Windy Today and Tonight

As another rainstorm moves into our area today be prepared for high winds. According to the National Weather Service, “Gusty ridge top level winds are anticipated to develop from southwest to northeast during this time, with the stronger wind gusts occurring for locations above 1500 feet in elevation.”

It is also possible that there will be a touch of snow in the highest mountains starting tomorrow though this is unlikely to affect highway passes.



  • Greetings — a friend just called to tell us there’s a new slide blocking Dyerville Loop road at the same place as usual, about 2 miles from Honeydew/Founders Grove exit, about 1/2 mile from trestle and church camp. This slide occurred yesterday, according to another friend who lives on the far side. Road is completely blocked. Hope the county can get in to clean it up soon!!

    I don’t know how/where else to access this site (I don’t have Facebook) so please pass this on ….

  • So basically what you’re saying is there is about a 30% chance of flying hoop houses tonight

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