Identifying a Bear Bed in Four Minutes

One of our local trackers, Kim Cabrera, found a bear bed and walks us through how to spot it and how it was made.

Cabrera makes regular videos on nature. Here are a few of our favorites that she’s shared with us before:

You can also subscribe to her YouTube channel for more informative short videos on our local world.



  • Very interesting, enjoy your posts! Thanks Kim

  • I found one in the large space of an old growth redwood stump big enough to make a permanent shelter with some roofing. Very isolated and pungent with bear smell.

  • A very informative video. Thank you, Kim and Kym.

  • Another very informative and well done video, Kim C. Thanks so much!

  • Thanks! I love to learn about nature. 🙂

  • I’ve interacted deeply with local fauna, too deeply on occasion. Eye to eye with cougar, being tracked by same (different time). In that you find intelligence and respect. But, maybe it’s just because I smoke tobacco and taste bad. Who knows.

    Anyway, anytime you walk in nature there are many eyes on you. No need to be afraid, but respect their home and need to survive. Wave at a raven or buzzard and, damn if it don’t wave back. Respect.

    We, as humans, are a relatively new phenomenon. The wild ones are trying to adapt, and often fail. And then make news and more fear. Shoot first, oh…. leave cubs w/o a mother. Damn, sorry, it was just my fear and lack of understanding.

    I once had a black bear using my trashcan for goodies, so I stacked beer cans on it to alarm the bear and wake me. CRASH! I jumped up and out naked and chased that bear three times around my house. It was funny as heck as my wife was screaming STOP IT! IT WILL KILL YOU. No, we achieved respect and it never came back. Crazy, yes, human, totally. Poor hungry opportunist bear… go catch a salmon. Oh, sorry, we dammed the rivers and keep the salmon in cages now.

  • Nice 🙂 There’s at least one of those right where the bears can watch my friend’s house. She has apple trees and yummy berry bushes. Her household is like a bear’s television show. Not much else to do for a bear.

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