[UPDATE: Back in the Barn] Two Horses on Rainy Road Adventure: Can You Help Them Get Home?

Two horses are loose on Bell Springs Road. “Right by Adanac ranch gate,” the photographer tells us. The image was taken about 11:35 a.m.

UPDATE Tuesday: The horses are back in their barn.



  • These horses have nothing to do with Adanac! They belong to folks who live down Red Mnt road across from Adanac. They turn them loose every winter and catch them in the spring they are not lost. Thank you for post but not Adanac stock.

    • Bell springs local

      Fact check jenny before finger pointing & blaming others. I actually live on the bell & know for a fact those horses are coming off the property that borders the adanac further down the rd. Than red mnt.

  • Is that on the Mendocino side?

  • They look pretty happy to me.

  • Covelo or busted

    If horses run free, then why cant we… They are lonely, and looking for friends. Herd animals, remember?

  • They’re totally safe and not at all lost, my friends take care of them. Just don’t advertise too much; we believe in true freedom up here, for horses and all.

  • Nice to live in an area where you can still do that! Drive safe folks.

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