[UPDATE 7:20 p.m.] US Launches Tomahawk Missiles at Syria

Tomahawk missile strike

Tomahawk missiles fired from US destroyer. [Stock photo by U.S. Navy photo (United States Department of Defense) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons]

According to multiple sources online, the United States has launched over 50 Tomahawk missiles at an airbase in Syria. Multiple sources are stating this airbase was the source of the chemical attack in northern Idlib which killed as many 100 people and injured many more.

At this point, no one is stating whether this is the start of an all-out war or warning shot by the Trump Administration over the prow of the Assad Regime.

Although we usually stick to local news, we’re opening this post here as we follow what is occurring to allow you a place to express your opinions.

UPDATE 7:20 p.m.: President Donald Trump issued the following statement:

My fellow Americans, on Tuesday, Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad launched a horrible chemical weapons attack on innocent civilians using a deadly nerve agent. Assad choked out the lives of helpless men, women, and children. It was a slow and brutal death for so many — even beautiful babies were cruelly murdered in this very barbaric attack. No child of God should ever suffer such horror.

Tonight, I ordered a targeted military strike on the airfield in Syria from where the chemical attack was launched. It is in the vital national security interest of the United States to prevent and deter the spread and use of deadly chemical weapons.

There can be no dispute that Syria used banned chemical weapons, violated its obligations under the Chemical Weapons Convention and ignored the urging of the UN Security Council. Years of previous attempts at changing Assad’s behavior have all failed and failed very dramatically. As a result, the refugee crisis continues to deepen and the region continues to destabilize, threatening the United States and its allies.

Tonight I call on all civilized nations to join us in seeking to end the slaughter and bloodshed in Syria, and also to end terrorism of all kinds and all types. We ask for God’s wisdom as we face the challenge of our very troubled world. We pray for the lives of the wounded and the souls of those who have passed, and we hope that as long as America stands for justice then peace and harmony will prevail. Good night, and God bless America and the entire world. Thank you.



  • Well gassing civilians is one of the most heinous war crimes there is. And this is assads second violation. So boom, bye bye airforce.

    • Assad kills civillians, so the US kills more. Great.

      • Annoyed soldier

        If you don’t know what you are talking about then you probably shouldn’t comment. The US gave warning in advance, informing them to evacuate because they were going to hit the location. Yes we spared their lives just simply destroyed their weapons. There is a fine line between targetting innocent civilians and hospitals and destroying the location and sources used to due so!! Don’t jump to assume we are just going around killing, that is a discrace of its own. Could people have died yes but we gave evacuation orders for the airfield so if they stayed they didn’t take the warning

        • That’s a huge relief, however, where is the proof that Assad is the one who released the terror in the first place? What if Assad was innocent in this particular instance & needs those weapons against the psycho’s who really did do the evil deed? I agree with Rand Paul, that a detailed report, investigation, & the act of congress is paramount.

        • Heinouswarcrimesweareguilty

          Before the Sarin gas attack, Trump was quietly moving troops into Syria while DISTRACTING us with the epic failure of his healthcare bill. The Syrian government said they didn’t do it but guess what we were over there. I think we are responsible for the gas attack and it was orchestrated so it would look like Trump had a great excuse to go to war. You aren’t fooling anyone Trump. I saw the evil gleam in your eye as you faked concern for the women and children that died.

      • What’s your solution?

  • About time someone does something.

  • I despise trump HUGE!!! But this I agree with. Asad must be stopped. Now go a step further donny and take these poor innocent people in. Enough is enough. Justin Tredeau has taken many. These are innocent citizens, being murdered. Help them.🙏

    • butterflymom707

      well said, not a supporter….but what if our missile attack releases more chemicals….just food for thought.

  • We have troops in Syria.

  • Thanks Trump for that statement of terror now go have your dinner at Mara Lago with all your rich buddies while the rest of us sit watching the news terrified! You POS.

    • Country bumpkin

      You have no common sense. Political difference aside, right is right and taking steps to remove or limit the ability of a war criminal and mass murderer to inflict more suffering on the innocent is the right thing to do period. You are so full of hate and empty of thought that if President Donald Trump tackled your grandmother to save her from being hit by a bus you would say the POS assaulted her! Help yourself by targeting your anger toward something other than a smart and compassionate act. By the way, I would like to know exactly how many ” refugees” is the proper number to allow into the US? Feel free to round up to the nearest thousand or million. If every oppressed person in the world was to come here how would we take care of them? Could we take in 100 million people to this country without having a humanitarian crisis of our own. By the way these questions are retorical because I already know what your “answer” will be.

