Eureka Folks Arrested Near Laytonville

Alexandria Lozano and Pia Cheng

Alexandria Lozano and Pia Cheng

This is a press release from the Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office. The information has not been proven in a court of law and any individuals described should be presumed innocent until proven guilty:

On 03-16-2017 at approximately 11:00 P.M., a Deputy from the Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office was on uniformed patrol in a marked patrol vehicle near Laytonville, California.

The Deputy observed a vehicle commit a traffic violation and attempted to initiate a traffic enforcement stop on Highway 101 near Branscomb Road in Laytonville.

The vehicle continued driving northbound at approximately 35-40 miles per hour. The Deputy had the emergency lights and siren activated on the patrol vehicle. The vehicle continued traveling northbound on Highway 101 north of Laytonville for approximately 1 mile at slow speeds before stopping.

Deputies ordered the driver and passenger out of the vehicle. The driver was identified as Pia Cheng and the passenger was identified as Alexandria Lozano both being from Eureka, California.

The Deputies were notified by MCSO dispatch that Cheng had an active felony warrant (11378 H&S) for his arrest from Humboldt County. The warrant was confirmed and Cheng was placed under arrest for the warrant.

During this investigation, it was determined that Cheng failed to yield to the emergency lights and siren of the marked patrol vehicle and was driving on a suspended driver’s license.

Deputies located a tool commonly used to commit burglaries in Cheng’s pocket during his arrest. Cheng was also placed under arrest for 2800.1(a) VC [Evading a Peace Officer], 466 PC [Possession of a Burglary Tool], and 14601.1(a) VC [Driving on a Suspended License].

Deputies contacted Lozano and she was exhibiting symptoms of recently using a controlled substance. After multiple tests, the Deputies determined that Lozano was under the influence of a controlled substance and placed her under arrest for 11550(a) HS [Under the Influence of a Controlled Substance].

Cheng was subsequently booked into the Mendocino County Jail where he was to be held on a no-bail status due to his felony warrant from Humboldt County.

Lozano was subsequently booked into the Mendocino County Jail where she was held in lieu of $5,000.00 bail.



  • Last night I slept with my bedroom window open and listened to the little green tree frogs singing to their mates. I woke up to a hawk screeching his hawk song. The swallows are back. On my way to work I watched a tower of buzzards circling on the slope of Benbow Hill. I was reminded of the old Louie Armstrong tune “What A Wonderful world”…. Then somebody craps in the middle of everything.

    Where did we go so wrong that the north coast has turned into what it has.

    • Humboldt Granny

      Forty years ago, we moved here from the madhouse of the city. One of my cousins, who had a delivery route that ran from San Francisco to Eureka, told me how envious he was that we were moving into “God’s country”. We spent many hours hiking in the parks and just enjoying the peace. We raised our daughter here and she isn’t too willing to move back to the SF area.

      To quote Ernie Branscomb, “Then somebody craps in the middle of everything.” Sad. Very sad.

      • Like many rural towns across the country, the loss of industry in a community turns into more and more drug usage, especially meth.

        Like our area, smaller companies were overtaken by multi-national corporations. In places like Iowa it was big ag companies putting small farmers out of business and then paying them extremely low wages, if at all.
        In Washington it was the steel industry, which like pacific lumber, were taken over by MAXXAM and the resources that should have been providing jobs for generations to come were used up within a year. The company then closed or sold most of the small companies they had taken over. Its like a board game to them.
        The same can be said for our fishing/crab industry, as we saw earlier this year. Having the entire west coast stand with our local guys until a price was agreed upon sent a much needed strong message that workers will stand with one another.

        Check out this book…..

        Plus, crappy stuff happens often to remind us to better appreciate the non crappy moments. Its also about how much focus gets put on the crappy stuff; the more its talked/thought about, the more energy it gains. As its been said, we are addicted to talking about our problems in this society.

        • Well, we can”t just keep sweeping the dirt under the carpet, Wake up, we need to find ways to combat meth…

    • Ernie- Bless your heart & soul. I wonder the same thing. When we first moved here I felt safe & loved the beauty of the area. Not now…

    • When you really know that it’s gone “so wrong’ is when these two get out and reintegrated back into “the middle of everything”.

    • Where we went wrong was the point in time where the North Coast reached a population level that could not easily be supported by local infrastructure.

