[UPDATE 10:39 p.m.] Slide at Bridges Creek North of Leggett on Hwy 101 Acting Up; Caltrans Will Be Watching It Closely

Rock slide

Rock slide on Bridges Creek a few weeks ago. [Photo from Caltrans]

Drivers winding their way south on Hwy 101 north of Standish Hickey are being stopped at Bridges Creek. They are only being let through a few at a time. “Due to last night’s rain, the hillside started to become more active about 5 o’clock this morning,” explained Phil Frisbee, a spokesperson for Caltrans. “They’ve had to stop traffic a number of times due to rocks coming down…We’re going to be really watching this.”

Caltrans has put up two rock fences near the slide that closed Hwy 101 overnight a few weeks ago. “Even with that, rocks have jumped over both rock barriers,” Frisbee said. “Just before one, a large tree came down. [Then again] about 4:15 another tree came down. “It moved the K-rail,” Frisbee said. “[Workers] briefly had a closure to make sure that tree wasn’t going to cause issues.”

Caltrans currently has one worker on each end of the slide. “They are letting vehicles going through two or three at a time so they can stop them quickly if they see a problem.”

Be aware of this problem area and check Quickmap before you travel.

UPDATE 10:39 p.m.: A reader tells us that there was at least an hour delay coming north through the area about 9:30 p.m. According to the reader, one car at a time is let through and “encouraged to go fast.”



  • Made big improvements there in two weeks I see, pathetic, why even have a road crew

    • You know what?!? Hats off the the boys in orange!! 3 days after the initial slide I went through there. One of the boys in orange put his life in front of mine when the hill side decided to start falling. He ran in front of my car and backed us up. So say whatever ignorant bullshit you want but you can’t stop a hillside from doing whatever it wants. They aren’t there to fix anything at this point. They are there to keep people safe while keeping the road open.

    • It’s not the road crews fault that no improvements can be made. Look at the timeline for Last Chance Grade http://www.dnltc.org/projects it’s ridiculous. Nothing even started until 2031. It’s like this all along the 101.

  • Stephanie van steen

    Went by today at 245 and as I pass rocks are sliding and the guy looking up the mountain presses an air horn! I’m like oh gosh! They stopped the cars behind us

  • These guys work way overtime in this area. Take it easy on those who stand there watching IN HARM’S WAY, while YOU drive through!

  • Stephanie van steen

    I agree! It’s crazy to see them standing up looking at the mountain! Scary job for sure

  • So grateful for the road crews who put their lives on the line day in and day out to keep the roads open as saturated ground gives way and rocks, trees, mud come crashing down. Please pray for their protection as they protect us. Thank them as you drive past if you can.

  • Thank you all Cal-Trans workers, for your massive job this winter! Thank you PG&E for fixing my power in the middle of the night, in POURING rain with wind! Thank you all locals making sure all locals are okay during NUMEROUS flooding problems! Would like Spring to arrive, so all workers could be a little more comfortable in their jobs! Been a long winter! We live in the boonies, because we love it, thank you workers that fix our roads and power!

  • Any updates? Family traveling south this morning. Delays?

  • Made it through twice yesterday, only had to wait 1 or 2 minute each time. 101 has taken a serious beating this winter; lots of lane closures, road cracking and minor buckling in other places, threatening to slip out in a few. I highly recommend checking the Caltrans road conditions website for anyone planning to get through.

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