      • I remember my gran pappie talking about scum, who profit from war. Who gets rich this time around? Or maybe this is a good way to try and not look like a Russian conspirator? Gran Pappie always said, look for what they are not talking about and there you usually find the truth!

      • Well said country bumpkin. Very well said 🙂

      • The stupid is deep

        Yeah, let’s all look to an overgrown boy who has the attention span of a five-year old, the vocabulary of a six-year old and the intellectual capacity of an orange to start a fucking war.

        All you willfully ignorant backwoods dipshits will do is cheer like it’s a fucking football game while Trump and that trash family of his raid our treasury and destroy our credibility across the globe.

        You fucking traitors support this clown who is bought and paid for by the Russians and then think you can lecture the decent people in this country who pointed out that fat, nasty, lying sack of shit was the fraud he’s always been and yet you still bought it because FOX news and the GOP know a gang of suckers when they them.

        This is how Trump gets to office, ridiculously stupid people who are easily swayed by a fucking con man and reality television personality and who are so resentful, so blinkered and ignorant they think launching cruise missiles at an empty military installation is “doing something”.

      • Well said,, I’m with you and your opinions 100 percent Trucker Don

      • Heinouswarcrimesweareguilty

        There was no trial. How do you know the Syrian government was responsible? Russia is involved. Remember the people who helped saddle us with Trump and the Republicans in the first place? Conspiracy, lies, evil deeds, disdain and flat out hatred for women…come on this is Trump through and through.

    • personally, i’d not go w/i hundreds of miles of anything trump owns or any space trump might be in.

      we just went to war.

  • And that makes 3! The triumvirate of ohmagoshwe’reintrouble , Assad, Kim, Trump reminds me of a time in elementary school when the sirens blared and we’d huddle under our desks! Throw in a Putin and a bit of Ali Khamenei, and we got a full house. Yi!!

  • Waiting for footage.

    That’s how you spend $75 million in ten minutes.

  • It is easy to fire the first shot in a war.

  • Believe it was more like 60 missles.
    God bless our president 🙏🏻

    • How dare you use missiles, God and prayer in the same sentence. Missiles and war are demonic and not of God. A little bit of your wolf fur is peaking from under your wool.

  • Wait.. Did this happen in Humboldt?

    • It affects Humboldt in torturous ways. I recommend watching the movie Hacksaw Ridge if you’re not familiar with the terrors of sending our c h i l d r e n off to war.

  • We’ve been somewhat jokingly taking bets on how long it was going to take before this admin starts a war that will come to our soil. It was done in jest at first, but here we are already. Get ready.
    The folks who make big weapons arent making enough money selling to police departments, they want to up their profits. Its all about the money, take a good hard look.

    I despise the use of chemical weapons of course, so cowardly and unnecessary. It sucked when they mixed nerve gas with tear gas at the WTO protests in Seattle 1999. Not even close to as harsh as sarin but still damaging.
    Unless there was a good investigation of who was responsible for their usage in Syria, our sending missiles without knowing 100% for sure who it was really endangers us all way more.
    I hope for all our sakes that theyre right.
    The Assad regime gave up their chemical weapons, tho they think he may have hid some. It most likely came from russia as they are one of the main supporters of Assad. Its important that our govt follow through and deal with Russias major aid to such a destructive regime. If they cant get the gas from anyone it helps everyone.
    Tho its probably way beyond just that. Check out the flick called Lord of War.

  • Does anyone remember when the US wanted to remove Ghadafi from power because he was a big ol’ meanie and he said he was the only thing keeping a lid on north africa? Then we did it anyway and the country is now a failed state and Europe has millions of new muslim “refugees” that make rape a sport and now regularly do mass killings?

    Kinda like that one time we removed Saddam and then a decade plus of islamic violence followed?

    You know what? I feel that the third time’s a charm. (Sarcasm)

  • Oh boy, another war.

