Fatal Stabbing in Alderpoint

Homicide InvestigationThis is a press release from the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office. The information has not been proven in a court of law and any individuals described should be presumed innocent until proven guilty:

On Sunday 3-26-2017 at around 7:58 P.M. the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office Communications Center received a 911 call from a female who stated she had just stabbed her boyfriend because he was hitting her.

Deputies responded to the incident location in the 1500 block of Steelhead Road in Alderpoint. Upon arrival, Deputies located a male who was unresponsive. Medical aid was brought on scene where the male was pronounced deceased.

H.C.S.O. Investigators were called and responded to take over the investigation. This case is currently under investigation.

Anyone with information regarding this case is asked to call Investigator Todd Fulton at (707) 268-3646.

Earlier Chapter: Stabbing in Alderpoint Area This Evening

Press release from the Humboldt CO. Sheriff’s Office:

The deceased male subject in this case has been positively identified as Eugene Arnold Minikel, age 37 of Redway. This investigation is ongoing and no arrests have been made at this time.

Anyone with information for the Sheriff’s Office regarding this case or related criminal activity is encouraged to call the Sheriff’s Office at 707-445-7251 or the Sheriff’s Office Crime Tip line at 707-268-2539.



  • God bless us all….

  • Never ever put your hands on a woman!, those are the words pounded into my brain by my grandpa, positive energy to all involved.

    • Dubonnet Hisspano

      Same here Gazoo. Got nothing on putting you in a head lock? Have a great day Gazoo

    • What if youre a little dude and she’s a giant woman who has been taking steroids and training for mma?

      As a gender egalitarian, I prefer to treat men and women as equals.

      • And so did he, doesn’t look like it ended well… I’ll listen to grandpa.

      • I taught my sons not to hit women, but I also told them that if she is getting the best of you, and you don’t deserve it, do as much as it takes to get out of the situation. Yes, some women can beat a man, but it is not the norm. But, if in a relationship where abuse is happening, get out BEFORE you have to stab someone if you can.

  • Omg so sorry to hear ! I knew him from school . Praying for the family .

  • Well, it`ll be a while before he hits anyone again……

    • We don’t even know if he did hit her or not, her story against his and he’s not talking. Could be some psycho jealous girl who just found text message to prove her built up fear of him cheating on her. Stabbed him and realized there was no way she wasn’t going to be caught then fabbed up the victim story.

      • He beat on her so many times. And hes beat on others too its just that she finally stood up to him. Sorry its his actions that brought this on.

        • Good for her!! Sorry but i have little sympathy for him. I only hope she doesnt have to serve jail time like the majority of women who kill their abusers.

          Hopefully her actions will make another abuser think twice.
          A good friend was the person who would come get women anytime day or nite if they are being abused/scared for their life and want to get to the womens safe house, the location of which is kept as secret as possible, which says a lot.
          I cant even count the amount of times she would get the abused woman in her car and was then literally chased by the abuser&his buddies trying to kill them. Shooting at the car while they”re driving, trying to run them off the road, etc. Too many men have the “if i cant have her no one will” attitude.
          From discussions ive had with men, it seems kinda like rape in that most men know someone who’s done it or they have themselves so it becomes more challenging to discuss. This was told to me by men, not some judgment i made up.
          3 of every 4 women have been sexually assaulted, thats a lot of abusers.

      • Unless he’s changed a lot since high school, I would believe the victims story.

        • Abusers hide it well, trust me I know! My ex is lucky I didn’t do the same!

          • Ya he didn’t hide it at all but they are equally responsible either one could have left they weren’t together very long. Shit happens I guess

            • Stuckwithviolence

              Actually the woman could not leave. Beating a woman is much more than that. It isn’t just beating…it is a gradual deselfing of the victim so the abuser can assume total control over the victim. Examples: Abuser asks, what restaurant would you like to eat at? Victim says she wants sushi. Abuser says sushi is disgusting why would you want that? Victim suggests Italian. Once again, abuser says I don’t want italian. You don’t have any good ideas! I don’t even know why I asked you. The abuser never intended to take the victim to lunch. He just wanted her to feel like her opinions didn’t matter. Now the victim will never say where she wants to eat again BC her abuser shamed her for having an opinion. The abuser does this too every aspect of her life until she is incapable of having an opinion about anything. Now she is confused when she does try to have an opinion. Example two: every time victims family or friends come over abuser beats victim right afterwards. Victim starts to withdraw from family and friends. Family and friends get worried when they don’t hear much from victim and come looking. Abuser severely beats victim. Victim retreats more and makes excuses to not go anywhere BC she doesn’t want to be beaten. Victim now thinks if the man who is supposed to love and protect her is the one she needs protection from…who can she possibly trust? This is where paranoia sets in. The woman is lost and the man gains total control.

