“Improve healthcare first and build the monument second,” Writes Letter to the Editor About Proposed Hospital Tax

The current hospital in Garberville. [Photo from the SHCHD website]

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c This time it is to be increased to $170 per parcel for 45 years, the total would be 73 million dollars. This would be to pay back a 40 million dollar loan including the interest. We have been told that by 2030 we will have to do an earthquake retrofit that cannot be done at the existing facility so therefore we need to build a new one for 73 million dollars.

First you should have some background information that will help you make this decision. Seismic preparedness levels are listed as 1 through 5. By 2013 hospitals were to be at a minimum of level 2. By 2030 the minimum level is 3. Several years ago, SHCHD performed a retrofit on the existing facility and increased the level from 1 to 2. They would like you to think that this is required by the state or you will have to close your healthcare facility. This is not true. The following is a partial list of hospitals that have not increased their level from 1 to 2, they are still open and serving their communities. They receive payments from MediCal, Medicare and all the other companies that reimburse for healthcare.

Highland Hospital – Oakland
Enloe Medical Center – Chico
Colusa Medical Center – Colusa
Delano Regional Center – Delano
Coast Plaza Hospital – Norwalk
College Medical Center – Long Beach
Community Hospital – Long Beach
Glendale Adventist Medical Center – Glendale
Kaiser Foundation Hospital – Panorama City
Kindred Hospital – Baldwin Park
Kindred Hospital – Gardena
Harbor UCLA Medical Center – Torrance
LA Community Hospital – Bellflower
LA Metro Med Center – LA
Promise Hospital – East LA
Ronald Regan Medical Center – LA
Shriners Hospital for Children – LA
Marin General Hospital – Greenbrae

This partial list of hospitals is from the Office of Statewide Health Planning And Development. This includes small and large facilities. Again, these hospitals have not gone from a 1 to 2 in their seismic upgrades. They certainly will not go to 3. The list of hospitals that have gone to 2 and will not go a 3 will be longer than the previous list.

Spreading rumor and fear in order to gain public approval of this megaproject is in very poor taste. The following has been said: If we don’t build a new hospital, your property values will go down, people will move out of the area, you will die before you can be transported to Fortuna or Willits, businesses in town will suffer, it will damage our schools. None of this is true. The state has no intention of closing any hospital. The existing facility can be used for the next 50 years. We do not need to change the physical facility. People say that the quality of the available services are substandard and that what is offered does not meet their needs. Building a 40 million dollar hospital building will not bring a superior medical staff to Southern Humboldt.

There are other issues. SHCHD claims to need the current parcel tax amount to stay open. A $170/parcel tax is a $45 increase from the current $125/parcel tax. This would provide an additional $430,000 per year in income. The payment per year on a USDA loan of 40 million dollars for 40 years at 3.4% interest is $1.82 million. Seems we are short about $1.37 million per year. Coupled with the fact that the proposed hospital is only a building, not furnished or equipped, the district will have to ask for an additional $300/parcel after construction begins. Frank R Howard Hospital in Willits is a new and equipped 25 bed facility and the cost was $64 million, why is the SHCHD proposal, which is less than half the size, cost so much? In addition, SHCHD says it has 5000 patient visits per year; if the parcel tax increases to $1.63 million per year it means each patient visit will cost the taxpayers $326.

Where do we go from here? I suggest we vote no on Measure W. And then find and elect people who want to improve healthcare first and build the monument second.
Thank you.
Michael Hoffman



  • The hospital has an existing 40 million dollar loan??????

  • I know 2 different people
    (1 in 1999 and the other in 2004) who went to our ER we’re misdiagnosed & given meds and sent home. BOTH DIED! I never felt it was incompetence with the staff but the lack of modern day technology. Both those unfortunate souls could be here if th ER had the equipment that could have diagnosed both my neighbor’s fixable health issues.

