Coast Guard Rescues Lost Hikers in Island Mountain Area

This is a press release from the Trinity County Sheriff’s Office:

Trinity County Sheriffs Office TCSOOn March 28, 2017, at approximately 5:06 P.M. the Trinity County dispatch center received a request from Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office to assist with the recovery of two lost hikers located in the Island Mountain area.
It was reported that the hikers were unfamiliar with the area and they had no food, camping equipment or warm clothes. One of the hikers was able to communicate via cell phone that no one was injured and the weather was not an issue. The hikers declined a helicopter being sent to their location, as they were attempting to walk to the Island Mountain Train Tunnel and requested deputies meet them there.
Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office re-contacted the Trinity County dispatch center at 12:30 A.M. advising that the hikers were successfully extricated by the Coast Guard via helicopter and taken to a local hospital to reunite with family.
The hikers are residents of Sonoma County.



  • Mountain Lion Lady

    One remark that does not appear in this article is that this is all private property going out to the train tunnel. While the road is county, the tunnel is not on the county road.

  • Unprepared hikers relying on their cellphone to save them.

    • sharpen your pencil

      One word, MILLENIALS!!!!!!!

      • I’m the sister to one of these people and my brother who your insulting is a retired Deputy Sheriff with his son. He is far from a millineal. He spent 3 decades taking care of others in need. Maybe you should show a little compassion. They didn’t start on private property. They couldn’t get a phone signal and when they did they reached my SIL who went after them. After that they had to hike to the meeting place to meet her and once again lost their cell signal. She was stopped by what we suspect were men guarding their pot fields and she was run off. They walked until their feet were bleeding and had no water or equipment left to protect them. This article is short and doesn’t include much detail so before you slam these two great men maybe you should get all of the facts! My brother was Officer of the year several times during his career going out of his way, putting his life in danger to protect others. I’m very disappointed in the responses posted here.

  • Right on uscg i have meny story’s from 1975 till 1979 mostly from Hawaii to Alaska and humboldt bay small boat ststion meny rescues meny bordings meny storms i will never forget the time i was plucked from the back of a 44ftr into a helo sofor teaining ,practice makes perfect thumbs up

  • Wow that’s a scary place to go “hiking”

  • Great place to get yourself disappeared. I’m sure they were a couple of dipshits hanging out at the new Harris store looking for “work” and they heard something about the train tunnel. Off they went.

  • Good thing

  • They weren’t stranded , they had an agenda ….an it wasn’t hiking .

  • Going home is different than coming home

    If you looked at Trump’s last budget he has made major cuts in the Coast Guard’s budget. No more free rides for rescues. The last rescue flight will cost lost hikers $3000 to $5000. Slightly less for commercial fishing rescues. Gotta pay for that stupid WALL!

    • Thats still far more reasonable than a Medical helicopter ride. ReachAir charged me $69,990 to go from Briceland to Santa Rosa Memorial after an accident. I’d gladly pay $3-$5k to be plucked of a sinking boat though.

  • If all you liberal trash would have enforced the laws that were already on the books, we wouldn’t need that “stupid WALL!” Those Idiots should have to pay for the ride anyway!!!

    • So you think the liberals are in charge of enforcing the laws? I thought it was LEOS, most or which lean conservative.
      You sound totally self brainwashed probably by watching Fox News.
      Not good.

    • Liberals are not the ones spewing “Alternative Facts” last I checked that would be you CONservative types!!! You guys don’t know the difference & or don’t give a flying FIG whether or not a statement is true or not!!!! tRump is NOT going to get Mexico to pay for building that stupid damned wall!!! We the taxpayers the ones who actually PAY taxes that is the OTHER 99% of the population that doesn’t make 6 or 7 figure salaries will be stuck paying for DJ Donnie’s stupid damned WALL!!! If it is even built, in the first place!!!!

      • Like I said if you Liberal POS’s would have keep them out, instead of all this dream crap programs BS, and the like we wouldn’t need the wall. Enforce the laws we had all the way back to Billery

        • Just like the Trolls over in LoCO give you facts & you twist & ignore them to fit your agenda!!! It’s ALWAYS the Liberals at fault, never mind it’s nearly ALWAYS the CONservatives getting caught LYING for starters, Oh excuse me wrong term I mean you CONservative types LOVE your ALTERNATIVE FACTS, read total & complete BULLSHIT!!!Go crawl back under whatever rock it was you crawled out from under!!!!

      • Dan Fuller. That’s funny, I though you are on disability, what kind of fucking taxes do you pay that don’t come from tax money to begin with?

        I’d also say, unless you were injured in the armed services protecting this country you should be a little more polite to the people that pay for your lifestyle.

  • Trump has a lot of pipe dreams. If you are a billionaire, your in his circle. As for these lost idiots, they were up to no good.. Scouting I presume.

    • They’re lucky the wrong land owner didn’t see them.

      Back in the day (1960’s) I walked all the way through the Island Mountain tunnel, just under a mile. Spooky.

  • I think the TV news reported one of them was an off duty Sonoma or Trinity County Sheriff. He knew the cost of a helicopter ride, and was probably cut a deal in the whole process.

  • If they declined the copter, why was it sent?

  • Fools! that’s the original murder mountain

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