Law Enforcement Searching For Suspect After Crash on West End Road Sends Woman to Hospital

This is a press release from the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office:

Humboldt COunty sheriff badgeOn Wednesday, April 5, 2017 at about 1424 hours Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office (HCSO) Deputies responded to the 7200 block of West End Road, Arcata for an agency assist per California Highway Patrol. It was reported to law enforcement as a traffic collision and an altercation. Upon arrival, Deputies learned an adult female sustained serious injuries and an adult male suspect was believed to have fled on foot. The female victim was transported by ambulance to a local hospital. Her injuries are unknown at this time.

Arcata Police Department K9 and California Highway Patrol air support are assisting in the search. The male suspect is described as being in his 20’s with a dark complexion, dark hair, 5’8 and 200 pounds. Suspect was last seen wearing blue jeans, dark colored shirt or sweatshirt and a white baseball hat.

Deputies along with HCSO Investigators are currently on scene investigating.

Anyone with information for the Sheriff’s Office regarding this case or related criminal activity is encouraged to call the Sheriff’s Office at 707-445-7251 or the Sheriff’s Office Crime Tip line at 707-268-2539.



  • Gang-related w/ side order of domestic violence?

    • Gang related? Where are you from? LA?

      • He saw “dark complexion” and cannot spell Guest. Give hime a break 🙂 Him don’t get out much…

      • We’ve had carjackings, drive by shootings, and just today armed men running through residential streets brandishing guns. Wake up, with an economy based entirely on drugs and a strong movement to stop any revival of legitimate business through regulation and protests, this is the future.

  • So much violence in the month of March. The stars must be all out of whack .bad month for me my mother deathaversery, lost my weiner dog ,and then my drug crazed meth addicted son attacked me with a deadly weapon .don’t no what possessed him I haven’t talked to him in six months .the meth plague has claimed another victim ,but at least he will get clean .

    • Jeez, so sorry. I take it son went to jail? Sorry, but lot’s of drugs in jail. My toothless sister is somewhere in hayfork. I despise meth too. Hope things get better. Hey, it’s April!🐣🌸🌻🌹 sorry about your pup too. Positive vibes your way.👍

      • Unfortunately a lot of meth users get sucked in by the meth makers and become “testers” which means just that; a way to see what the latest combination of chemicals will do to a person.
        Its harder and harder for them to buy the old skool substances they used to cook with, so they will try out household and agricultural chemicals in the mix in attempt to gain the same, or better, high.
        Its awful.

    • Sleepy Alligator

      But didn’t your Weiner dog find you? I really hope so. Mopar right? Sorry to hear about your son’s predicament.

    • It was “March Madness”

  • Are these two incidents related?
    If so, has a reverse 911 call been made to residents in the area of the manhunt for the suspect?

    Pretty horrific for the gal carjacked and stabbed. May she have excellent medical care and good protection as she recovers.

    “ARCATA, Calif. – The Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office said a manhunt is underway for a suspect who stabbed a woman during a carjacking and took off.

    The Humboldt Bay Municipal Water District is currently on lockdown while they look for the suspect.

    It happened around 3 p.m. Wednesday at Pump 4 on Warren Creek Road in Arcata.

    Deputies said the woman was taken to the hospital. Her condition is unknown at this time.

    Deputies have set up a perimeter and sent a K9 unit to look for the suspect. “

    • It appears to be yes!!! Warren Creek Road is a side road from West End Road & that particular area of the water pumping station is in that area as well!!!

      • Sleepy Alligator

        God that is horrible! What the hell is wrong with people these days!!!!

      • Beautiful spot. Sorry to hear terrible things happening there….Have had some great times at the pump station park. Also a good spot to pull out kayaks when floating from Blue Lake. Reminder- as the weed economy crashes and our county loses a hundred million dollars a year there will be serious social problems here. Let’s be vigilant and watch out for each other’s backs.

        • Lets hope that Meth doesn’t become any more populat than it already is!!! If dealers start losing money or not making enough from selling Cannabis, lets hope they don’t start dealing Meth instead!!!

          • Let’s hope…. maybe someday also…..

            Let’s decriminalize and provide clean amphetamine and housing for those addicted at safe ingestion sites.

            Let’s address the medical emotional and spiritual needs of those looking for a way out of meth dependency.

            Let’s address the youth with many more re/creation centers full of activities THEY want and need.

            Let’s stop lying about drugs, the drug war, addiction, and admit the shape of our collective mental health, (have you noticed who the F our president is?) our inability to objectively assess the human mind, the straight lack of knowledge, other than to say our minds are wired as individually as our fingerprints.

            Let’s create some jobs so people do not have to resort to dealing meth.

            How do you do that? Money saved by having our police force chasing arresting releasing cleaning up the campsite of then rearresting rereleasing and re-cleaning of said site ad infinitum times how many times a day does this happen in Eureka? 30? 300? 3000? It adds up. Keeps em fat no denying that.

            Put the unapproachable knife wielding squeaky bicycle riding flashlight duct taped to shades rocking zombie tweeker to work cleaning up that atrocious main drag. Does this town have any sense of self? It’s more and more depressing entering Eureka every time…… I’ll keep hoping.

  • Was alcohol involved? I hope she’s going to be ok.

  • You are a nice person sleepy alligator. Mopar is on my lap a sleep under his blanket ,and my cat moochie is on my right leg under the blanket while I recuperate do to the attack ,and Bruties my male , seiamese cat just took his spot on my chest .I think my animals since that I’m hurt they are such a comfort in trying times with all the violence drug abuse the lis t goes on and on in our. Humboldt. I wanted you sleepy alligator to know were my tattoo in his ear weiner dog doing right now .

  • To Sharon, my son is still not in jail waiting for the DA to put out a warrant. Some justice system we have .

    • I feel the same about the Sleepy Alligator and you as well, I think we’ve disagreed a couple few times but I’ve come to very much appreciate seeing your name and hearing your thoughts. Several others as well..

      • Sleepy Alligator

        Hey thanks! I also enjoy reading your comments because you seem to be open minded and you think outside the box. I like to think that I’m the same way. Robots just think what they’ve been programmed to think.

  • I enjoy all your comments as well,and i thank u all for the nice comments .sleepy alligator, andB Boy .also Sharon. Guess were mopar is lol ,and moochie the cat she is feral ,and I’m the only human she comes to or let’s touch her she is very skiddish. I want you all to have the very best day.

  • I enjoy all your comments as well,and i thank u all for the nice comments .sleepy alligator, andB Boy .also Sharon. Guess were mopar is lol ,and moochie the cat she is feral ,and I’m the only human she comes to or let’s touch her she is very skiddish. I want you all to have the very best day,and kun
    kemp I hope you are getting well soon .

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