    • We’ve been at war for many years,we’ve had deployed troops on foreign soil long before trump got in office,we’ve been at war since the bush administration.Im just glad in this instance that we sent missiles instead of American troops

    • We’ve been at war for many years,we’ve had deployed troops on foreign soil long before trump got in office,we’ve been at war since the bush administration.Im just glad in this instance that we sent missiles instead of American troops

  • Hillary Clinton “wants to start a shooting war in Syria… that could very well lead to World War III,” Trump said in Florida days before Election Day.

  • When Obama considered asking for approval, Trump said it would be a “big mistake” if he didn’t.
    “The President must get Congressional approval before attacking Syria-big mistake if he does not!”

    • As all this sifts out I think that you will find that congress was notified, the Russians were notified, the press was notified. To do anything less would be verging on murder.

      Americans are good people, too bad the rest of the world won’t play nice. In retrospect, what would the world look like today if America hadn’t help stop the Nazis. Sometimes you have to draw a line and insist that it not be crossed. I think gassing babies must be one of those lines that shouldn’t be crossed.

      • Yes. Very well said.

      • So what your saying is: Congress was notified. Americans are good and the rest of the world doesn’t play nice. If we as good Americans don’t stand up and shoot 100 million dollars worth of missles at a tiny country on the other side of the world as payback for something that happened in a civil war, somehow we are murderers?!

        The consequences for starting or participating in a war with Russia may haunt us for generations. Hard to compare Trumps actions to helping to stop the Nazis.

        • No, that’s not what I said at all. To see what I said, see above without your spin.

          And, yes, if you can’t make then connection to gassing babies and the Nazis I feel sorry for you. Maybe the Nazis could have been nipped in the bud if the world, or the US, had responded at the beginning of the reign of terror.

          Maybe 100 million dollars worth of “missles” is the least of many, many evils.

          • Syria is a civil war. Nazi’s were a world war. Huge difference! Similarity of both gassing babies does not make this action just. Both politically different. They just know you’d support it if they stretch the comparison as the same.
            Actually more Syrian babies will be hurt for this. Probably more like thousands & then we have no choice but to start World War 3, like Trump accused Hill will do, during his campaign. So much for the Russia investigation? A fool will kill the world instead of telling the truth! But It’s alright though, the 1% have their tricked out bomb shelters. No worries for them!

            • Got that right, I’ve got a smokin shelter

            • Those who’ve been following the patterns of history, have been warning about this day. Every detail is repeated. Economy, debt, unrest, propaganda, war talks, war positioning… the big 5 countries to watch are Russia, USA, China, North Korea, & Iran. Venzuela was the country to watch for preview of what’s to come. Ever play board games? The world map looks like the game called Risk.
              The global USA dollar is over folks. Those who have gold can transition over to the Bricks Bank (Russia & China’s baby), but the rest of us will be like Venezuela, trying to cash in wheelbarrow loads of 100 dollar bills for a loaf of bread.
              I highly recommend the book America Reloaded for catching up.

      • Congress notified? No, Congress must vote to approve action like this BEFORE the strike. Another violation of the rule of law that 45 so despises.

        • You’re correct, but isn’t there a clause that says the president has 60(?) day leeway, to protect the country. If congress doesn’t declare war by the end of the time date, then all actions must be stopped. This is the controversial part, because Congress hasn’t officially declared war since WW2, preferring instead to indoctrinate the peasants with “kingly” ways. Also, because of the interest they hold in protecting from “potential harm”. By blaming everything on the President, the ABC agencies, the citizens, they skirt responsibility while raking in the big bucks.
          Slippery slopes will be the end of America yet. I see why the Framer’s of the Constitution stayed clear from the term potentially.

  • The only thing that promotes evil is for good people to sit by and do nothing

  • Could be anything

    He probably got all tingling and wet when he did this. Feels like a real man now. Now what Trump? Have you thought any further ahead? I bet not.

    • Were you saying this back in 1998 when President Clinton ordered cruise missile strikes into Afghanistan for something much less complicated than the Syrian atrocities. Why make this political, both sides of the aisle in Congress were notified.

  • There is no proof Assad did this. USA trains, funds and arms ISIS to overthrow Assad for a gas pipeline! Assad gave up all chemical weapons. In 2013 Turkey gassed/killed 1300 Syrians with USA to start war. Do not believe the media, they are complicate. Stop the madness!😥 NO MORE WAR

    • Wow! Wtf! No the us does not fund Isis you make me sick

      • The U.S. trained and funded Osama, and many many other terrorists and extremists. Every nation has good and bad in it, especially America. America maybe more than most considering we are the number 1 military force the planet has and probably will ever see and, we have a man who is an egotistical narcissist thats pratically sitting on the “red button”.

