Driver Hits Parked Vehicle on B Street in Eureka

Traffic Collision Car AccidentA driver struck a parked vehicle in the 900 block of B Street in Eureka about 10:30 p.m. The driver is unable to exit her vehicle.

“Unknown injury traffic collision,” reports dispatch.

  • Laytonville Rock


  • Hope everyone is OK. I’m surprised at the number of traffic incidents in Eureka. I’ve almost been run into broadside, and also run off the road. Just installed a dash cam in case I need a video record in the future. Crazy!

  • Just heard on the scanner “one in custody, dui”.

  • Is there any punishment in Humboldt County for DUI’s?, it’s an everyday occurrence here, it ‘s pathetic! These people are arrested and slapped on the hand, on to the next poor victim.

    • There’s essentially no punishment. As the recent case in arcata shows, even murdering someone only get you a couple months in jail. We need much harsher DUI punishments if they’re to actually serve as a deterrent.

      • It doesnt help that we have a defunct district attorneys office right now.
        Hey all you gallegos haters, what do you have to say now??? You should have listened. Your choice for replacement is destroying our legal process and is going to cost our county,namely us, millions in lawsuit fees.
        Ah the board of dupes, when all the medical personnel at mental health wrote them a letter saying how bad it was there and they were quitting, it was handled the same as this. Sweep under rug, pretend the issue doesnt exist.

        Once found guilty in court i think the supes should pay from their salaries the court costs to us taxpayers for not responding appropriately to the letter from DA office employees.

        All of you angry about the revolving door at the jail and people not being punished appropriately, remember the DA office employees are in court losing over and over. Now we can see why. Call and let them know how you feel.
        Not to mention we have 2 judges who were found guilty on a few charges that still hear cases. If you or i did that at our job we would be in jail. One of those judges gave a one year sentence to drunk dumbass who hit dragged and killed a man in arcata. There were multiple witnesses, including the loved ones of the deceased. Now it makes sense seeing how unhappy folks are in the DA office. A clear witnessed by many murder and all they could get was a year???? Our DA office sucks now due to the jerks at the top.

  • A DUI these days,hold your wrist out so I can slap it!! There’s no law that stops these idiots!! In my drinking days I made prior arrangements to be picked up. Or the cab. GROW UP YOU IDIOTS

  • I definitely agree with more taxation of alcohol, it should be taxed at the same rate of tobacco. Maybe more people would reduce usage or quit. The money raised by taxes should be used for rehab centers that a judge orders them to complete at least 3 months residential for 2nd time offenders and those that cause injury/death accidents should complete 6 months.

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