Tomorrow, Some County Offices Will Be Affected by Computer Maintenance; Friday Is a Holiday

Computer image found here.

Press release from the County of Humboldt:

The County of Humboldt will perform maintenance on its computer network during the afternoon of Thursday, March 30 at the Clark Complex and it will affect those doing business with the Planning & Building Department and Land Use Division of the Public Works Department. The Clark Complex is located at 3015 H Street in Eureka.

Network maintenance will begin at noon on Thursday and is expected to last for the remainder of the business day. During this time both agencies will have some difficulty providing information to the public and applicants during this period due to the network outage. The Planning & Building Department will not be able to process payments or application intake or permit issuance until the work is complete. However, the Public Works Land Use Division will be conducting most services as usual, including inspections and meeting with applicants and the public.

In addition, the county will be closed the following day, Friday, March 31 in honor of Cesar Chavez Day. All services are expected to be back on-line when the county re-opens at 8:30 am on Monday, April 3.



  • Cesar Chavez day haha he and trump would have been good friends, seriously he was all about securing the border and called illegal Mexicans “wets” google it

  • No news is good news. I guess.

  • Soon there will be so many holidays the government won’t have to work at all and still get payed.
    Maybe that’s their intentions all along ? Wait a minute they do that now.. Hope the banks are still open .

  • Every days a holiday when you’re unemployed. That’s sarcasm son.

  • Too bad they just couldn’t pay their computer geeks at work on the mes can day. Obviously they would only be down 1 day, but hey they never thought of that. Better to have a day and a half to screw the public out of services they need

  • Veterans friend

    Wow. Lotta racist nastiness in the air today.

  • If your ancestors are not Native Americans, you are a foreigner.

  • Just ment it’s been a slow news day. Nothing racist implied. There are lots of folks here illegally that are essential to our states economy. And there ain’t no wall gonna stop em. Lots of them don’t even want citizenship. They just want work, make some 💰. Send it home and go visit home at xmas. If citizens were workin in the fields, veggies would cost a lot more. Respect others and they will respect you.

  • Visitors from South-land don’t want any of the following; Accountability, Strings or being noticed. Let me work, make money, (3 times what I get back home) & send tax-free money back home. Beyond that don’t expect me to follow any rules or laws. Oh! Can I vote too?

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