        Now im not saying that people deserve to be gassed or bombed. What im saying is maybe we jumped the gun little too quick with too little information. Another Goerge W Bush scenario… remember the “weapons of mass destruction” lie in Iraq. That should never EVER be forgotten. Just take Donald with a grain of salt. Absolute power corrupts absolutely, and hes a power hungry man.

    • Jilly do you mean complicaeD or complicit??? Just curious!!!

    • Aasad picked a strange time to pull this. (Peace talks).
      Something fishy about this.
      They’ve been warning about this for years, even narrowed their prediction down to tax day, when the admin can’t hide the collapse anymore.
      I think Ron Paul is on to something. http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2017-04-06/ron-paul-zero-chance-assad-behind-chemical-weapons-attack-syria-likely-false-flag

    • Jilly if you think ASS-ad gave up all his chemical weapons you my dear must have ate one too many mushrooms along the way

    • Honeydew Bridge Chump

      It’s true, but I believe that the DOD & CIA have different missions.

      CIA is definitely funding Isis, while DOD is attacking them.

      This is a very complicated conflict I’ve followed since 2011.

      This strike happened on the 100th anniversary of the Us entrance into World War One, and the alleged gasing happened on Reagan’s outlaw chemical weapons speech day on April 4,1984.

      Here’s some more fun facts-

      George Bush’s New World Order Speech was Sept. 11, 1990

      That speech on that date along with the 911 system being set up…

      They use numbers to program the masses.

      Those missiles would have been put to better use raining down on pot growers, instead of SAA. SAA actually fights terrorism face to face, American bombing has killed thousands of innocent people in Mosul, where’s the outrage there?

      One thing is certain:

      ZOG is real.

  • The Simpsons TV show was correct !

  • How can some of you be so stupid? You would rather resist president trump to impress your protester pals than not see more dead babies. If you are this ignorant please don’t try to engage in conversations outside your safe space

  • Just one viewpoint

    If our president did nothing I suspect he would have been criticized for that, colluding with the Russians and all that.

  • WTF are ‘we’ doing in the Middle East, anyways…o yeah, oil/Israel…and $$$$the Military Industrial Complex.

    Who made the US the world’s cops?

    How many brown people has the US killed for our corporate overlords?

    Quit sending *our* poor/brown citizens to do the dirty work of the 0.001%…reinstate the draft!

    • Honeydew Bridge Chump

      We’re there because ZOG ordered it so.

    • The UN. The draft are you fuckin serious? Our military is all volunteers! Who do think would be drafted? Man your something else

      • That are poor brown/black/white people.

        POOR people with no other options but a minimum wage part-time job.

        I can tell by your spelling abilities that you don’t read much….

        MSM is plain ol’ propaganda, just like they used to warn us about during the cold war about the Ruskie media~

        Think people–who benefits?

        Since when does anyone in power give a crap about children? Do you know the stats for poverty in this country? Do you realize our standards of living are slipping thanks to our government by the elite, our life expectancy diminishing? on and on…

        Turn off the TV–you’ve obviously got internet; there’s a wealth of information out there not tainted by the status quo. The status quo is killing us and the planet for dollars…kinda like what’s happening closer to home.

  • James Wolsey came on CNN about a year ago. Before the Russians were involved and said we should try to work with Assad the way we worked with Stallin in ww2. At least we would have had some influence. Granted, Stallin was a Bastard. But without him we might all be speaking German now. That ship has sailed. Last I heard him J.W.,and I tend to agree. There are bigger players involved (Russia,Iran) and we likely will not have”PEACE IN OUR TIME”. Goodnight and Good Luck.

  • Again, one way taxpayer dollars

    A Raytheon Tomahawk missile costs $250,000. Fifty-nine missiles would amount to 14.7 million taxpayer dollars. For Trump that is two weekends at his resort in Florida. Who is the terrorist here? Yikes!!

  • Russia and China back Assad, we back the rebels, nobody backs ISIS, but by attacking Assad, we are helping ISIS. Cruise missiles have a shelf life, the US likes to use up the old stock on occasion. Chemical attack on civilians and overnight we are able to verify the source?