    My recent experience was also horrible. The doc cut into me and sent me home with meds. It got worse over the next couple days. I went to Fortuna ER and they wouldn’t even touch me where the Garberville doc cut me. The looked shocked when I told them what he did. They ran multiple tests and scans before they proceeded with a course of action. I asked then y some many tests than the last ER. I was told, “They don’t have the technology we do and I didn’t want to permanently hurt any muscles, since there is so many there . One wrong move and you can have permanent damage for life.” !!!!!!!!
    Seriously!!!!!!! Gville ER sliced right in. I am lucky nothing was permanently damaged but how would you feel? Like a slab of meat on the converter belt.

    You’d think I’d know better since years before, the Gville ER misdiagnosed the walking namonuia I was suffering from and sent me away with the wrong meds.

    As for the current building, it’s kind of crusty and needs more updates.

    If we do go for a modern hospital, the current facility should Use half the building to expand it’s elder care facility. The other half, drug rehabilitation
    Facility. It would still be a section of the hospital.

  • Michael. Thank you for your critical analysis of the hospital tax. Such increases should have a robust ‘discussion’ in the community before the vote.
    As there are people more informed than me, I shall leave it to them to reply with facts to your points.
    Having Ben Round (as a land/home owner) for decades, I want to see this community continue and prosper. And as such, at this point in the ‘discussion’ I SUPPORT THE HOSPITAL TAX.
    Is the proposed hospital a “monument” (way in excess of what is needed)? Will there be more financial need to equip it? Many questions regarding money (= our tax dollars).
    In my time here I believe that HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS OF DOLLARS have flowed from and through this community (i.e.: marijuana proceeds), and that we have a relatively little to show for it. (Heck! The Mateel can’t even find the money to finish the hall, to create a better, and more appropriate performance / meeting space for the community).
    The money is around to support this effort!
    Now. That said. I would support a WAIVER or some other method for people who are TRULY LOW INCOME to not have this additional $3.75 PER MONTH cause them distress.
    What I am disappointed by is the lackluster motto for the campaign “we can build it”. Yawn!! ….Really??? Is that the best we could do? Boooooooorrrrring! It does not inspire a VISION of the community with a great new institution!
    My vision of a new hospital, next to 101, in the large lot behind the (CR ‘Campus’) /Playhouse is EXCITING, and inspiring!
    A new ‘modern’ hospital is one way to think that we, the people who DIRECTLY PROSPERED, AND THOSE WHO BENEFITTED FROM THE MARIJUANA BOOM (most people in this locally robust economy) of the late 20th and early 21st centuries, stepped up, and left something for posterity, a contribution directly related to the ongoing HEALTH of this community. BRAVO!

    • A wellness Center with an indoor pool surrounded by a plain old indoor walking track would be a good start on a Legacy for posterity. It would bring people out in winter to both maintain their Health as well as get together. Maybe they would even go out for lunch or dinner afterward, thereby helping local economy stay Vibrant & Fun. Back to basics for the older & still vital generation- also, think how much fun a Bowling alley would be- maybe someone wants to create that instead of another pot farm? Waaay more fun to run that than a clipping crew, eh?

      • I’m in!
        I’ll donate $1000 if we can get 199 other people to do the same. $200,000. would be a big chunk of what we would need.
        Who else is willing to step-up to help leave a treasure for the community???

        • Ben! That actually sounds doable…my household will donate 1000$, even 2000. It would not need to be anything huge…simpler is better. The location behind the “new hospital ” is a good one? 197 to go! That’s not a large number.

          • Excellent, Mimi!
            What’s needed next to really make something happen is a person or a group of people who will take the lead in sharing the dream, solicit ideas, to oversee developing the concept and set up the fundraising mechanisms. CAN BE DONE! And a worthwhile effort for a legacy for this community to leave behind (and of course to benefit from for a couple decades!).
            I am way too busy with multiple projects. How do we find that right person?
            WHO WANTS TO HELP??

    • The Mateel is not an inclusive community center bad example .Most people from here who have generations behind them have never ever been in the mateel .That big wave of cash is on the way out from that industry you talk about .Yes there are stupid people from out of our area spending exorbitant amounts of money but that will be soon gone the green rush is just that . Putting this noose around the community’s neck for 45 years is criminal .How Did My Family Survive 100 plus years with out a 45 million dollar building ?

