Mendocino Cannabis Resource Conference Returns for Second Year

Mendocino Cannabis Resource Conference PosterPress release:

Over the weekend of April 8th and 9th, the second annual Mendocino Cannabis Resource Conference (MCRC) for current and aspiring cannabis business owners will take place in Willits, CA.

In this time of dynamic change for the cannabis industry, the MCRC provides essential information necessary to understand and navigate the complex compliance process and successfully develop a cannabusiness.

Karen Byars, Founder and organizer of the MCRC, brings over 25 years of experience in grassroots organizing in cannabis and has a passion for educating both experienced veterans and newcomers to the industry.

Karen has lined up an extraordinary range of experienced professionals covering topics ranging from permitting, compliance, and funding to marketing and business infrastructure. Notable speakers include Dr. Amanda Reiman, Casey O’Neill and Pebbles Trippet, as well as Attorneys Ed Denson, Lauren Vasquez, Lauren Mendelsohn and authors, Chris Conrad and Ellen Komp.

The Mendocino Cannabis Resource Conference is targeted at compassionate professionals interested in building sustainable businesses while also growing a resilient and values-based community.

In the spirit of community building, a limited number of full scholarship tickets will be made available to:

– Native American Tribes located in Mendocino County

– Those who have served prison time for non-violent marijuana convictions.

A limited number of partial scholarship tickets will be made available to:

– Members of the California Growers Association (CGA), Small Farmers Association (SFA),  Women Grow!, and individuals who are actively participating in CA Cannabis policy reform.

Day 1 attendees will learn about local and State compliance. Day 2 will focus on business development strategies to ensure solid business foundations.

Event Schedule

Day 1 – Cannabis Compliance

Sunday April 8th 10am – 6pm

Welcome – Karen Byars Mendocino Cannabis Resource, LLC

Emcee – Kerry Reynolds, Cannabis Consciousness News

Keynote Speaker

History of Mendocino Cannabis Activism – Pebbles Trippet

Environmental Regulations

– North Coast Regional Water Quality Control Board

– State Water Board – Water Rights

– Village Eco Systems – Chantal Simonpietri

Mendocino County Regulations

– Mendocino CGA – Casey O’Neill

– Hannah Nelson Esq.

– Mendocino Agriculture Dept. – Diane Curry, Interim Agricultural Commissioner

        Mendocino County Supervisor

Medical Cannabis Regulation and Safety Act (MCRSA)

E.D. Lerman Esq.

Proposition 64 – The Adult Use Marijuana Act

– Prop 64 – Overview & Reconciliation with MCRSA – Lauren Vazquez, Esq.

– Mendocino 9.30 – Mendocino County Supervisor

– CA Ag. Hemp Regulations  – Chris Conrad, Author, “Hemp – Lifeline to the Future”

How to Measure your Cannabis Garden for the Square Footage – Chris Conrad, Court Cannabis Expert Witness & Author

Organizations Working on Cannabis Legislation & Regulations

California Growers Association – Casey O’Neill

International Cannabis Farmers Association – Dr.Amanda ReimanCalifornia NORML – Ellen Komp

Saturday April 8th 6 – 9pm

Evening Networking Reception

Day 2 – Growing your Cannabusiness

Sunday April 9th 10am – 6pm

Welcome – Karen Byars Mendocino Cannabis Resource, LLC

Emcee – Kerry Reynolds, Cannabis Consciousness News

Keynote Speaker

Know Your Rights – Ed Denson, Esq.

Fundamentals of Building Your Cannabusiness

– Cannabusiness Plan – Green Rush Consulting

– Standard Operation Procedures – Cara Cordoni, Asherah Consulting

– Bookkeeping & Taxes – Liana Held, Liana Limited

– Cannabis Banking – Lauren Mendelsohn


Developing Your Cannabusiness for Marketing

– Branding – Brandon Knight, Mendocino Group

– Trademarking – Luke Zimmerman, Esq.

