[UPDATE 8:04 p.m.] Large Pickup Partially Over the Edge on Thomas Road

Truck partially over the edge.A large pickup has partially gone over the edge on Thomas Road at the part known as Grunt Hill above the curved bridge.

As of 7:15 p.m. traffic is able to pass by, according to a reader. However, some folks are attempting to pull the vehicle out and the sharp curves there can be dangerous especially as it is getting dark.

Please drive very carefully in the area.

UPDATE 8:04 p.m.: The road is clear.



  • Doesn’t look too large, a Toyota is pulling it out, Thomas road sure has been on here a lot lately

    • Sleepy Alligator

      Yeah, if it was a large pickup it would have a ridiculous lift kit, some stupid looking wheels with giant tires on them, a bunch of really bright lights for tailgating other drivers at night, a diesel transfer tank in the bed with at least one Pitbull or Georgia Bulldog chained to it, it would be taking up at least two but more likely three parking spaces, and there would be an asshole or an asshole’s chick behind the wheel. This truck looks to be the standard full size American made that’s probably driven by a guy who may have celebrated St. Patty’s Day a little too much before he got behind the wheel.

  • Anytime this situation arrives and you can help;

    Vehicle gearing and transmissions aren’t built to haul in reverse. Turn the toyota around in this picture and everything would be perfect.

    Worst thing about getting one truck free is breaking another truck while doing it.

    Always pull while moving forward.

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