Man Charged With Racially Motivated Murder, Says Del Norte County District Attorney’s Office

David Soldano

David Soldano

This is a press release from the Del Norte District Attorney’s Office. The information has not been proven in a court of law and any individuals described should be presumed innocent until proven guilty:

The Del Norte District Attorney has charged David Joseph Soldano (56) of Klamath, California with Murder with a Special Circumstance Allegation that the victim, Timothy Thompson, a Native American, was intentionally killed because of his race. An additional Special Allegation has been charged alleging that Soldano personally used a deadly weapon, a knife, in the commission of the murder.

Soldano was also charged with the Attempted Murder of Todd Burhus arising from the same incident. Soldano was again charged with the Special Allegation that he personally used a deadly weapon, a knife, in the commission of the attempted murder. Finally, Soldano was charged with the Special Allegation that he committed a Hate Crime against Burhus, a Native American.

The charges stem from an incident that occurred outside of Crivelli’s in Klamath during the early morning hours of March 20, 2017. A joint investigation by the Del Norte Sheriff’s Office and the Del Norte District Attorney’s Office was conducted thereafter and remains ongoing. Anyone with information regarding this incident is asked to contact the Del Norte District Attorney’s Office at 450 H St. in Crescent City or by calling (707) 464-7210 or the Del Norte Sheriff’s Office at 650 5th St. in Crescent City or by calling (707) 464-7210.

Soldano was arraigned this afternoon. At the request of District Attorney Trigg, bail was denied. Soldano will return to court on March 24, 2017.



  • He looks part native to me, most of us are part if your from here

  • Gregor, although your posting is spontaneous humor, and I found it cute (being in my 70’s); I find myself apauld(sp) at how easily we fail to realize, we are all the same. We have a right to be alive on this earth and to live free. To exist, to live without being subjected to hatefilled interferrence, by those who have no compassion/empathy. Hate should not exist in this world; now or ever. Only IMO

    • Amen. No sarcasm intended.

    • We absolutely are not the same. Just like salmon indigenous to the Eel have a different genetic structure than ones from anywhere else. Put them out of their element and they may not do as well as they could, or they may even do better. Probably a lot of other species out there that are that way. We must be very careful when picking our types of diversity. Not just any old brand should do.

  • Brutal.

  • Wow only 5 comments about a racial crime I thought the native American people would be raiseing all kinds a heLL up there in del snort county.

    • What good would it do? Native People have suffered a long time and go through mistreatment still to this day. No one cares about us but us. But we still try to help others even when they hate us. You sound like one of those who hate, sad. I have seen him around in Humboldt stark raving, too bad he wasn’t locked up before.

  • The Apache Warrior

    I think that this perp has been around Eureka a lot and raised hell there. I think I’ve even had to deal with him while working as a Security Officer. If one and the same, he was extremely crazy then and as with the accounts of what took place, He’s ten times more crazier. Lock him up in a dark cell and let him rant and rave all he wants. He should never be allowed to walk on ANY STREET in Humboldt or Del Norte County again.

  • I am glad that Del Norte County added additional charges for a racially motivated murder. Why go drinking on the reservation if you don’t like Indians. What is wrong with people?

  • Ya I don’t think he’ll be going any were for alooooong time, scumbag

  • Fraid not my wife is Indian so shut the fffff up .

    • She from India? So she is Hindu?
      If my wife was what you claim id just refer to her as a native [edit].

  • Greatnortherness

    With tears in my eyes I pray for everyone to just wake up.

  • Ok [edit] my wife is mohawk Indian [edit]

  • This might not have been a racially motivated killing. Im guessing he was in a fight, defended himself and in the heat of the moment, started calling them names. It would be like punching a guy and calling him a f@g, only later to be accused of a hate crime. Just a thought.

  • So…..aren`t most murders committed with a deadly weapon? If it`s not intended as a weapon — say a pillow — after someone is killed, doesn`t that then class it as deadly? Confused…… And how people like this gent sharpen their knife? Sharpening something is a skill that really isn`t that common.

  • He is not racest at all he loved indians and respected the colture he’s a good man and always went out of his way for everyone. Like I said it was not over racest at all. So judge him not cause u know him not I know him. Trumps biggest

  • I grew up with David as a teen. I don’t know the facts of what went down at that bar at 2:30am sounds like dudes had too much to drink and 2 against one fight broke out and David doesn’t stand down and had to defend himself. We all grew up in SF. Diverse people. David is a good man. Never ever disrespected any culture that I’m aware of. I’m sure it will all come out in court.

  • This is my family and I am Mexican so I am pretty sure race isn’t the issue. U judge but what was really happening. The truth will come out

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