[UPDATE] Two Dead After a Morning of Violence in Del Norte

Del Norte County Sheriff's Office badgeDel Norte County which averages about one homicide a year had two today, according to Commander Bill Steven of the Del Norte County Sheriff’s Department.

The first resulted from a stabbing incident about 2:30 a.m. at Crivelli’s Restaurant out Hwy 169 about two miles south of Klamath. Two men were stabbed. One died as a result of that stabbing. A suspect is in custody.

The second homicide occurred about 6 a.m. in the the town of Klamath. “We had a shooting in the townsite,” stated Steven. According to the scanner, a woman was shot in the chest. Steven told us this morning that the woman is deceased.

“A vehicle was seen leaving the scene,” he explained. The description of it led an officer with the California Highway Patrol to a vehicle on Hwy 101. Law enforcement stopped the vehicle near Crannell north of the Arcata Airport.

Steven said the vehicle was “occupied by four adults and a child.” A weapon was located also, he said. Child Protective Services took the juvenile and the four adults were taken to the Humboldt County Jail.

“Later on,” Steven said, “we will release the name of the suspects in both homicides.”

When asked whether the two incidents are connected in some way, he said, “We’re looking into the possibility that they are related.”

UPDATE: Del Norte County Sheriff Releases Names of Suspects in Shooting Death This Morning



  • Daaaaamn delnorte slow your roll! Over achievers

  • Let’s call del Norte ,del snort lol.

    • That’s about right!!!!:: meth and heroin and prescription meds!!!!!

    • WTF is wrong with you??? two people died. You have no compassion, this is the greatest thing your mind child come up with. Sickening!!!!

      • Are we supposed to feel bad for night crawlers? Why weren’t these people home at 3am or 6am. I guess getting a good night sleep before work the next day wasn’t on their agendas…

        • I hope you got your answer by now I just saw this post of yours. The lady that was murdered was at home and she was getting her son ready for school. [edit]

    • The shooters are from your town “Eu-tweeka”

  • Sleepy Alligator

    Maybe they were all feeling a little moody because the package from Bakersfield never arrived.


      • There were no drugs involved in either one of these incidents why don’t you people do your research and maybe you’ll get your heads out of your rear and quit judging. Honestly I have never seen such small-minded people in my life assuming that drugs were involved in either one of those makes me sick always assume

    • eerie bar haunt

      MOGTX and SLEEPY ALLIGATOR, Wow… the cold emptiness and lack of compassion for the families of the innocent dead speaks a great deal about your characters. [edit]

      • Sleepy Alligator

        What’s innocent about 2 people stabbed at 2:30am on a Monday, 2suspected black guys in Klamath CA, a female shot in the chest at 6:30am on a Monday, 4 suspects arrested after fleeing the scene(s) with a weapon in the vehicle and the worst part of it all a fucking child in the vehicle? Doesn’t sound like it was a freak accidental tragedy that claimed these lives. Sounds like something strange was going on in Klamath last night and it definitely wasn’t a full moon.

        • U don’t know shit in the gun shooting had nothing to do w the stabbing of my father it was a night out w a few drinks n was at the wrong place in wrong time n was just tryna help the 1st victim n got the worst so please don’t b speaking if u don’t know w the hell ur talking about thanx

          • Sleepy Alligator

            In no way were my intentions to offend you or anyone else.

          • I’m so sorry for your loss. Much sympathy to you & your family.

          • Im guessing your father wasn’t worried about needing sleep for work today. Let me guess, your daddy is on disability so he didn’t need to work today, but has no problems getting to and from the bar.

      • It’s terrible that someone’s family member was killed and all you can do is make fun of drugies where did it say anything was the cause of drugs? It really does say something about yourself as a human being especially if you’ve seen things from an officer’s side of things, Joni Forsht dirty cops in that town suck.

      • Thank you very much for saying this. I can’t imagine how the families feel when they read such garbage coming out of such heartless people that have no idea what happened and who these people were.

    • Clifford RomanNose


      • Really laughter is what you think of this, people like you is what is wrong with society

        • Clifford RomanNose

          My “LMMFAO” comment was not directed toward the deaths of those two people. My comment was made in reference to a comment made pertaining to a package not being delivered.

    • Really, that’s what you have to say? You have to much idol time, put it into positive energy..A death is final, and others left behind hurt..one day you will understand….

    • Lol

  • Very sad. Bless everyone involved and condolences to the family’s

  • Wow…….. I am sick!

  • I hope thr families get justice cause am afraid del norte county will screw it up just like the . Murder of dante jones 2 years ago in klamath.but i hope the families can find peach and find justice

  • I think it’s so sad, how people can do these things I pray and hope Martha gets justice like these people do

  • Its a shame the Tribe hasn’t figured out how to have a page for community news…One would think they would….

    While the “war on drugs” caused enough problems of its own, loosing it has sent a good part of the country into a down ward slide. Remember when Humboldt might have One homicide a year…might…

  • #justice4dante #justice4bo #justice4theklamathmurderes

  • Would never know it’s the first day of spring. This long Humboldt gloom is driving everyone crazy.

  • Clifford RomanNose

    Get off the fucking dope Del Norte County!

  • I will miss my friend
    He was a great man

  • Who are any of you to respond to a matter that doesn’t concern you. 2 families have lost loves ones 2 amazing people in our community and you guys have your two sense that is so meaningless get on with your day and keep your bull shit option to your damn self!

    • Enlightene us, all we see is what’s posted on here and it says shooting and stabbing at 2am when most are sleeping, condolences to all involved if there was more info on what happened there would be more compassion I would hope

      • Why don’t you try doing some research ask Google all you have to do… This sickens me how people can say such nasty things when they don’t have any idea what happened and that their families are hurting so bad something you’ll never want to feel shame on you people who thinks that drugs was involved.. the lady that died She had nothing to do with it she was a victim of circumstance and now her little boy is probably in foster care you think that’s funny? He goes to school he can get on these websites and I wouldn’t be surprised if he lashes out when he sees this. You negative people disgust me and it’s not Del Norte County people it’s Del Norte county’s politics!!?
        so tell them to get off drugs

    • It’s aMerica, freedo of speach. The only good druggie is a dead druggie

  • I’m a family member of the deseased. And it’s nice peeps can laugh and say things on the web . would love to hear your comments at the service’s. But regardless your bravery is top flight

    • Dogs and farm animals have more compassion than many people. People are getting sick and tired of the loss of humanity brought about by poverty and the drug culture. We sometimes lose sight of reality. Sorry for your loss.

  • It looks like.klamath needs to pull together. Strangers come to town. Take family away from family. I pray for justices all the way around.
    I pray for strength, I pray for all the family’s
    In very sorry for everyones lose. May God be with you during this hard time.

  • Maybe lf del norte county’s sherriff department didnt let murders that happened right in townsight go un prosecuted, people wouldn’t think it was fine “because its klamath”.

  • Look the stabbing had nothing to do with the gun breath u people are so quick to judge the stabber was Bing robed and defended him self he’s my friend so unless u know what ur talking about shut up.

  • Klamath is one big drunk fest. When they do the celebration of life, everyone will be drunk. It’s always a party. If not, then all of these murder victims would be with their families today.

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