      • (Dragonfly) lynn Rogers

        Are you kidding? You’re making her the bad one? Have you ever been beat down for years by a bigger stronger person if that’s what you want to call a man who beats on weaker people. There are people that know he would hit her. Come on! Have a heart and give this women,mother, sister, and friend the benefit of the doubt .🌹🎶❤️

  • A real man wont hit a woman ,it’s his duty to protect women and children. Hey kym how many murders this year has there been so far .

    • Are you talking about biology or morality or both? Some feminist would find your comment to be very offensive.

      • (Dragonfly) lynn Rogers

        I’m so sorry for all you feminist who are taking offensive to someone that maybe right. Man or woman the stronger one should want to defend not offend the other person.🌹🎶❤️.

        • I wholeheartedly agree with those words Dragonfly. Remember also “No be-backs” only causes more heart ache. You don’t have to stay around, Can escalate into a situation like what happened in AP. There are good men and women out there that want a good honest relationship.

      • So what? It’s his opinion (assuming MOGTX is male), and it’s a moral one. Some people are offended at the slightest molehill and somehow feel that consequently they’re entitled to bully whomever or whatever they find “offensive” in order to feel comfortable with anything that doesn’t compliment their world view. It would be a little ironic if a “feminist” tried to stop anyone from expressing themselves. I’m a strong, empowered, independent woman, and I agree with MOGTX because of this: there are some heinous people on this Earth who like to hurt people, women and children included, and wouldn’t it be GREAT if more men believed their duty was to keep women and children safe from harm…how anyone can find fault with that is beyond reason. Too many people feeling too easily offended these days over not much…it’s neurotic. Grow a spine, pick a real cause, make the world a better place (less whine). And MOGTX: yes, you’re right, a real man, a good man, steps in to protect and help out a woman or a child when they’re being abused. A good PERSON would. I don’t know what hmm is suggesting…it’s a fine line between feminist and ass**** (and yes, women can be those too).

  • If the lady watches enough tv you know what to say…..who knows if he was really hitting her or is she some crazy b**ch. There are three sides to every story…..yours, mine and the truth. So don’t be placing any blame till you hear what really happen.

  • The roads will be safer .He was a bully and drove like such.They had a rough and tumble relationship.Of course that docent give either one of them a right to lay hands on each other.He was a scary dude very unstable and liked to push his weight around as well as his vehicles. No one deserves to get beat on
    My heart goes out to the family.

  • Violence against women is an unspoken epidemic here, scratch that- globally, and there is literally no one to call for help (swithenbank, seriously?) so things like this happen. I am so sorry for everyone’s loss. Mostly my heart goes out to her, what an awful situation to be forced into by someone who was meant to care. Not to mention, Swithenbank is proof of just how much the government cares about our safety. Is there any wonder why she didn’t call for help?

    • According to the FBI, men are almost as likely as women to be victims of domestic abuse. Over 40% of cases. Look at the FBI crime stats, Centers for Disease Control, U.S. Department of Justice, Home Office statistical bulletins and the British Crime Survey.

      It’s not accepted in our culture for men to speak up about it.

    • Sorry I don”t really care for the Law, But Kenny is a good guy. I even remember him coaching soccer…….He treated me fairly few times.

      • Kenny is one of 2 sheriffs out of the whole bunch who is fair and understands our community.
        Ive seen him deal with some volative people/situations in a calm way that helped resolve a problem that could have turned extremely violent.
        Interacting with him was the first time in my life i felt a cop actually trying to help.

      • You are right, Kenny is a good guy, always treated me fairly, even when I was in the wrong.

