McKinleyville Man Receives Major Injuries During Accident on Hwy 20

chp major injury featurePress release from the California Highway Patrol:

On 03-19-17, at approximately 1352 hrs., a tan Honda was being driven by Robert Davidson on CR144 towards State Route 20. At the same time, a white Ford Ranger was being driven [by a McKinleyville man, Kim Boehm, age 62] on State Route 20 eastbound, approaching CR144.

For an unknown reason, Davidson entered State Route 20 in the Honda, directly in the path of the Ford. Neither party was able to a collision before the front end of the Ford collided with the left front end of the Honda.

The Ford was deflected in an easterly direction by the force of impact and flipped over an unknown number times before coming to rest on its right side, blocking the westbound traffic lane of sr-20. CHP, Calfire and Calstar responded to the scene. The CHP is currently investigating the cause of the collision.



  • I was on 20 when this happened. Didn’t see the wreck but the rescue vehicles heading back. The drive was rough. I could barely see the lines on the road. This didn’t stop the a-holes from creeping up my behind though.
    Thoughts are with the injured. Hoping for a quick recovery.

    • Tailgaters are either:
      1) not skilled enough to calculate the safe distance for following
      2) uptight aholes who don’t give a shit about anyone but themselves
      3) 1 & 2

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