    The more things change, the more they stay the same.

    • Bomb hbc! Or at the Least his computer! He can be collateral damage, the new growers aren’t my favorites either but compared to you? I’d take them as a neighbor any day.

    • Honeydew Bridge Chump ….”Bomb Growers- ”

      i think you need to investigate the use of drugs. however, i believe you are beyond any benefits drugs might have allowed.
      maybe electroconvulsive therapy is an idea now.

    • I must say u r an idiot. Bomb growers? Have u been to war?(I doubt it) I have and its ugly. Were u raised in humboldt county? Probably not, people raised here grow Ganga like poor cocoa farmers do in Columbia,Victims of their environment. Yea screw the out of town green rushers, they never last too long anyways. U r just scared of meeting billy bob in the pen. Enjoy your weekend before u go back to your pathetic job that u hate on Monday.

  • Two chemical attacks in Syria. Obama censured Assad after the first one and he stopped using them. A few weeks ago our President supported Assad publicly and now we have a second chemical attack. Perhaps Assad got the wrong message from the US. But then bombing should make it clear. Military diplomacy?

    • The first attack turned out to be a Turkish intervention.

      The amount of misinformation on here is frightening.

      Turn off your TV–you are being lied to and played…

  • Let the cowards run and hide and lie , now that we pulled the trigger

  • Jorge Cervantes

    Syria 🇸🇾 is a sovereign nation. The United States of America is not the worlds police force. We pick and choose our battles according to what resources we can exploit. No one would condone the gasing of innocent civilians ever. But we are teetering on the edge of a razor blade. North Korea has Missles aimed at us as we speak. We posture but do nothing. While Kim Jong un of North Korea continues to antagonize neighboring countries. Many Children of Flint Michigan will die earlier in life because of the water our nation provides. We do nothing. I find it disgusting we don’t take care of our business at home first. Our missles just killed innocent civilians just like the gas did. When Assad does it we call it a tragedy. When we do it We call it collateral damage. Our country is heading down a dark road. Any commentator in support of this bombing should have their heads examined. Oil prices jumped up 2 % post US missle launch!

  • R.T. (Russia Today) which is a Putin run news service, the Russian equivalent of FOX news, reported that the chemical casualties at Homs were the result of an airstrike accidentally hitting a rebel stash of chemical weapons. How’s that for spin? I don’t think this is a prelude to war after all we have used cruise missiles a number of times in the past ….Kosovo, Sudan etc. The disturbing thing about this raid is that the administration continues to say one thing and then pivot “overnight” to a new position. I mean a week ago we were going to let the Syrian people decide what to do with Assad. Yes I know the pig used chemical weapons but he has done this and continues to use barrel bombs before. trump of the small hands just showing he has big balls.

  • My heart sank when I saw the photos of babies after being gassed,trying to breath. It’s horrible. I’m glad the U.S got their balls back. All this shit needs to stop!! ISIS needs to be stopped

    • Annie get your gun

      Will your heart sink when you see pictures of the babies who die from American missile and drone strikes in Syria? Oh wait, our media won’t show us those pictures.

      • Firefighters wife

        Why would there be babies on the runway and in the fighter jet that we’re spreading the gas. There has been no report of any civilians killed or even hurt in this air strike. And I think our media would get it out there to hurt trump if there was.

      • Well of course it would. Any human life does. Babies can’t help them selfs. And Annie get your gun,I hate guns,and the media!!have a pleasant weekend

    • I agree, but how could we possibly know who really used chemical weapons.

  • I will never believe a word that comes out of Mr. Trump’s mouth and I damn sure don’t trust the official story for this attack. The US government has lied to the public to promote it’s own interests time and time again.

  • Damn it! I’m fresh outta popcorn…

  • So now we’re bombing the Assad side and the rebel side . Trump promised to never do that, to never ask for a military strike without congress like Obama did. Another promise broken. So now we are fighting in Iraq, Afghanistan, Somalia, Yemen, Libya, and Syria.. No force in human history has EVER been able to sustain war on that many fronts. And Trump is far from
    being Alexander the Great…

    • The not so great? lol we have troops at sell those locations but we are not committed to a war at them, we always have people everywhere atleast I hope we would otherwise we are blind, well more blind, I’m not for or against this, I don’t really know what the right call would be, but I know we as a society can’t allow chemical weapons to be used period. Anywhere.

