Manhunt underway on Old Dolly Varden road

CHP California Highway Patrol badge

At about 10:15 pm CHP attempted to pull over a car on Old Dolly Varden road in Blue Lake. A male and a female foot bailed from the vehicle and ran into the bush heading back towards Hwy 299. Multiple Humboldt County Sheriff’s and CHP back up units headed to the location code 3 ( light sirens).  Fortuna and Eureka Police K9 unit’s are heading up there as of 11:00 pm




  • Hope they can catch ’em, and nobody gets hurt.

  • Must be a pretty dangerous couple to warrant that amount of law enforcement.

  • Cool road name.

  • Can they do something about the HUGE grows on that road? Lit-up greenhouses visible from space- it’s all criminal activity. Oh, no we invite and encourage that stuff here…then wonder why our county is full of criminals!

    • Honeydew Bridge Chump

      Deporting all pot growers to Mexico after their labor completes the wall is the only way to make America great again.

      Dopers have ruined America, but their deportation can save it.

      Report dope growers to authorities, even if you have to make things up making seem like even worse criminals. Do whatever it takes to land them in prison.

    • AnonymousHumboldtian

      It’s not criminal activity anymore buddy where have you been?

  • Dolly is not happy about being called old!

  • Hi Kym, I’m concerned about HBC’s last paragraph. Seems conspiratorial in nature. What is he advocating for? Fake Reporting? Fake News?

    • It’s VERY hard to say with HBC he’s a “little out there” if you know what I mean!!!

      • The only thing appropriate about their name is the “Chump” part. They seem overly aggressive against our aspiring Medical Cannabis Industry

        • A very small amount serves medicinally. Most devil’s lettuce is used to stupefy the masses. The criminal growers lie about it as being medicine because they are scamming the medicinal provision in the law. All who parrot their lies for taxes, fees and other money are equally complicit- sheriff and supervisors included. AG Jeff Sessions will pay a visit soon and make that clear.

          • Honeydew Bridge Chump


            Many criminal, community destroying, Toyota driving Isis types just posted above.

            They desire nothing except destruction of communities, greed, and driving Toyotas with long beards and stickers.

            They know nothing except grazing on devil’s lettuce and federal reserve notes…

            May God have mercy on their souls as they wander Mexico after being tossed over the wall they built.

          • Well now isn’t this just Special HBC has found a sock unused for “other purposes” that he can use for a puppet here!!! Reduce, especially Reuse & Recycle as in recycling Old Rants undedr a different name!!! Duckin’ Fummy!!!

          • Sounds like you too are a weirdo, and should move under the bridge with H.B.C.

            • I freely admit to being totally stark staring, over the top, batsh!t crazy!!! Any other comments & or questions??!!!

          • AnonymousHumboldtian

            Hey green death. Marijuana is legal recreationally. No one gives a shit if you think medical is a sham. If you’re over 21 you can smoke a joint and people like you can whine all they want. It’s not going to change a thing.

            • It is NOT legal federally. It is NOT legal to grow huge amounts and sell to black market. Perhaps YOU are confused on the law? It is NOT legal to sell to anybody but a licensed distributor. Shall I go on?….

        • Absolutely agreed, Betty!!! ;-D

        • Honeydew Bridge Chump

          Chump is an acronym…

          Communities Hate Underground Marijuana Producers….

          There’s your chump, caliphate out of America!

          • You first Buttmunch!!! I still say I agree with Ms Cooksey the only apprpriate part of your screename is the CHUMP part!!! BTW Don’t let the door hit you on your way out it!!!

          • AnonymousHumboldtian

            I think you embody the literal meaning of the word chump.

  • I hate to complainbut I will anyway, I was wondering where the rest of the two subjects went, in the article it says a Male & A Female FOOT bailed … I was wondering where the rest of them went!!!??? ;-] Perhaps you meant ON FOOT???

    • Foot bail is a tongue in cheek way of saying that they decided it would be easier to run away as opposed to getting arrested and having to pay actual bail. Get it?

    • Sorry about the wording there folks. We listen to the scanner ALOT and we pick up the Law enforcement “Lingo”. To the degree our reporters speak it to each other it becomes “habit”. When writing articles we try to catch ourselves from writing the Law enforcement “lingo” but we sometimes slip up. It has nothing to do with being lazy by any means lol.

  • Dolly is’nt happy about being called old!

  • Has anyone seen Dolly?

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