Pickup Overturned on Hwy 36

Traffic Collision Car AccidentAbout 6:24 p.m. a Toyota pickup overturned around mile marker 31.3, between Bridgeville and Dinsmore. The vehicle is on the roadside and passengers are out and moving around. An ambulance is responding.

UPDATE: No injuries. See here for more information.



  • Any color & year range estimate available?

  • May be the turn just past the culvert gate. Hope everyone walks away fine !!! 36 wins another round. Can’t wait for summer and more ridiculous driving.

    • I agree Summer is going to be a circus, even moreso since growing is legal now, everbody & their dogs is gong to heading for out here in the Humboldt hills!!!

      • A couple to few years to growing in the hills left. Smarties are already done. Folks will go bust trying to compete with the I5 corridor of growing thats fueled by real business money on real farmland.

        Don’t worry, rural living will return to normal over the next 5-7 years.

        Quiet roads, quit hills, quiet neighbors. It will all be back.

        • Can’t wait til it happens!!!! I smoke a bit of Herb but these Megagrows from the Greenrushers aka Millenium Cannabis Yuppies, AKA Growdozers have GOT to go!!!

        • Two years and it’s over. All the people that have just gone into to debt, better make this year count.

  • I’ve lived on highway 36 for 25 yrs .,and the flatlanders drive like complete asinine jerks .I fear a whole lot of would be al unsers will be eating redwoods this summer .hell what am I thinking they drive like that year round .

  • Had some idiot right on my bumper, but it wasn’t personal. Once I made a left I noticed this idiot tailgating the car carrier that I had been in back of. Tailgating is an arrogance exacerbated by a lack of driving skill. Pity the fool who tailgates my next vehicle: a God damn box truck! Come and get it, losers!

  • Just slow down already!! Or don’t drink and or smoke when driving,just saying 36 is no joke!!!

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