    • Ernie, weed ruined the paradise. Weed and lots cash money is the catalyst for the demise you witnessed over past 45 or so years in SoHum…lot of folks in full time denial too

      • I suppose it has resulted in more valuable items being spread over a wider area that is harder to patrol.
        Meth is everywhere. Some proof that there is direct causation would be nice otherwise it sounds like the real reason is that there is just more to steal.
        Plus the decline of what used to be good paying blue collar work has left many without special skills wanting for work that pays the bills.

      • Weed is a lot of it. And those huge Baller Bucks that made people go crazy- land fever, mansion fever, gotta feed the joneses and keep blowing it up fever….But we also saw logging and fishing industries collapse so we have reasons beyond weed. People, too many, imposing city values (conspicuous consumption and bling) on a rural setting. I’ve only been here 40 years. I grew some weed along with cutting firewood, working at the Branscomb Mill, did auto mechanics, etc. whatever I could to stay here in paradise and live not high-end. I got busted once and did a year in Low Gap ( Mendo County jail). I grew again- more, enough to buy my own land and build a small house. I’m not saying it’s all growers or people who run just outside of the law – some of them are decent folk, I tried to be. But we got overwhelmed, many of them green to country values, many just here for the bucks and bling and we let them run us all over. Heck- we even invited and encouraged them. That’s my take….NOW- the cannabis economy is coming undone. We need to face that and do something because we are about to see a major increase in meth and heroin use. As an industry crumbles people turn to alcohol and drugs to ease the stress. It’s coming and we should prepare. What are we going to do? The greedrushers will leave back to wherever… but those of us who are here for the long haul need to step up.

    • It’s not just here. Rural towns all over both coasts are suffering from a massive rise in hard drugs and everything that goes along with it. Youth have no hope anymore. There aren’t as many opportunities. Wealth inequality feeds both vice and desperation.

  • Looks as if she has a case of the “Weasel Measles” from using Meth.

    Plus he seems to be a criminal mastermind from driving at a slow speed for over a mile with the Law Enforcement Vehicle behind him with it’s emergency lights and siren in use.

    I don’t think they will finish their trip home to Eureka anytime soon.

  • The misadventures of bunjee

    This guy has been busted for evasion (and dealing) before in Eureka.

    • Plus another run in locally with ‘The Man’ in October of last year, along with his not so lovely accomplice…

      and the last comment posted there is from her Mom who wants to defend her little darling…. Looks as if Karma has struck her daughter once again!

      October 29, 2016 1:36 am

      Let me fill you in a bit of information about that little girl.first off she is my daughter and I am proud [edit]. we don’t choose who we love unfortunately that’s who she loves but you have no right talking s*** about my daughter..she has more heart Amore Drive then obviously people on this site and I love her very much I wish people weren’t so quick to judge because I can almost guarantee it all the rude comments that are made on this Lost Coast Outpost or stupid or made from people that have no lives that all they can do is talk s*** about others but we all know the truth people has your wolf in their crap are just insecure pieces of s*** have nothing better to do with their worthless lives and you know what Karma will get you

  • Man Ernie I sure do feel you I can’t believe what’s happened to her County I have become a recluse because I can’t hardly stand it go out and see the shit that’s going on in the people around here all I have now is the memories of how it used to be ,and it will never be that way again. It breaks my hart to go to garb or redway .it sucks I only go there if I absolutely have to

  • Not to mention ercp picking up all the homeless crap and abandoned incampments we are trying to keep gville n redway clean maby we could get some help sometime ercp power in numbers and music rockin it again

  • Thanks for telling me garb an redway is getting.better .

  • It’s always good to break traffic laws while on an active warrant. Whadaya mean “nope”?

  • I wonder if pia cheng has his papers. If no papers do his jail time, and deportation,without hesitation.

  • Think its time to fire up the crematorium

  • Stop voting in dirt bag bleeding heart liberal democrats who side more with the criminals then the hardworking descent folk and shit might change back to the way it used to be. Duh!!

    • The misadventures of bunjee

      Dude, if you want to hijack the thread and make it political, shall I compile a list of conservative god-a-fear in’ folks that have contributed whatever mess you’re tying to deflect blame towards? There’s a few. About the only difference is the clothes they wear and choice of music.

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