      • But we can allow black children in Flint, Michigan to drink water with toxic levels of lead…there are so many atrocities going on, to focus on this *one* (timing is interesting if you follow politics in the region) one wonders, “who benefits?”. The military industrial complex is making bank, and their budget was slated to increase 10% already.

        Buh bye National Parks, EPA, FDA, etc etc

  • Assad has always been a piece of feces. Good for President Trump for standing up to his and Russia’s lies. Not a fan of the Trumpster but at least his red line means something. North Korea is sure to take notice but if they want to become a radioactive dumpster, they can.

  • Problem, Reaction, Solution…the mothership at work in all its glory. boy we are a stupid lot…

  • Fear not comrades, this is just a diversion. We are winning the war in America. Celebrate our latest gas tax victory, registration fee, fire fee, hospital fee, trade-n-cap fee, cultivation fee, plastic bag fee, belong to the wrong party fee… Soon we will control all the money in every line of business and we can take our pension and dole it out to whoever we like. Resistance is futile. Believe the hype or you can go under the bridge with the chump.

    • Ok, I’ll belive the hype, if I don’t have to go under the bridge! please no bridge! He does terrible things under there, bad touch! Bad touch! Where’s an adult!

  • Most of the comments above make me embarrassed to be from Humboldt. Where did you idiots come from? I really love people making comments about the military, military tactics and use of military force when they no experience in that field (❄️) and their sole source of info is mass media. Brilliant! BTW, Trump did the right thing, for the right reasons and now maybe Assad won’t use any more of the WMDs he got from Saddaam after we told him to clean out his stores at Muthanna Bunkers and Salman Pak. Oh, and another thing: they may have mixed tear gas with white smoke in Seattle as that’s a great way to make tear gas spread faster and it’s much more efficient. Since none of the protesters did the funky chicken and died, it obviously wasn’t nerve agent/sarin.

    • Oh you didn’t get yours from the mass, cause you sound like Fox news. I don’t watch mass media like u claim, I used my brain & every alternative resource I can find, unlike the sheep jumping off the cliff right now as we all type. What’s hilarious is the folks who think their safe from the destruction of our own government. So noobody should be commenting Shit, until you read up on Venezuela. Proof is in the pudding & unfortunately the US might be going in the same direction

      Educate yourself before your wreck yourself!

      Wake up people, stop jumping off the bridge with the rest.

      We have a chance to save our country, if you detox off the matrix!

  • There is no such thing as a warning shot. Any act of aggression such as this, is an act of war. Just another unconstitutional war under our belt. When will the people ever stand up and demand for congress to be held accountable?
    Rand Paul states it simply. http://reason.com/blog/2017/04/07/rand-paul-on-syria-the-us-was-not-attack

  • So Obama can drop over 26000 bombs in six different countries in 2016 alone and be hailed as a peace prize winner.


    But Trump bombs one military airfield and he’s a crazy warmonger?

    • Those were strikes against ISIS, not a direct strike against Syria and Russia, with the possibility to piss off other big players like Iran. Huge difference pawn!

      I love how all counter arguments use Obama comparisons, so old like the cheese in my fridge. Can’t these lambs ever NOT use Obama in their weak rebuttals?

    • Obama should have been impeached, as well as Bush, Clinton, and the rest of em.

  • !: I didn’t get any news from Fox or any other news- I was there. Sinai 04-06, Iraq 06-07 and Afghanistan 08-10. Where were you? Probably hiding beneath the umbrella of security that my brothers and sisters in arms provided for you. Lol

    • Don’t need to serve, to know you are, The Masters of War, Pawn piece. Programmed to jump, sit, roll over, shoot, stay, good pawn. I May not have served but have many family members lives cut short, for protecting another countries oil. Your just another sucker like my poor family members who died. Lured in by false patriotism & pretty things you may have someday if you live to see the day. So go ahead, say whatever you need say to justify your used life. I understand it’s hard to face the reality that your just another expendable slave to the Mad Men. Now my grandfather, a war hero, served WW2, thinks this is BS smoke screen Trump propaganda.
      Oh but he has no idea what he is talking about & you definitely do, since u served 3 duties to unjust causes, decorated to look just. You were used fool. Wake up, your boss is abusing your duty and threatening your families happiness but go ahead, eat the Shit the shovel you and say it tastes great!

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