[UPDATE 10:27 p.m.] Structure Fire on 3rd and R in Eureka; Hwy 255 Closed

Smoke pours out of the building

Smoke pours out of the building as its roof begins to fail. [Photo by Mark McKenna]

Fire personnel are fighting a fire burning in a large business–a warehouse–near the corner of R and 3rd, according to scanner traffic. R Street which changes to Hwy 255 is closed.

Fire in a warehouse

[Image provided by Matthew Waxler]

UPDATE 9:16 p.m.: The roof is collapsing and so is at least one of the walls.

[Photo by Mark McKenna]

[Photo by Mark McKenna]

UPDATE 9:20 p.m.: According to the scanner, the main fire is being knocked down. Firefighters are now checking to see if the fire has extended into other areas.

Firefighters on roof of burning building

Firefighters on the roof of burning building. [Photo by Mark McKenna]

UPDATE 9:32 p.m.: Arcata Fire tweeted,

Arcata Fire District units are assisting Humboldt Bay Fire fight a large commerical structure fire in Eureka as part of a automatic and mutual-aid agreement.

UPDATE 9:38 p.m.: We believe that the building is the H Dinsmore and Son buildings just before the Samoa Bridge on R Street.

UPDATE 10:27 p.m.: A few more photos by Mark McKenna.

Firefighters hose down a building on fire

Firefighters hose down a building on fire. [Photo by Mark McKenna.

Firefighters consult on the how to fight the fire.

Firefighters consult on the how to fight the fire. [Photo by Mark McKenna.



  • Don’t even have to wait for the Times Standard report on this three days from now, we all know it is homeless caused.

    • Yeah cuz no fires ever start from say a dryer. Oh wait one a few days ago was.
      The article states its a large business warehouse on fire, not necessarily an abandoned one. Not “everyone” knows it was a houseless person, dont lump us in with your reactive judgement.
      So keep it to yourself.
      Fires start for all sorts of reasons. Pointing fingers helps nothing.

      • If I’m not mistaken, that business has been gone for many years. The building may not technical be ‘abandon’ but I can pretty much guarantee it’s pretty dormant. I’d be willing to bet it was transient caused as well, just like every other vacant building fire we have here around town.

  • Hopefully, the Häagen-Dazs® Ice Cream hasn’t melted.

    • I’m glad there is playful humor out there. Needed that giggle after reading seriousness news first thing in the morning. Reason I don’t read it. Dig it hagendaz, hope the ice cream didn’t melt either 🙂

  • it may be the warehouses behind that building, but its not the building with the H Dinsmore & Sons Sign on it.

  • wow..lots of fires lately…perhaps you have an arsonist on the loose?

  • I have always seen homeless dirtbags hanging around behind Dinsmore. Fire is likely caused by said dirtbags.

    • And I always see negative, judgmental pricks leave messages on here but, that don’t mean I lump all commentators into one group. Shame on you! You have no right to judge in the first place and you, yourself are only one paycheck away from homelessness as is any one of us. I have been homeless and I was not a dirtbag. I held down two full time jobs and couldn’t afford the high rent that greedy slumlords want to charge.

      • Then you turn around and lump all landlords together as “greedy slumlords”. Shame on you! You have no right to judge in the first place, to quote a whiner.

      • First of all my sympathy goes out to whoever building this belonged to, and anyone that has lost something you can’t replace from a fire… I agree, well said Emma an Humboldtmama. Yes there is bad running amok but not always to blame

  • Varsity ice cream (the 14oz pints trucks) is on the other side of the block, with large warehouses. Looks like it’s the building directly behind (and abutting) their warehouse, on the alley parallel to 2nd and 3rd, not the h dinsmore and son building directly on r st with the big sign. That would be the one on the very right of the streetview image, with the double garage doors and something leaning against it. I don’t know what that building is currently used for. A quick google suggests it’s also owned by the dinsmores.

  • Looking at the current stats, I’d say it was a good BET that it was related to street-people, but it IS a little snotty to just assume so…

  • Where did snooty originate? Great minds want to know.

  • Maybe the people are houseless cuz their house burned down!
    (Or evacuated because of a flood, or the retail market they worked in shut down…)

  • Or using their crack / meth setup, like the “woman” next to Piersons yesterday. Not all homeless are dirtbags, and not all dirtbags are homeless. BUT: based on my not-so-limited interaction with the public, I still think homeless are dirtbags, because most, but not all, are more concerned with getting their next fix by stealing what they can from honest, hard working taxpayers. And that is something working folks are really, really getting tired of.

  • How come when theres a fire, everyone wants to be the first to blame the homeless? Than call the homeless a bunch of dirt bags? Ya I understand that some homeless might be dirt bags, but that dont mean all the homeless are. Stop judging them unless you know them. Like one person said we all could be homeless at any time. Do to losing our job, or some type of natural disasters. Rember the 92 earthquakes. Or when that mud slide took out those homes in staford. Maybe you might be gone and there is a electrical short in your home. And the next thing you know your house is burned to the ground. Am just sayin stop sterotyin homelss people

  • Lots of fires lately. The firemen need practice fires,the former budget motel in between 4th and 5th has to go. Only way to kill all the germs,and diese that is there. This is a old building that burnt maybe it’s the wiring. A guess

  • was this building in the way for the coastal/bay pathway? Always seems to happen when some structure stops progress that the building is burned to the ground by “transientos”

  • Too bad that flea-infested cockroach Rat’s Nest Motel between 4th and 5th by the probation office they should have burnt that down.fire is the only way to sterilize that shit hole .

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