Sunni Jo Grant: Obituary and Memorial for the Mother Shot to Death in Klamath

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Sunni Jo Grant and her son Justin

Sunni Jo Grant 1979-2017

Sunni Jo Grant, was born May 27th 1979 in Hoopa CA. she passed away suddenly March 20th 2017 in Klamath the age of 37.

Sunni is survived by her loving husband Justin and their son Justin “Gooey” Cushman. By her grandmother Judith Grant, grandfather Hugh Grant Jr. Her brother Tyrel “Fatman” Grant, sisters Shana & Stormy Richards, cousins Michael, Paige, Tasha & Brother. As well as numerous Aunts, Uncles, and cousins. Sunni also leaves behind her cherished dog, Cookie, whom she treated like her baby daughter.

Sunni was preceded in death by her son Isaac Cushman, mother Julie Grant, Aunt Darcy Grant, and uncle Itsy Grant.

Sunni spent the majority of her life in Eureka CA with her family and friends, she was very loved by everyone and will be missed by all.

Sunnis greatest joy and best time of her life was spent with her son little Justin whom everyone calls Gooey. She was a proud mom and dedicated all her time to her son and watching over her granny.

Sunni was full of life, always cracking jokes. Her smile will always be remembered. She was a bright, beautiful soul, “The life of the party”, always fun to be around. It could be said “She was larger than life”, leaving so many cherished memories with family & friends.

Pallbearers; Justin Cushman Sr., Justin Cushman Jr., Tyrel “Fatman” Grant, Michael Grant, Natasha Evans, Dean “Brother” Grant, Paige McGee, Shana Richards, Stormy Richards, Cindy Green, Jessica Eleck, and James Spears.

Honorary Pallbearers; Joe Grant, Hugh Grant Jr., Richard Green Sr., Ted Cushman, Tuffy Whipple, and Slim Whipple.

The family would like to thank everyone for the support and donations during this time of sorrow. A go fund me account has been set up to contribute please go to
Services & viewing will be held at Sanders funeral home 1835 E St. Eureka CA, March 30th 2017. The viewing and visitation will be held from 10:00 am – 2:00pm. The services will begin at 2:00pm, Immediately following will be a potluck gathering to celebrate Sunni’s life at 415 5th St. Eureka CA.

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  • Why was it never reported her connection to the assailants or what actually happened -?

  • It was. The murderers were going after another person, but hit her instead.

  • Rest in peace sweet lady! Hopefully justice will be served. Maybe if these people committing all this mayhem,murder,etc.were really held accountable for their actions and given stiffer penalty’s,like chain gangs,and if you get the death penalty,you should get it asap!! Criminals know our system doesn’t do shit. So what do they fear?? This young woman didn’t do anything except to protect her child. My deepest heart felt prayers to this family

  • Nuts…it is a mad, mad world. So sick of hearing about violence, living with violence, fearing violence. A sweet young mama ripped from her precious son.
    Freaks, tweekers and thieves, with a false reality. <3
    Hey people put the gun away…this ain't no f*****g video game…it's life. So sad. Prayers to the family.

  • So sorry to hear of so much sadness for the real locals lately. Hopes for a better tomorrow. Rest In Peace.

  • And that matters how?

  • Could be anything

    Was that necessary especially in an obituary? Grow the heck up.

  • THAT comment deserves to be deleted.

  • May she rest in peace and her family and friends surrounded by loving and caring folks at her service and in the days and months to come as they grapple with the loss of their beloved mother, sister, daughter, cousin and auntie.

  • Rumor has it you used to be less despicable. Not sure if it is true, but someone said that. Not me, but someone.

  • Terrible, Another good life lost on the northwest coast.

  • Im just saying you would be surprised of how much the justice system& the people are misjudging a situation.& in my opinion classifying the wrong person as the murderer.
    Also i believe God does everything for a reason & knows what hes going to do before its done. The wonderful Lady may she R.I.P in Paradice no matter what shes anAngel & where she’s meant to be. And i only say this because the exact act could have been me, you or anyone. Only God Knows.

    If this was a seriously horrible case & the suspects were just awful & evil i would understand.. & sum could be

    but i know one of them is nothing of the sort. Atleast I hope &; honestly id classify very intelligent & honorable kind & very generous.

  • horrible person

    why was natalie wright arrested in del norte county on 7/20/17 catching fresh charges but released less than 24 hr later ? how can they do this when she is out on bond?

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