[Audio] After puppy dropped off bridge, a vets advice on adopting abused dogs; Humboldt’s Last Week of news

In the latest episode of Humboldt Last Week: While some are still discussing this emotional rollercoaster of events where a puppy was dropped off the Samoa Bridge and then adopted by one of the fishing crew members that rescued her, a local veterinarian shared some advice on adopting traumatized dogs.

“…The good thing to know is that dogs primarily live in the moment, unlike us humans who constantly relive our past and worry about the future,” said Dr. Susan Burden of the Sunny Brae Animal Clinic. “So it’s best to not forever label any dog as a victim. Yes, absolutely dogs can develop negative associations from traumatic experiences which lead to fearful or anxious behaviors. You need to be aware of this and immediately address any behavioral issues that should happen. Seek the help of your veterinarian or animal behaviorist if needed. But if you forever feel bad for that dog, that dog will feel it too. Dogs pick up on nonverbal communication really well. So just provide the obvious — food, water, and shelter — with lots of positive reinforcement like belly rubs, playtime, chew toys, and treats to reward good behavior.”

There are too many pups locally that need loving homes. You can adopt dogs in Humboldt County via the Humboldt County Animal Shelter, Sequoia Humane Society, Miranda’s Rescue, Humboldt Craigslist, the Greater Rural Rescue Society, the Companion Animal Foundation, and more.

The story begins at 7:31.

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  • I’m sure he will make someone a very loyal friend.

  • Man and woman’s best friend,truly!!I’ve had animals my whole life and don’t know what I’d do without them. I tell all my secrets to,cry to love and hug,always glad to see me come thru that door. Protects me,picks me up when I’m down. What would I do without my best friends.🐕🐶🐱

    • You are one wonderful, caring person! Love you G-mas

    • I have a recent adopty that was not treated kindly before we met, six weeks later he now is starting to trust people again. He hit the doggie lotto and with time I am sure his previous situation will be washed away. I still can’t believe someone would be mean to him and abandon him. He has become best friends with my other doggie friends and has become friends with the cats as well.

    • Johnathan Conley

      I have 3 dogs and I love him so much cook forums there my life for my kids well know what I’ll do without mine either

  • G-mas are Dead-Bang, On-Center correct! Recalling times with out a loving pet were just empty.

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