    • I’m wondering why Lt Swithenbank had to take the call??? Where was our NEW resident deputy for out here in the Hwy 36 area which used to include out Alderpoint Road as well???!!!

  • My MOM and I were beaten by my father,put my Mom in hospital for about 8mos. He stabbed her in her sleep,and beat her unconscious and beat me while I tried to help her. I’ve pressed my son his whole life you never ever for any reason lay hands on a woman ever, WALK AWAY!!!! THIS is a tough subject for me but, JUST WALK AWAY

    • I have sons and they can not always walk away. But, I still say use only as much force as it takes to walk away.

  • Eugenewasagoodgentleman

    I knew him very well he had a lot of brusies and scratch wounds from her all the time. He was as gentle as a new born pup amd would not hurt a fly. Not everyone is perfect but he always made the right choices stood up for those who were being bullied amd ran a lot of child molesters and abusers out of town. I dont think it is very respectful to speak badly about someone who not only died but also left behind people who deeply loved him for the caring person he was. He was my protector…the one who stabbed him would get jealous and throw fits. Its pretty sad that just cause the women says a guy hits her everyone believes it he was never violent in the past. My deepest prayers to his family and friends. Pretty sure her first husband is also dead too correct?

    • So is that what happened to HUGH Duggins
      He was killed in Alderpoint Either from the tweeker who lived with him or the false accusations of child molestation she made two days before they found his dead body dumped along side AP road.

    • Running people out of town proves he thinks he is above the law. Judge, jury and executioner huh?

  • Eugenewasagoodgentleman

    She also shot out a couple of his windows in his truck. Etc. I remember him saying he could not go anywhere because she would find him. I believe that this is a huge tragedy his mother ,father, son,brothers and sisters loved him dearly. He was a little rough around the edges but when he cared about someone he truely cared about them. I will cherish the ladt moments i spent with him and forever regret the moments i was not able to share with him.

  • ex Humboldt resident

    He was a Son, Father, Brother, Cousin, Uncle, Nephew, and friend to a lot of people.
    Let the courts do the circumstances of his death.
    This is a very sad time for his family and the cruel remarks are horrible for his loved ones to hear.

  • Better to just get up and walk away rather than hit a woman.

  • Unless you’ve been in an abusive relationship, you can’t understand the fear, the isolation, the threats. It’s easy to say “why don’t they just leave?”, but often that’s what gets women killed. And most of the time, women won’t report abuse because of threats of retaliation. If it’s bad enough to send them to the ER, they say they fell down the stairs. I know, because I’ve been there.

    • So easy for people to say get out. The invisible walls trap you, and you live in fear. You can’t feel the terror unless you’ve been there.

  • Lesson to the living.”Live by the sword etc,etc,etc.” Words never constitute an excuse for violence! Violence only begets violence.

  • fakeemail@gmail.com

    buncha sexist horseshit. a real PERSON wont hit another PERSON.if so, that PERSON has no place in the others life.

  • Isn`t it somewhat difficult to kill someone with a knife unless they`re well skilled? Did she just get lucky and stick him in an artery?

  • His life has ended.

    She will endure the “justice system” for years to come.

    Unless she has an excellent attorney she most likely will be harshly sentenced.

    I hope there are not any children being left behind as their mom goes through the legal process.

    Mental and physical abuse is a very real and long standing problem in society.

    It has been handed down generation to generation.

    Men against their partners/wives as well as their children.

    Women abuse also. It is not uncommon in my opinion.

    I have seen serious “stuff” stirred up when a woman belittles and dehumanizes her partner/spouse.

    It also happens in non traditional relationships.

    The root issue is extreme poor self worth and the desire to control the others in your life with bullying, intimidation, gas lighting, and both physical and sexual violence, as well as financial abuse.

    Far too many victims are isolated from their family and friends and the jealous out of control abuser preys upon individuals who want stability and love.

    My heart breaks for the woman who stabbed the man. She did call for LEO’s and she did not run away. She is facing what she has done. I hope she has a large group of folks who will stand by her as she goes on from here.

    No, it is not easy at all, to escape.

    For the few that do, they had support and help.

    I have known women and men from wealthy families facing such horror as well as middle class and very poor folks. If you do not have financial stability it is very hard to leave.