  • This facility is a halfway station.
    I have had excellent care from the nursing staff and some doctors.
    But most of the doctors have been ones who failed medical school or dont care.
    I have been misdiagnosed several times.
    40 million loan?
    When was that taken out?
    the breakdown is great.

    The staff need improve.

  • if you think that the cost will be the purposed amount,you will believe anything.by the time st joe was built it ended up costing double.the inspectors for the building of government projects are paid by a percentage of what it costs.they will make sure it costs more just to get a bigger slice.review the st joe sagga if you don’t believe

  • Me and my family co-own multiple Parcels that have been in our family for four generations now, those of us that have to pay taxes on multiple Parcels are we going to get Medical Care at the facility for free? so now we’re forced to buy insurance coverage, we’re forced to pay for the construction of the hospital and then we’ll be forced to pay extraordinary amounts for mediocre care. last time I was in the Garberville hospital was to get one stitch put in my wrist from a work accident, they try to charge me over $3,000. When I contested the bill and ask for an itemized billing list I found several quadruple charging after contesting it they instantly dropped it by almost 50% but still over $1,500 for one stitch and less than 45 minutes of the hospitals time. The Stitch that they put in my wrist to close the vain I severed was not absorbable and my body spent almost three months working it out. Three months with an open wound susceptible to infection all because the doctor grab the wrong suture kit when sewing me up.

  • Everybody is forced to have insurance instead of being allowed to have a savings account.
    If you have money in your wallet or in your bank, you are officially suspect of dealing in drugs. Your assets will be confiscated.
    If your hospital does not expand it’s medicaide program, your hospital will close.
    If your patients do sign up for aca, they automatically forfeit their children’s inheritance. It goes to the government in exchange for making your healthcare oh so affordable.
    If your hospital hasn’t yet crumbled in an earthquake, you must retrofit it, because it is potentially unsafe.
    If your hospital has been retrofitted, has expanded it’s medicaide, your technology is too outdated and does not meet the “appropriate” requirements. Only government’s​ definition of “appropriate” is allowed.
    Patients who do not meet the “appropriate” guidelines of proper health, will not be treated. Obesity, smoking, recreation, .. even the food you’ve grown without proper inspections & permits.
    The joys of liberty when government holds a “compelling interest” in your healthcare.
    My point? Even after it’s retrofitted, the highly skilled teams will not have anything to do with mandated appropriates.
    Rural hospitals have been closing all across America, at a rate of1 per month, since 2010. All have been mandated out of business one way or another. If the insurance don’t get you, the bureaucracy will.
    Fix that instead.



  • The Republicans are about to gut the delivery of health care, we will be lucky if our current hospital isn’t closed. 600 billion cut from Medicaid and 24 million people thrown off their insurance plan !!

  • A little oft subject but still a curious note is the major advertising blitz right now concerning the $125 voucher property owners are entitled to use @ SHCHD for paying the (partial) cost of services they/we might want to receive there.
    How much is all the advertising and mailing of those big postcards costing us and why is it necessary to push this voucher so much right now? Is it not as popular as someone thought it would be? Are parcel tax payers not taking advantage of the voucher, ignoring it, or are they not accessing services at SHCHD in the first place?

