[UPDATE 2 p.m.] Rollover Traffic Collision on Briceland Thorn Road

Traffic Collision Car AccidentA blue sedan flipped over on the Briceland Thorn Road about 3.5 miles west of Redway at approximately 1:22 p.m.

UPDATE 1:30 p.m.: The vehicle is in the westbound lane and two occupants are out of the vehicle. Multiple emergency vehicles including some from Briceland Fire, Redway Fire, and Garberville fire are responding. Please avoid the area if possible.

UPDATE 1:35 p.m.: No one was injured, according to a California Highway Patrol officer on scene.

UPDATE 2 p.m.: Here’s a photo sent by a reader:

Blue sedan flipped on its roof
UPDATE 2:01 p.m.: The road is being closed so that a tow truck can recover the vehicle.
UPDATE: Road is clear.



  • And the speed limit on the Briceland Thorn Road is 45 mph unless marked otherwise. Glad that these folks escaped injury; they are very fortunate that they did not end up in the morgue. Remember that the freeway ends when you leave US 101.

  • Roll over & play dead??? The car at least, thankfully not the driver but he might want to slow it down a smidge, next time he drives that road!!!

  • Yep some people just need to tone down their driving out towards whitethorn, whale gulch sheltercove alderpoint blocksburg Harris etc when they don’t no the road or aren’t skilled drivers at least these people weren’t injured

  • That’s 1 less blue Subaru Inpreza sedan on the road. Had anyone seen this car driving this road in the past? Was it driven in a safe and responsible manner?

  • glad there ok that drivers side looks squished

  • brakeBEFOREthecorner...

    Speed limit on unmarked paved county roads is actually 50MPH. ….

    • That section has a speed limit of 45, as I recall…

    • This road is marked at 45 mph. The speed limit in Cali on a two lane undivided road with no speed limit posted is also 45 mph. Look it up. A lot of folks assume it is 55 and that means they can rationalize going over 60. Slow down.

      • Yep. Speed limit on that road is 45. Heads up, because people drive WAY too fast and often on the wrong side of the road on the curves.

  • With the amount of traffic on this road, and the speeds normally traveled on it, I am amazed that there are not fatalities every day on Briceland road.

    The CHP, HSD, and the Rangers are watching and clocking YOU! Go ahead and speed, see what happens! See you in the ER! Speed limit in Redway is 25!

  • Drive like the next blind corner could kill your babies.

  • I have lived in Humboldt a mighty long time. Lost many friends and family on 299,96 highway 3 these are not freeways, if you can’t keep it between the fog line and the double yellows you are going to fast.Please slow down. Someone’s life depends on your actoins. It might be you don’t have nothing but a one way road to travel but you can bet you may meet up with another car or critter be mindful at any time your vehicle can cause death.

  • Is anyone considering that these drivers may have been forced to drive too fast by some yo-yo pushing their ass? I have driven on Briceland Road many times and yes, I drive a small car, and yes, I’m a bit slow and — either timid or careful, depending on how you look at it. Every time I’ve been on that road I’ve had big pick-ups breathing down my neck. I pull over, that works fine. But I really really do NOT understand why these hotshots are in such a hurry. Is something on fire? Is someone in the car about to give birth? While it’s wise for us little guys to pull over, there’s rarely any excuse for the big guys to endanger themselves and others by driving so aggressively.

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