Proposed Changes to Humboldt County’s Commercial Cannabis Ordinance; Comments Wanted

Marijuana leaf blue skyPress release:

Humboldt County has just released a Notice of Preparation (NOP) for an Environmental Impact Report (EIR) that will evaluate the environmental impacts of proposed changes to the County’s Commercial Cannabis Ordinance. A sampling of the changes to the existing ordinance being considered in the EIR include:

  • Re-opening the application process to receive new applications
  • Adding allowances for recreational use of cannabis in addition to the medicinal uses currently allowed
  • Expanding the areas where cultivation will be allowed
  • Developing performance standards for controlling odor impacts from cultivation.

Comments on the NOP will be accepted until May 9, 2017.

More information about the NOP and the EIR is available on the County’s website at the following link:

For more information please contact the assigned planner, Steven Lazar, by phone at (707) 268-3741, or by email at”

Cannabis EIR info



  • Michelle Steele

    Why the heck would they allow commercial use on Cannabis. When they banned cigarette smoking in public places? Cannabis is just as bad as cigarettes are and yet these Idiots want to pass New Laws and Regulations on weed and take new applications? Read what Long Term weed does to a person over time people. Your priorities are messed up big time I say… That’s why I don’t use it and I sure as Hell didn’t vote it into Law.. Plus you can Smoke weed too and cook stupid shit with it. If smoking cigarettes is outlawed then why is it ok for Cannabis? Pretty much the same thing smoke going into your Lungs..

    • lol, did you just make up these alternative facts as you typed? Any footnotes to back these up? Also smoking cigarettes is not outlawed, there are designated smoking sections. The same can be for cannabis.

      • HOW ABOUT FINES FOR PEOPLE WHO DONT COVER THEIR GLOWING GREENHOUSE! It’s plain lazy and cheap. Either pay someone to cover or cover it yourself. It’s a nousance and an eye sore. Worst of all it’s bad for nativeplants and animals. Get an early start add lumens whatever just cover the house.

    • Education is key, I have smoked weed everyday for 40 plus years, I am as healthy as can be as far as my lungs and heart goes, I can run miles and hike till there’s no more hiking with no problem, my buddy on the other hand smokes ciggeretts about half of what I smoke in weed and he’s almost dead, he breathes like darth Vader just gettin up from the table, never ever have I heard anyone compliment the smell of his ciggeretts but yet everyone always tells me how good my weed smells, even people that don’t smoke it say it smells good, so I’m not sure what your personal opinion has anything to do with the laws, have a nice weekend, stay dry.

      • It’s not the plant, it’s the Chlorine used in the paper.

      • Lol I love to read your comments , wish I knew you ! I seriously look for your comments on kk every time !!

      • Lunatic delusionals like Michelle (lame comment above) can’t handle the truth. Like that chump from Honeydew, she only sees what her congenitally limited brain can handle, just like most peabrain right wing bass turds.

    • Veterans friend

      You are not just ignorant, you are prejudiced as well.

      • She will have to suffer if she gets one of the many diseases cannabis can help cure. Any way these cretinous scum get off this Earth is fine with me. Just hurry!

    • Look at domestic impact of pharmaceutical drugs… I for one dont part take in smoking weed… but I have experience positive effects that cannabis has in the form of Edibles and to somebody who is terminally ill yes I’m all for something that makes some what possible to be able to hold anything down in the sense of nausea and yes of course we all know that it has positive effects but you never really realize the true aspect of it till you have to watch someone really close to you go through something like that…. you would do anything for that person legal or not I’m just glad to see it taking a turn for the best in the sense of medical usage and being legal people that abused that right you know they don’t understand what the true value of something like that is …. if anything it’s a privilege and just like any other privilege we can not abuse it because it can easily be taken away.

    • Better to keep quiet and be thought a fool,than speak up and remove all doubt !

  • I read that there are less than 30 permits in place…what does that say to the hundreds that signed up

    • I know, they can’t even get through the pile of paperwork in front of them.

      • Humbolt County can’t fix roads, operate a Mental Health Department, hire deputies, keep ANYONE in jail more than 5 minutes, so how will they enforce any of these regulations? One thing they CAN do is collect taxes and pay public employees! Everyone working for Humboldt should be fired, and the county supes need to be replaced. Passing stupid laws will not help this sick, drugged up and lawless County.

        • Civil Asset Forfeiture.

          Calif spent decades stripping the people from their rights. Suddenly, they declare sanctuary for foreigners, but it never occurred to the legislators to protect the landowners? Instead, they funded CAMP, ATF, and multiple unconstitutional agencies that confiscated assets.

          Same crap, different day.

        • Veterans friend

          Don’t forget, none of our hospitals can handle serious injuries & patients must be helicoptered to santa rosa or redding for anything more serious than a broken arm

        • I second that!

    • You may have a point there. Didn’t they take over a couple thousand? If they only gave out 30, why would they bother to accept more? Bust list?

      • Hmm money rolling in might have something to do with it.

      • Honeydew Bridge Chump

        Thirty is too many, shouldn’t be more than three. That’s enough weed, and everything else can be hunted, chopped, and the growers thrown in prison.

        • How many neighbors have you turned in? Have you turned yourself in?

        • Three is too many. There should be only ONE and it should go up every year for competitive bidding. An auction over at Carl Johnson’s. Or the fairgrounds. Sell tickets. Then sell the location of all unwinning entrants to Jeff sessions and the Feds. $$$$$$$$$$

          • Honeydew Bridge Chump


            • Why would a person such as yourself want to live among one of the largest cannabis growing areas on the planet? From your comments it sounds as if you’re pretty miserable. No disrespect intended.