  • TL, you should educate yourself.
    In California, people with Covered California insurance are getting most of their premiums paid for through Medicaid, which in California is called Medical and that is welfare.
    People like myself, who have Covered California(I have no choice as Osama canceled the great insurance I had for over 30 years), receive no subsidy and I have to pay $13,000/year for insurance that I either don’t need or can’t use. I don’t have kids, yet I have to pay for coverage for children’s medical, dental and eye care. I didn’t have kids for a reason.
    I have to pay for mental health and drug rehab coverage that I will never need.
    I have to pay for birth control that I don’t need and host of other useless coverage, such as office visits that I can pay for out of pocket.
    In addition, I have had three policy’s under Osama Care canceled, as the insurance companies left the area.
    This year, the only company left, Blue Cross, went from a PPO to an EPO, sticking it to me again.
    Under the policy I had for 30 years, I paid out of pocket for a knee replacement a total of $800, I could go to any hospital, anywhere in the country and I didn’t have to stay in network and didn’t have to pay more for going out of network.
    Last year, Under Osama Cares Gold plan($13,000/year), I had another knee replacement, out of pocket cost was $15,000. It would have been $45,000, but I managed to negotiate with the doctor to get the cost down.
    With an EPO, a patient has to pay all costs if they go out of network, in other words, I pay $13,000/year for nothing. My old policy, before Osama Care cost me $8000/year, for coverage that I could actually use.
    The problem is that while a hospital may be in network, none of their surgeons are.
    You are saying that if Osama Care is repealed, people that have those policies will be uninsured. The fact is that you will be able to buy a new policy, with the coverage you want, not what the Government wants.
    With Osama Care, if you are single person with no kids and make more than $46k/year, you pay $13,000 for the Gold plan. If you make, say $40k/year, you pay about $4,200/year. Therefore, the person who gets a subsidy can and will have a higher standard of living than someone who make more $.
    This system stops people from getting a better job for fear that they will lose their subsidy. They would have to get a huge raise to make it feasible to lose the subsidy. Not only that, when you qualify for the subsidy, most also qualify for other subsidies, which inhibits your reason for working more.
    I was at the meeting to listen to the hospitals sales pitch the other day.They had to admit that the interest cost they project was completely off by a factor 5 or more.
    The Fed is going to increase the interest rates 3-4 times this year and probably 6-10 times in the coming years.That blows their whole budget out of the water. That means more taxes, a lot more taxes.
    They also admitted the parcel tax was just for construction, where is the money going to come from to pay for increased staffing and equipment? More taxes.
    The hospital is losing its second doctor hired this year in a few weeks.
    They have left or are leaving because they have robbed more than 2 times.
    They caught one of robbers, but the doctor saw him on the street the next day and was robbed again.

  • That worthless expensive,high deductible Obamacare forced on us by the liberal regime is bad enough. But NO way will I vote to put more of a medical care burden on my household for 45 years! If you have only 1 parcel that’s $7650 out of your pocket that gets you absolutely nothing for all that money.

    How many increases over that 45 years will be demanded with some sob story to get you to pay just a little bit more?

    Maybe everyone will consider how many hands are in our pockets right now with all the fees & taxes. Start thinking about the time you are retired on fixed income with little to spare & you may realize how serious this $7650 really is.

    VOTE NO and keep your hard earned money in your pocket so you will be able to buy medical care with it. Not pay for the building & land of the place that will demand another pile of cash if you need medical care.

  • Christine Rogers

    I’m still not over the admistrator running Mark Phelps off. It’s taken me years to find a doctor ( PA ) that I like and trust to replace him. I realize the ER is extremely important to stabilize accident victims and other serious problems. Then they should proceed to another hospital. All the medical care in Humboldt County is overpriced with the exception of Madriver. St. Joseph does everything they can to do surgery, whether you really need it or not and always overcharges. I will be patronizing the hospital in Willits next time I need one.
    Hooktender- why you choose to go out of network is a bit stupid. There are plenty of good doctors and hospitals that are in network. My out of pocket max is $6550 with the crappiest bronze policy they have. But this is about the hospital not the ACA.

  • A couple of points. Health insurance is a very expensive item for many. 170 dollars a year to keep a place open where you can use it seems a deal to me. Having been a real estate agent I can assure you losing our hospital will be a major hit to your property values amounting to far more than any parcel taxes. The hospital needs the parcel tax to keep what services we have, building a new hospital will be easier if we show that we are committed as a community to providing these essential services.

