Local Sheriff’s Deputy Has Fast Growing Lymphoma

Charles LambOne of Humboldt’s own is ill, very ill. Humboldt County Sheriff’s Deputy Charlie Lamb, a father of four, was diagnosed last month with stage 4 Lymphoma. Lamb has been stationed all over Humboldt County including for a time as the Shelter Cove resident deputy.

“He plays a really huge role from Southern Humboldt to Orleans,” explained Jessika Sterling, his niece. “He is one of the most honest hardworking men I know…He never turns his head when it comes to helping someone out.  I don’t know anyone more deserving of help in a time of need then he is.”

In the last two weeks, the community has rallied around Deputy Lamb and raised over $27,000. “It makes me teary to think about all the people who have reached out to help my family,” Deputy Lamb said. “I can’t tell you the stress that this removes. Taking care of my family means more to me than I can ever tell you.”

Still, more is needed. A tumor the size of a volleyball has been discovered in Lamb’s abdomen. Plus, other smaller ones have been found.

Lamb and his family need your help. If you can donate, go to his GoFundMe site here.



  • Best of luck getting well soon deputy lamb prayers for you, and your
    Family .

  • I pray for him and his family. I hope he can use cannibus it’s so good at shrinking tumors. I hope the best for him.

  • Sweetheart, you hang in there. I’ve been cancer free for a little over 2 years. I had lung cancer and they removed a lung. Just refuse to give up. Cannibus does help a whole lot. It especially helps with pain. It doesn’t take it away but it helps you tolerate it. I’m good to go without anything now. God Bless you little one.

  • Please contact Cancer Treatment Centers of America. They are Amazing! My dear friend, stage 4 lymphoma, is alive today because of what CTCA did for her. One phone call and they literally will walk you every step of the way if that’s what you need. They are incredible people. I know every cancer is different. Praying for you and yours. ❤

  • God bless this family I’ll be praying for all of you! They have such amazing cures,treatments etc: today. Good luck and stay strong.

  • Hoping the best for you Lamb ♡

  • GoFundMe takes a percentage. There is an account at Coast Central for those that can get there.

  • Is the CCCU account under Charles Lamb? Or his wife’s name?

  • Get well sheriff lamb. Super niice man , you are gonna come out on top through all this !

  • Isn’t ‘Stage 4’ generally terminal? Hope not!

  • Best of luck, sending prayers to him and his family.

  • Deputy Lamb, my heart goes out to you. It is never too late so work diligently with every avenue possible.
    There are many resources available, as you know and you deserve the best doctors available. Blessings for a full recovery.

  • A great guy that I have had the pleasure to meet through city league basketball back 20 years ago. A gentle giant with a friendly smile. Competitive and when the final horn sounded, the game was left at the gymnasium. The kind of friend any man would be proud to have. Go Charlie and “DUNK” your medical condition and when you have been cleared medically, cut the net down !

  • Prayers from Hoopa Valley to you and yours Charlie.

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