[OPEN] Slide Closing Hwy 96

road closedMud and rock pushed onto Hwy 96 above Weitchpec by Aikens Creek West Campground covering the roadway. According to the California Highway Patrol Incident Information Page at 11 p.m, Caltrans will be closing the highway.

Check Quickmap for the latest information.

UPDATE Sunday: The road is open.



  • Humboldt is becoming so isolated, maybe it’s time to succeed from the union! Talk amongst yourselves.

  • Reckon not. But perfection is over rated. Especially this early in the mornin. Onlyist thang I knows is saceed or succeed, I’m fur’it! Even if it ain’t sensa’logical! THAT’sa JOKE SON!

  • Remember if Humboldt seceeds from the Union, CALTRANS won’t be opening the road.

    How the heck do you spell that?

  • Ya got a point there, Red Neck Mama! But if ya keep ur hat on no one will know. Your a good speller too! Phestus would have to saddle up the mule. Now I can’t stop thinking about a mule in an orange vest holdin a 🛑 sign! Reckon now maybe I’m AgiNit! Got enough dang upitty mules in this neck of the woods!

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