being the only option in the area. I’m tempted to report this to AAA… this is an abuse of the system. I’d be interested to know who else has had this experience.

  • Honeydew Bridge C.H.U.M.P.

    Was this a repo?

    Ambushes aren’t coincidence..

  • Sounds to me like there was more than snowmobiles in that trailer.

  • Jane dough .mopars say good mourning to you have a wonderful day nice lady

  • Holding him at gunpoint and stealing was bad enough. Why did they set fire to the truck?

  • Maybe they set fire to it bec of fingerprints? Though they wore masks, maybe they forgot their gloves? For CHP to say “the tow truck sustained fire damage” is an understatement. This whole story saddens me.

  • This is just classic tweaker brain melt. I can just imagine the brain trust at work to formulate this plan.

    “Uhhh, yeah if we burn it, it will destroy any evidence of our crime”

    Nevermind that it will draw the cops right to the scene, most likely in the area you live, it will make the crime that much worse and probably drag insurance and fire investigators onto the case, and they managed to piss off most of the county.

  • I wonder how the tribe historically handled members that commit offences of this caliber. Just curious. Anybody know how our local tribes dealt with crime before European intervention?

  • theres gotta be more to the story, why would they take a PINK tow truck?… the risk has to match the reward right?

  • Just a sad deal people don’t understand the cost of these truck’s and just to go trash one really sad.

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