              • Anyone has a right to live anywhere. It’s not the chump’s fault he was born narrow minded, mean spirited, and a petty coward.

      • Even if the 2300 applicants were on a local “bust list”, the odds are pretty good. Sheriff declares they bust around 60 dope grows a year on average in the county. It would take them 38 years to bust the entire list.

    • Exactly. If they are having a hard time even permitting properties how will they ever reinforce all the rules they’ve put into place which will be a much bigger job.

    • 2600 applicants

    • Yeah all the people that have applied think they have a go ahead now and are all confident and going even bigger causing more of an impact on the environment. Uneducated people spraying herbicides on there roads to make it look good for the county. The permit thing has opened the door to more of an impact on our environment. All it has done has spread the marijuana money out to a bunch of people that didn’t have the guts to make money off it.

    • What does it say?

  • Non-critical thinkers being taken advantage of, instead of by fertilizer companies and grow stores, the county government. Pretty rich

  • Wonder what this does to the overheated real estate market where a parcel with a permit application on file is big money compared to parcels without?

    • I was wondering the same thing 🤑🤑🤑

    • I heard from real estate peeps that buyers are looking for unpermitted properties now.

      • BS. Trinity at least is dead opposite. I’m surrounded by neighbors TRYING to sell unpermitted, very rural 40-80 acre parcels.

        Big Valley-sell-to-anybody-Properties aren’t having any luck moving them. Of course they are super overpriced, but that is it. The bubble is bursting at the real estate level right now.

        It’s a little late, considering pot prices drop 15% a year. Duh.

        If anyone is still buying humboldt, mendo, trinity properties that are inflated by 600%, well, if they have IPO’s: short the hell out of em.

    • Is the rule still that they have to live in the county for 2 years before applying for a permit?

    • Hopefully the prices drop so me and my family can get a nice 40-80 away from eur-tweaka

  • County got a taste of the cash now they want all they can get.

  • I didn’t know they was a difference in permits as far as medical and recreational.

  • I don’t get why legal rec use is the reason behind the county is giving commercial medical permits , all the money spent in court on study’s/research to prove the medicinal values to get medicinal marijuana laws passed was shit on when recreational passed , makes no sense. Now with on a small percentage of the new permits processed people are still paying self titled consultants to ttell them what they think the county will want them to do on their land to fix “violations and comply” when the actual county can’t tell you if it’s right or wrong until they can send out and inspector , until then you won’t know if the consultant is right or you payed for nothing .the county is getting in on the green rush in their own fashion .

    • Compleatly agree. Save yourself 10’s of thousands of dollars by not taking the bait on these “compliant consultants”
      A bunch of snake oil salesmen.
      Wait for the County inspector and then move forward with properaly LICENSED PROFESSIONALS if even nessasary. Not scam artist “best management practices consultants” Those people are scum.

  • If Govenor brown signs this it won’t matter .It will be Gavin’s brothers industry .

  • The EIR will take 2-3 years to complete. The 2300 applications should be vetted by then: Some approved, some not. The current Fed administration’s stance on recreational cultivation, and CA response should be understood at that point as well. Humboldt county is overwhelmed with the responsibility, but at least they are undertaking the task. Most counties are so far behind they haven’t even started. Not sure how many are approved as of now, but thirty applications in roughly three months is not a bad number, especially when you consider most if the applications need more information from the applicant, and will go through several phases of review before being approved. To me, if the number is 30, those folks had it all together and are ready to go because they were prepared. Finally, some of ya are just hollering cause you like to holler.

  • Humboldt county would be one of the poorest counties in California if it wasn’t for the marijuana industry!! How does this county even make money with out marijuana???

    • Total BS.

      Soil shop owners will have to sell their extra cars, and business’s taxable incomes will drop.

      BUT nothing like the 90’s when the timber industry was put to sleep.

      Timber $ actually went to the counties too. Out of state growers, and out of country growers are the norm for weed profits now. Many aren’t even financially stable….they are just digging their financial graves.

      Why tease yourself and others by wanting to think thesee groups help your community financially or at all in any way. Look;

      Total BS.

      • What the hell does that link have to do wth anything? Lol

        • That’s one example of local schools infrastructures failing.

          Homicide rates are on the rise from Sonoma county to Emerald Counties because of weed. Home invasions too.

          So to say that somehow our economies are vibrant because of weed is slightly ignorant of many issues.

          The link is just one example. Where’s all the weed grower money @? Not in the communities. Schools used to receive tons of $ from logging at least.

          (But there are probably many better links for examples…)

  • They don’t !

  • I will leave this right here:

    Harborside opens a facility in Salinas Valley that grows 4 acres of cannabis.

    • Ive been saying this. One commenter on here never believed it. His 4 acres is a blip on the map. Every greenhouse in that area is converting to cannabis. We are talking multiple tens of thousands of pounds a harvest, with multiple harvests a year. Game over!!! The consumer will hopefully get a break when its $500 a pound

      • Wow thanks nostra-dumbass that’s the first time anyone has predicted that. It’s getting kind of old. No one knows whats a-going to happen in this industry. I remember when Obama first got elected a lot of people sold their places, because they were sure federal legalization was right around the corner.
        The person who guesses correctly gets rich- as always!
        Probably not you!

  • This year will be the first grow year for all the prop 64 farms. You think stuff is bad now, you wont be able to give it away by next year. Humboldt is going to become worse than clearlake.

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