Lost: Grandpa’s Dogs: Reward for Information

11month old tan pitbull lab mix and neptune is a 3year old black lab/mastiff mix.
On March 27, these two beauties escaped from Scott’s Yard in Whitethorn, 100 feet north of the post office.

“We haven’t seen them since the neighbor lady at Hi Oak Ranch seen them on 3/31,” reports the owner’s grandkid. Carmle is an 11-month-old tan pit bull lab mix and Neptune is a 3-year-old black lab/mastiff mix.

There is a $cash reward for any information. Call (707) 986-7455 and ask for Scott Butcher or (707) 683-6877 and ask for Kenny Delury, the owner.

“My grandfather is handy capped and his dogs are his life,” Kenny Delury, Jr. says. “They’re his babies. He really needs them back. Please help spread the word around Southern Humboldt.”

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  • I saw that this dog was picked up by animal control and taken to county shelter. Could this be Grandpas dog?

  • Kym the saint strikes again .I hope and pray that they find home again. I put mopar on this site when i lost him .appoximetly 6 hrs later I got word he was found and safe ,and I so hope the same for grand pa .I to am disabled ,and my animals mean the world to me .thank u again kym kemp.

  • I’m hoping these beautiful babies are home sooooon!!!

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