Stabbing in Alderpoint Area This Evening

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A man was stabbed near Alderpoint this evening. A little before 8 p.m., emergency dispatch received a call that a man had been stabbed multiple times in the chest. The caller reported that the stabbing happened in the Steelhead Lane area.

Lt. Kenny Swithenbank stated that he was on his way to the scene of the crime but could not release any details at this time.

UPDATE Monday: Fatal Stabbing in Alderpoint Last Night



  • Hope the victim is going to be OK.

  • Hes gone. May his family and loved one be kept in everyones prayers. RIP our friend.

  • Any more details about location of crime and of suspects?

  • As far as I have heard from my family there the stab victim didn’t make it

  • Dreadful! My condolences to his loved ones. I hope they catch the criminal who did this & throw away the key.

  • Need to know more. Steelhead Rd. should be the location as I don’t know of a Steelhead Ln. I live out there. It would help if we had a better location.

  • As a victim of domestic violence I see this is a death in self defense. It’s terribly sad for his family. Education for men on domestic violence is important as much as it is for women.

  • shawn the fisherman

    Not to be negative…. But its nice to see the man get the short end of a domestic situation for a change. More women should stand up for them selves and dont worry if Im on the jury.. Too much? Sorry my sense of political correctness is asqew from everybody else down here in the lower 48.

  • Covelo or busted

    Kim,I see that Most of the Early comments have been removed. Justin a curious mood , why?And by whom? Thnx

  • Right on brother ! Fuck those wife beaters!

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