[UPDATE 10:43 p.m.]Garage on Fire on Henderson in Eureka

Burning structureA garage caught on fire in the 400 block of Henderson in Eureka about 3:25 p.m. The tenants were refusing to leave the nearby residence at first so Eureka Police were called.

UPDATE 3:31 p.m.: Scanner traffic indicates that that fire is under control.

UPDATE 10:43 p.m.: Press release:

At 1513 hours Humboldt Bay Fire units were dispatched to a structure fire at Henderson and F streets in Eureka. The employees of Cornerstone Computers had smelled smoke inside their store. After investigating the smell of smoke, the employees found an attached garage that had light smoke coming from under the door. The employees used a fire extinguisher to spray under the door to hold the fire in check until firefighters arrived.

The first arriving firefighters removed the garage door and found a small fire on the wooden floor. Firefighters extinguished the remaining fire, checked for extension under the building and evacuated the rest of the tenants.

The fire was small, with damage estimated at $1000.

The cause of the fire is a discarded cigarette found near the burned area of the base of the door. The cigarette combined with the gusty wind caused the wood floor to smolder and catch fire.

There were no injuries and all tenants were able to return to the building.

Humboldt Bay Fire asks that you be patient with traffic restrictions near fire operations. Our Fire Support volunteers work with firefighters to provide a safe working area as well as a safe travel route to the driving public.



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