– Social Networking – Kyra Reed, Markyr Digital

Cannabusiness Structures

– Flow Kana – Brooke Carpenter

– Farmers Cooperatives – Casey O’Neill, Happy Day Farms

– NCGA Genetics – Ron Edwards

– Sunnabis – Wendy Kornberg

What the Market Wants from the Licensed Cultivation Community

Terpenes – Crystal Rae, Cannaspirit Terpene Topicals

– Analytic Testing – Melissa Moore, Emerald Triangle Analytics

– Pesticides – Emily Richardson, CW Analytics

Funding for your Cannabusiness

Incubators – Carter Laren, Gateway Incubator


Enhancements for your Cannabusiness

– Certified Kind – Andrew Black

– Cultural Terroir; Narratives of Mendocino – Genine Coleman

Event Information

Photos and interviews available by request

For more information and to request a scholarship contact Mendocino Cannabis Resource at 707-223-4367 or

Contact: Karen Byars, Mendocino Cannabis Resource, LLC

Phone: 707-223-4367



Tickets available at:

And in person at Compassionate Heart, 190 Kuki Rd, Ukiah

and Headroom,  215 Main st, Willits



  • Seems like I remember Mr. Denson telling everyone not to sign up, way back when. Now he has changed his mind and is out promoting his $500 hr. consulting practice. Shame on him and all the others who have now jumped into this arena as profiteers.

    • Thank you and yes- everybody has sold out. Now we are being told from all sides that it’s “cool to be compliant”! Sign away your water rights, your privacy rights and everything else that we moved here for 20-40 years ago! Make way for the wonderful corporate machine!! Isn’t it great? Next step- federal “legalization” so we can all be even “safer”! And then federal cannabis taxes can be used to buy more bpmbs to blow up more third world peasants – because isn’t that why we all worked so hard building an underground economy for in the first place? So we can be “safe” and compliant and contribute to our corporate nation? Thanks everybody!! Yay!! Same team- We won!!!

      • Honeydew Bridge Chump

        How many pounds of dope will it take to build a nuclear weapon?

      • Unfortunately, you nailed it.

        Worse yet? It’s no different than what happened in Nevada, where the cowboys own the water rights that include grazing rights.
        Like Reagan said, the worst words anybody will ever hear is “I’m from the government & I’m here to help”.
        If you peacefully protest, epic will label you a terrorist.

        Orange garbage bags are the only bags that may grace the earth with their presence. Be forewarned.

    • First, if you are upset about the status of marijuana now, BLAME BOB MARLEY! (Remember – “Legalaiiiiiizzze it!” So the law finally met Bob’s pleas).
      Next, Ed Denson was supportive of Prop 64 (even though it would hurt his ‘Marijuana Defense Lawyer’ business). When I asked why (I was skeptical and voted ‘No’ on 64) he said that one of the things he really liked was that so many people convicted of marijuana offenses would get out of jail and have their records clean.
      As someone who might benefit from knowing the latest laws and enforcement strategies I have long kept an eye on Denson. And I think you may be mistaken, GD. Ed has long been advocating that people ‘come in’ to the new regs, while he advocates for issues like the PRIVACY of permit holders.
      I got to speak to him at a meeting recently. I was impressed with his ability to look at laws and regs with ideas/solutions I did not think of. Creative. I, for one am going to try to get to that meeting to hear his latest strategies.
      Don’t go, or don’t listen to him if you don’t want to. But if you/ others are interested, I say SEE HIM SOON, cause he ain’t no spring chicken! (And if we are lucky sometime, he might regale us with stories from WOODSTOCK, when he was the MANAGER OF COUNTRY JOE AND THE FISH!!!).

    • Ed Denson doesn’t need me to defend him but I think “Weathered” is off base.

      No one was forced to enter the permitting process. Some who chose to enter need expert guidance. Those experts get paid.

      The thoughts about permitting I heard Ed share on his Thursday KMUD show seemed well thought out to me. I don’t know him well but he seems intelligent, well informed, and quite competent professionally. I also believe he cares for the future of Sohum. If he felt it worth the attention, I’ll bet he would comment here under his real name (as he often does), not hide behind a handle.

      Finally, as a side note, Ed’s Saturday show is among the best on KMUD.

      • great. go give this so called expert $250to here him bla bla bla. know one knows whats up yet. how can he know.

    • Seems your memory is off.

  • Sleepy Alligator

    This might be a dumb question, but what is a “full scholarship ticket”?

  • No mention anywhere of the price, but there are “scholarships”? 😂

  • Pebbles Trippet & Keith Richards….Separated at birth!

  • As far as I remember, marijuana cultivation is for personal use only. Why are these people giving classes on commercial grows when they are illegal??? How to sell, etc. You aren’t supposed to sell it! Are there classes on how to do other felonies being promoted?

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