Vehicle into the Mckinleyville Golf Course 13th Hole

Traffic Collision Car Accident

At 12:30 pm, a Jeep Cherokee went down a steep 25 feet embankment near the 13th hole of the McKinleyville Golf Course.The fire department has the Murry road blocked currently to expedite extrication of the occupant(s). If in the area, be aware of emergency vehicles and police and the tow company.




  • That’s why buildings go from the 12th flr to the 14th with nothing in between.

  • Hole in one?

  • It’s not a black hole Roy, there really is something there. It’s the 13th floor. Some buildings do not label the 13th because of silly superstitions, but if you look up and count layers of windows you will notice something at the 13th layer, a floor.

    • If the golf course had skipped from the 12th hole to the 14th this crash at the 13th hole would not have occurred. HA! Argue with that if you can, Miguel.

  • You mind if i play through

  • Driver thought he was at 19th hole ?

    • Possibly already been there, not to mention “Done That” as in tossing back a few pints before “hitting” the road or what have you, in this case a golf course, AKA a GIANT LAWN!!! 8~p

  • The drivers around here drive me crazy. Maybe a relaxing round of golf will soothe my nerves… Gaaaaaaah!!!

  • You know Kym, sometime or other there should be a meeting of all the people that uses your site to be heard. Like a picnic or something like that where everyone could get together. Wait until I get up there first though. Would be fun.

  • The vehicle merely ran off the shoulder of the road and slid down the embankment. The fairway is a couple of hundred feet through many trees from the road.

  • Sleepy Alligator

    Probably a good time to use his Mulligan.

  • Lets see them putter out of this one..

  • Allen Cavaluzzi

    Wow!!! All fun and game’s …. for you people!!!the driver had a seizure!!! Sadly it’s not funny to the drivers family and children… where has your humanity gone😡

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