Windy Tonight and Big Waves Through Friday

Batten down the hatches!! There’s a high wind warning from the folks at NOAA. Ridgetops in the county will have gusts of 60 to 70 mph. Coastal areas from Crescent City, Arcata, and Eureka down the coast to Point Arena will have gusts of up to 55 mph. Winds which started blowing hard around 3 pm today will keep puffing through 5 pm tomorrow.

You might want to bring in your lawn furniture and other things (small pets, goats…your call) that could blow away.

In related news, the local NOAA weather radio broadcast was/is currently unavailable due to a power issue. The Eureka National Weather Service will have it back up as soon as possible.

There is a high-surf advisory also in effect with westerly swells creating 20 to 24-foot waves along Humboldt and Del Norte County shores. Keep way waaay back from the surf tomorrow, folks. Playing out on the jetties is probably not a great idea, either.

Finally, if you pondering heading out to the ocean, we bring you the audio we captured earlier today. (Note: this audio was recorded around 2:45 pm and subject to change tonight.)





  • Thanks for the info Bobby….

  • Thank you! I hope warnings are heeded.
    Be smart&think before you get too close to the ocean, people really do get sucked out every year.
    Plus sorry but the stupidity of taunting the situation by, say, driving out on the jetty during such a warning costs us all in the resources it takes to get said person out and diverts potentially needed assistance to folks who had a true accident.

  • March was true to form. In like a 🦁, out like a lamb. Here’s April. Kinda, like a pissed off goat!

  • I remember snow in Garberville in mid-April, musta been 99-2000. Our last frost date is may first. It will be interesting to see if this year is close to what farmers almanac lists it to be!

  • That was some lightning show last night! Does anyone know how Kym is feeling? Much better I hope

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