[UPDATE] Hwy 101 Northbound Was Shut Down at Rio Dell for Possible Suicidal Subject

Northbound Hwy 101 is marked with flares to divert traffic through Rio Dell. [Photo by Estelle Fennell]

Hwy 101 northbound is closed by Rio Dell as of 7:45 p.m. A witness told us that a person is standing on the outside of the Davis Street overpass apparently in a suicidal attempt.

According to scanner traffic, a law enforcement official is communicating with the person and attempting to dissuade him/her from jumping. Meanwhile, a negotiator is on the way.

Northbound traffic is being diverted through Rio Dell. Southbound is continuing normally.

UPDATE: Unconfirmed reports that the subject has been removed from the bridge.



  • Just great. One idiot decides to show off ,and the immediate response by Caltrans will now be a $1,000,000 fence barrier installion on ALL overpasses in Humboldt. Thanks jerk!

    • come down off the roost

      Yeah I don’t think CalTrans Humboldt works like the Golden Gate bridge jumpers. Oh and, some of the barriers are already there before all of this.

    • People like you and your insensitive comments are destroying my hope for mankind.I’m going to pray for your awakening.

      • guest i have seen you write worse.what a piece of work you are. he needs to man up. probably a Hillary supporter that got triggered by a cloud floating by.

        • You do know that any one who post on here without putting in a name is automatically posted as guest right? Probably not the same guest, or maybe it is? Or is it me? Shit am I them? No,no I’m me. I think, whew!

      • butterflymom707

        the man needs help, not hurtful comments….thank God they were able to get him down!

    • [edit] Have some compassion for this human…

    • This comment says a lot about you as a person. Glad your so concerned about what cal trans is going to do

    • Hey Crime Stopper, you sound like a person who would support T-Rump’s wall with Mexico. Right?

      • i like trump. like the wall to. i like interment camps better. lets put the illegals in the interment camps .

      • Gee ‘A’. The point I am trying to make is that some people want to condemn some expenses and yet are super hypocritical in that they then support wasteful projects like ‘the wall’. That is valid conversation. Sorry if you don’t see it that way.

    • Shut the fuck up. Our mental health services is shit, he needs help. He’s still there, I can only hope for a safe outcome with the help he needs.

    • I guess “Crime Stopper” has never been in Rio Dell. The Davis overpass bridge already has the high mesh on both sides. Must be fun living in mommy’s basement and not getting out much.

      • Black Tail Addict

        As a kid in the early 80s walking that overpass on the outside of the fence was a right of passage. In hindsight we were dumbass’s.

    • [edit]show some compassion for this person , you have no idea what they are going through in their day to day life, one bad innsodent and something in your life happens and that could if been you!!!! . Next There is no way that CalTrans And the County – State would do that for one isolated innsodent like this, and it would not coast a million dollars. Next what if the person had done it and jumped would u still be talking like this???? … Next have you given any thought thought at all about how that person would feel if he read what u wrote about her – her , and what they might feel after reading ur nasty comments. …

    • My names Brandon.

      Wanna know why suicide is such an attractive option for so many?

      People like yourself.

  • Hope they are able to help this person.

  • to jump or not to jump

    well its been well over two-three hours now.. how many resources? unless he/she dives headfirst all they risk is a couple of broken legs. its only 18 ft or less. divert the traffic, and leave the area. watch from afar. take the show away. take the forum. see what happens then. i highly doubt all the flashing lights badges, stopped traffic, and negotiators have prevented the inevitable. they are just making the “show” way bigger.

  • Hahaha, it had to be about Trump in some way. Too much. Is Davis street overpass even high enough for terminal velocity? As long as traffic is stopped, they should be fine.

    • Like I said to someone else, Trump has nothing to do with it [edit]!!!

      • Hey, Anonymous. This is “someone else”.
        You the T-Rump neighborhood enforcer? Or do you try to censor people who speak against all politicians? Or, being generous here, are you, in your own, interesting way, trying to protect everyone from being maligned?
        PS: Read my earlier reply to your response to me. Might be informative……

  • I saw this as I drove south.. Impressive ..

