Cannabis Farmer’s Market: The Casual Crop eXchange on Sunday, April 30

Press release from the Casual Crop eXchange:

Humboldt Local, Inc. and Trim Scene Solutions present the season’s first Casual Crop eXchange Sunday, April 30, at the Trim Scene Solutions store in Redway. The Casual Crop eXchange is Humboldt County’s premier Cannabis farmer’s market.

The all ages event brings together educational speakers, equipment demos, local artists, fundraising for local non-profits, great food and a bounty of locally grown produce (of both the Cannabis and non-Cannabis variety). The alcohol-free event runs from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. and the $5 entry fee goes to Community Cornerstone, a group dedicated to providing training and opportunities for adults with disabilities in Northern Mendocino and Southern Humboldt Counties.

What differentiates the Casual Crop eXchange from other farmer’s markets is the addition of a dedicated 215 area where you’ll find an array of local Cannabis products, a 215 doctor on site and a vendor-supplied dab bar. 215 area attendees can even vote in the Casual Cup extract and flower competition! All leftover meds from the competition will be donated to the Humboldt Local, Inc., Compassionate Care Program for Seniors, Veterans and eligible patients. Entrance is 21+ and requires a valid 215 card.

The April Casual Crop eXchange has scheduled educational speakers on a variety of topics. Casey O’Neil of Happy Day Farms, Emerald Grown and California Growers Association will give a political update on the state of legal Cannabis in California. Indra, holder of the patent on Closed Loop Extraction using solvents, will talk about the history of the process. And Luke Moser, Laboratory manager at CW Analytical (a cannabis testing lab in Oakland), will speak on pesticide and microbiology testing.

Cannabis vendor

From a previous event.

The event also features “Demo Row” where attendees can watch product get trimmed, kiefed and pressed with professional, state-of-the-art industrial equipment. This is especially helpful to small farmers as they can see how everything works before making an investment in a trimming machine or a rosin press. The April presentations include Resin Ranch Extraction demoing their static electricity Dry Sift technique, which sifts resin heads to 99.9% purity without the use of solvents or ice, Purge Labs’ Closed Loop basic operation and safety meeting, Soul Evolution Enterprise’s Bubble Hash making demo and Dia Damon of Nomad’s Landing doing a Korean Natural Farming Fermented Plant Juice making demo.. The dedicated Trim Scene Solutions staff are available throughout the day to answer questions about products and services available in the store.

And if that’s not enough, the April Casual Crop eXchange also features live music from DamShane and Gnarlock. Red Nose Glass will do a live glass blowing demo and Humboldt Vibe Tribe will paint a mural live. So be sure to join us on April 30th from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. All it takes is a $5 donation to enjoy our community’s best crops of all kinds! The event is all ages but the 215 area is 21+. NO DOGS ALLOWED. For more information email

See you at the eXchange. And until then, keep it casual!



  • If you buy soil, you’re not a farmer

    • No true Scotsman logical fallacy.

    • If you discard last year’s soil and buy soil for the entire growing season you’re not a farmer. Plenty of vegetable growers locally buy soil for starts every year.

      • Lost Croat Outburst

        I love these arbitrary claims that you’re not a farmer if you buy dirt. It’s amazing how non-users lose their minds over weed. Completely replacing all your dirt every year is usually a waste of money, but it does not mean you are not farming. Sheeeesh! Fresh dirt for starts is a good idea, but unless disease or pests are an issue, potted soil can be re-used almost forever if attention is paid to proper fertilization.

        Think, people! Farmers re-use the same dirt in the same field for centuries with attention to tilth and nutritional inputs, like organic compost, which is equivalent to buying soil! Wow!! If disease or pests show up, that is another problem.

    • Damn, the smoke’s getting thicker. Whoops, let’s get some chips and ice cream!

  • Breaking the Law

    If You Go To This Event Your Not A Farmer .Half of what they are promoting will be illegal next year after Jan 1st . I doubt they even have a permit for this event .

    • AnonymousHumboldtian

      I wouldn’t go to this event because the owner has terrible customer service. Trim scene is an overpriced joke.

    • I’ve been a vendor at every CCX Trim Scene has had. They have amazing low booth prices, great vibes and friendly people. It’s a great networking opportunity thats drama and alcohol free. It’s a legal permitted event
      #LetTheHattersHate haha

    • Lost Croat Outburst

      So, if I don’t consume cannabis, I can be a clear, objective, educated critic, just like you.

  • Honeydew Bridge C.H.U.M.P.

    I encourage everyone to watch this clip, write Congress and demand CAMP can operate without restrictions in order to get a handle on the marijuana problem.


  • so sick of this shit

    farmers, my ass

  • Just call it a discount weed exchange and leave the farming to the professionals

  • More info on the “cannabis doctor” would be nice

  • Humboldt Barbie’s. should get photo cred.

    • Yes they should

    • And men, if you have gained 80 lbs, grown breasts, and your cock does not work, you might want to lay off for awhile, like 5-6 years, and get some exercise!

      • And ladies, let’s see… erm, facial piercings, tattoos, ah, uggs… Ah, never mind…

      • Lost Croat Outburst

        Running a farmstead is plenty of exercise. Nice going on the 1980’s debunked bullshit. Yeah, a lot of guys in SoHum have large breasts and gave up sex. Over meth and alcohol maybe. That was funny in the ’80’s when teen girls smoked weed to get big boobs. Funny when lies backfire. Yeah, grow cannabis because it doesn’t take work like everything else.

  • Casual Crop Exchange is a good event, well run with lots of local businesses showcasing local products.

    Grahams Brand tried to shut this down with their failed “Buds by the Bay” event, trying to steal fan fair, Grahams Brand also tried and might be successful in hijacking CannaFest again due to their failures in the industry #scamsbrand

  • Come on. Whats the beef with scams brand? So he tried to have some lame ass event, who cares? Hijacking CannaFest, how is that even possible? I’m not sticking up for that douche or brand, but your beef is weak.

  • His beef with graham more likely entails the fact that graham and his associates are commonly known for peddling their sub par products (last year’s outdoor on the verge of brown). They claim to be medical collectives, but in reality they are just trying to sell their own product at retail prices.
    Graham & CO. prefers to market to the clueless consumer, not the connoisseur. A lot of peeps see right through his shenanigans. Buds by the bay was a laughable event….

  • Graham’s a dick and anybody who’s spent time around him knows it. Where are any his friends from years past? And why does he always have new “employees”? He’s falling further and further off. Good luck loser!!

  • Do not support Trim Scene Solutions. Several female employees quit due to sexual harassment last summer. The “Humboldt Local” does not even grow his own plants. If you care about the women in your community, boycott this store and person.

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