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RHBB Celebrates two years on FacebookThis month marks our two year anniversary on Facebook. We have over 15,000 likes. Wahoo!

We appreciate your support!

Thank you for being our reader and for being our friend on Facebook. Friending us on Facebook helps us get you the news on road conditions, wildfires, and more as soon as possible.

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  • Wheeeeeeeeeee!! Two years. I’m so grateful that my son turned me on to your web site. I don’t know if I can do everything that you asked all of us to do but I’ll give it a whirl.

    • Whoa! Don’t do it all at once. We’re all too busy for that. But each of those ideas will help. Like the Facebook page now is probably the easiest and overall most important. Then when you can, comment or react to posts. Those are the easiest to squeeze in.

      The other ideas are helpful if you can fit them in.

      Thank you for wanting to help though. I appreciate it.

  • Thank you Kym,

    I don’t facebook for some good and some stupid reasons…

    But I look to your blog as much as I do CNN or any other website for news that matters to me. I’m in trinity, and the trinity journal is a once-a-week update on news onljne, where you are multiple stories a day.

    I used to run 3 websites so I know it drains and adds to your life. Hard to figure which more sometimes…

    But again, thank you.

    I have often wondered why you don’t have a donate button, or am I missing it? I bet you would get some well earned donations from your supporters. You deserve the support.

    • I keep thinking about doing a donate button but, honestly, I’d much rather write the news. But you are right. I should do that.

      • Dubonnet Hisspano

        Yay yay on button. Kim the button will give you more time for News. Think at it from another angle. The button is like retail toy sales . A toy store only makes money say one maybe two months of the year, but they make enough to carry the store for the whole year. Look at what Pierson’s does with theirs . Two months then back to selling garden. So the button will be hit like crazy during the Fire season or any disaster which you are the best. The go to site in California. Folks all over see how hard you are working then and would like to help you. If in order to help you they have to go shop at an advertiser of yours seems a backward way as you say you rather do the news. I will bet you one hundred dollars that you will receive more money from the button than advertisers . PayPal has a button that they say takes 15 minutes to install..
        Always the best , Go
        PS I am not from Sohum doesn’t mean I dont care about you all.

  • Big props! Best up to date news site here on the north coast and beyond!!
    ^^^what Brian said!

  • Thank you! You rock

  • Congrats on 2 successful years! Keep up the great work, Kym.
    Best source of local news in Humboldt. Thank you! Cheers!

  • Happy birthday! May this wonderful website have many more.

  • On Facebook, a person can click “SEE FIRST” under the “FOLLOWING” tab, and then the posts will pop up first always. I just did. Somehow, I had not LIKED yet, but I was getting your posts often. Now I will see them first. I APPRECIATE your work and the information very much. I know plenty of people who check your page for facts first these days. THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!!

  • Congrats Kim! I’ve enjoyed reading your column these past two years and am looking forward to reading many more!

  • Thank you for all you do Kym. May your ad revenues rise so that you do not have to get hired by one of the outfits that trims or practically amputates reporters’ wings.

  • I Dont fb, but you are liked rhbb. Your adds are tastefully placed. I support you supprters.

  • Thank you! Best news in the North Coast!
    Appreciate your hard work and your follow-up on stories.

  • Kym, Thank you for your contribution to our Community.
    You do such a consistent good job in letting us know
    what;s going on. I really do appreciate it !

  • Thinking Allowed

    I agree with the rest. Useful news simply told. Much valued.

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