  • Kym is back! Everything OK?

  • Who was it? And ur they ok? Did they open high way again yet?

  • I hate Wednesdays

    This is a man, torn apart by an unfaithful lover. Sounds like his girl was dirty dancin’ with another man and now he’s looking for a way to escape the pain. What he doesn’t realize is that the only difference between tonight and tomorrow is, tonight he has the pain from a broken heart. Tomorrow he will no doubt have the pain from a broken heart and a broken leg!. That bridge couldn’t be more than 15-20 feet high. Death is possible, maybe, but the chances are very slim. We’ve been hearing that man scream “Why George, Why?!?!?!” For hours now. C’mon, George! Let’s go! Come down and clear this thing up so we can all get on with our drive!!!.

  • Hope they are able to heal from what I assume are many life’s hardships that make them want the pain to go away for good. I expected insensitive comments since I know first hand how people in Humboldt react to those who are down or suicidal. It is no coincidence that they have the highest suicide rate year after year. Many places in America do not have access to good mental health care without suicide rates as high as Humboldt’s. It is the severe lack of compassion and constant self absorption that is more common in Humboldt than any place I have visited or lived. Prayers to a who are suffering in that county, I had to get out or I surely would have killed myself, now every day I wake up and I’m surrounded by kindness, I’ve never been treated like scum of the earth by an employee or waitress because I’m not a local. People follow the basic common curtosey things I grew accustom to from being raised in the south. Best part is I still live in beautiful northern California. I Love Mendo!!!!

    • Thank you, J. The comments make me sick, ‘but for the grace of G’d go I”. Any one of us could be that destitute enough to feel like we’ve had enough. I’ve lost someone dear to suicide, and I often wonder, “what could I have done, and why wasn’t I aware of his pain?”I always thought that this was such a caring group of people here in HumCo, just wanting some peace and privacy. What I’m actually seeing is hate. Sad.

    • I’ve heard this before and although I live in Mendo (50 years,) I make occasional trips up to Humboldt. There is indeed a marked difference between the over-lying social webs and their values, and how they are expressed.
      Humboldt State once offered a class course on the social structures of the cannabis culture. I wonder what happened to that. When I inquired, the differences between the two counties (Humboldt and Mendocino) weren’t being considered, but I have often thought that therein lies a real reason to study “our” societies.

  • Food for thought

    I would be bummed out if I had a comment section that looked like this, Kym I say make all the commenters use their profile names. Alot of this verbal spew would be no more if people didn’t have anonymity to hide behind.

  • He must not of really want to die there is atleast 3 other bridges within half a mile that go all the way down to the river

  • Keep hiding Food For Thought. I post under my name!

    • Haha right they talk shit under a sur name too!

      • Food for thought

        When I start to make shitty comments in a comment section that is in regards to someone feeling desperate enough to want to jump off a bridge I’ll consider that. For now it was simply my thoughts that people wouldn’t be so cruel. Would you dissagree?. Or will your response solidify the reasoning that people would rather stay anonymous?

    • Wait until a random stranger attacks you because he didn’t like your post. Maybe then you will realize the value of anonymity.

  • Hope & Pray this person can be talked out of this and find the help he needs.
    Desperate folks do desperate things to get rid of the emotional pain.
    Too many folks everywhere today want to end their lives not knowing that with the right help they could live a better life.

  • Use your name or quite posting …they have chatrooms for bs…

    • You mean quit?, if your gona call people out about using sur names you should at least do what you say, I know a lot of Shawnees, if everyone just used there first name it would be the same unless you have a unique name

  • If people had somebody to talk about thier “stuff”, the county and state would probably save a lot of 💰. And the people would be saved a lot of embarrassment. A little listening and talking can go a long way. Just an 800 number. It’s Been a depressing winter for a lot of folks.

  • Crisis Hotline if anyone needs it for themselves or loved ones 1-800-273-8255.

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