    • Well, if I am on the jury she is not going to be found guilty. People on juries have the right to disregard the charges and find a person on trial “not guilty”. Don’t let anybody tell you or pressure you otherwise. Indeed- this is why we have juries and why it is an important piece of our justice system. It only takes 1 out of 12 people on that jury to see that the defense was justified and then have the backbone to hold that ground. The court may deny her the legal argument of justifiable homicide or self-defense because there are some arcane maneuvers that happen on that end…but it is the people of the jury who have ultimate control if they seize it. I have no problem with another long-term abusive bully being wiped out of our community. I also like the show Dexter. And I vote.

      • Well that’s fucked up! Atleast wait until you see the evidence to make your decision.

        • If I was on the jury I would of course weigh the evidence. If I thought it was a justified homicide I wouldn’t find anybody guilty. I would stand by my decision and not wilt under pressure. I would be correct under our justice system although they might try to make me think otherwise. That was what I meant to get across. I’m sorry if what I wrote sounded like a judgement. I don’t know either of these people involved. But I am fine with abusive bullies being put down. We have an overpopulation problem and some people should leave- the molesters, the abusers, the rapists.

      • You like Law & Order: Hot Topic. You are disqualified from having an opinion.

  • It’s called drugs,drugs, drugs! Mixed with some alcohol and whala this shit

  • Also his victim

    If she needs someone to vouch that he is a woman beater, I’m available.. With police report.

    • Deal With It (the truth)

      I believe you!! Do you know who June Lawson was? She is dead now partially because of him. I saw them together hours befor she was murdered, I saw him carve a friends name into his flesh when he was “crushing” on her as an adult. I met an older woman who he beat, kidnapped, drugged, raped and finally released. He was I fucking lunatic! Should have been in prison 20 years ago. I grew up with him and am happy he is not on this earth to harm others any longer. Doesn’t deserve to live or the “benifit of the doubt”

  • So often the good die young. Not this time!

  • Kenny is dead? how old was he? what is the girls first name and age

  • It’s so easy to judge. Yes he had anger issues along with a history of family mental illness. You mask that with self medication and hook up with someone who has the same sort of issues, you get a dead end. Unless you have walked in someone’s shoes and know the history of this family, you have know right to judge.
    There’s only one Judge and he has to face him!!!


  • Sohummerrrt- What’s echo got to do with this?

  • There is a closet in my house actually more than one .and im sure you all have one to filled with small town skeletons .Now youre all grown up with children that go to school together.Im thinking you should reread that sentence I will wait a minute,ok you done? Here is my point this is our home and we all make mistakes growing up some sadly cannot be forgiven.But do you really have to pass it along to the next generation he has a boy that most likely goes to school with one of your kids dont breed such rude hatred. because you know damn well there is someone in your family that this could happen to .lets all remember what grandma taught us IF YOU CANT SAY SOMETHING NICE (LETS SEE IF
    oops did i say that out loud

    • Actually people like you are the problem. Skeletons in the closet? Sounds like family secrets. What are family secrets? Things that people cover up and hide. People who keep family secrets are codependents. Codependent relationships are unhealthy. Now someone is dead BC of codependence. Quit covering up the family secrets. Get help for the family instead of burying them.

  • In most abusive relationships there is typically one aggressor. Its not always the man. I cant even count how many times ive seen a woman hit a man over and over and over with a room full of people watching and no one even bats an eye. But you bet your ass the second that man defends himself even if its just a push, the woman hitting him is now dying from a push and everyone else that saw the man getting hit and did nothing is now rushing to the abusive womans defense, everyone is now calling the man a woman beater….. i dont know what really happened in this particular situation but ive seen too many of my fellow females pull this horrendous crap, so if i dont see it myself im not choosing sides. It wont be hard to prove if she was being beaten. Hope the courts can sort it out quickly.

    • Deal With It (the truth)

      I believe you!! Do you know who June Lawson was? She is dead now partially because of him. I saw them together hours befor she was murdered, I saw him carve a friends name into his flesh when he was “crushing” on her as an adult. I met an older woman who he beat, kidnapped, drugged, raped and finally released. He was I fucking lunatic! Should have been in prison 20 years ago. I grew up with him and am happy he is not on this earth to harm others any longer. Doesn’t deserve to live or the “benifit of the doubt”

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