    • Don't Drink The Koolaide

      What do you think the building for 170 dollars is going to fix you ?First thing every new comer here hears is don’t ever go to the local hospital unless your bleeding out close to death .Otherwise avoid the place at all costs and save a life .Harry Jasper lined his pockets with our money and had to resign due to conflict of interest making money out side of his job on the hospital .

    • I can assure you the property values around here are not based on our hospital, schools or any other form of social infrastructure. But I would agree that property values are going to start tanking in a couple years..

      • T..I disagree. With the decline of the cannabis economy , the aging boomers and the shortage of living wage jobs seniors may become more significant players in the local population. Medical care is an important factor in deciding to live here or elsewhere for that population which in turn can have a major impact on real estate values.

        • I hope you don’t think your real estate value is based on availability of healthcare services, or on the black market “economy”. In Humboldt, the gold rush ended, the timber thing, over. The pot thing may end or not, it depends on a lot of things. Now we are expecting the baby boomers to blow the towns where they are and find a home in the country. Our area will grow, already is growing, and then the next people will have their thing too. Hopefully they will have a better plan than a major new tax on real property, to be used to pay off a loan on a building housing an entity which seems likely to fail financially. It’s a terrible idea to bury SHCHD in debt, and expect property owners to just pay for it forever.

          It’s always the next thing, but we can stop this one if we:

          VOTE NO ON MEASURE W!!

  • Seniors should be exempt from this tax increase!

    • Best to be income related. If low income, anyone should be qualified for a waiver. Plenty ‘seniors’ have plenty money (and way less overhead) to contribute.

    • EVERYONE needs to be exempt from this poorly conceived plan, and the sales job we’re paying for…


  • Voting no again. Will not leave my negative comments. Tried it for all the past parcel increases and might have well been blowing smoke out of my —

  • Veterans friend


    • Measure W is seriously flawed, as is the understanding of it by many citizens. This is a plan to tax only the property owners so that anyone else present in the district will have the ability to get care locally.

      The funds collected are supposed to be used to pay a loan that will be used to build a new facility.

      Once again, I oppose this measure since it fails to rely on everyone to pay equally. It may be convenient to tax only the owners of real property, since there is already precedent and a mechanism in place to collect the tax, BUT it is unfair to expect ONLY the owners of real property to pay for everyone else’s ability to receive services.

      The term of this tax (45 years!) is far too long, and the cost of living in SOHUM is already high enough.

      Hospitals should be supported by the government, and by fees for services, whether paid by the patient or by payments from payers (insurance, medicare etc). If SHCHD is failing financially, it should be disbanded, or an entity able to run it profitably should take over.

      If SHCHD cannot operate profitably through normal fee for service, it should solicit donations or grants.

      There seems to be a disconnect between information provided by the hospital re earthquake standards, but my impression is that the state will back down before closing ANY critical access facility, no matter what the violation or deficiency…

      Finally, please join me: VOTE NO ON MEASURE W!!

  • Micheal , I could not agree more !! The service rendered at Jerold Phelps hospital is so poor I’m sure Jerold himself would roll over in his beautiful grave !! My wife and I have both recently had to go there only to receive some of the worst possible care , so much so I refuse to ever go there again ! I do not want to afford that type of service . It is absolutely wrong for us to pay for people playing doctor !! It’s sad but true . If we were able to get good quality care that would be a different story , but that’s a long way off . I agree that the providers should be improved before you build the monument, as Howard Memorial in Willits did . We should use them as a model as to how to get it done . Respectfully

  • Stephen Quiggle

    Michael Hoffman’s letter brings up some important points about this proposed tax measure – his letter is well researched and he addresses issues that the tax measure and current hospital district board do not. I attended one of the recent Hospital District’s community meetings regarding the proposal for an increased tax and appreciated the presentation and dialogue that followed. I did notice, however, that the meeting consisted primarily of district employees and pro-initiative supporters – hopefully, less embedded community members were able and will be able to attend other meetings; even before leaving the venue that evening, I was feeling a healthy dose of skepticism that our only option as a community is “Fund it or lose it” as the presentation espoused. There was little discussion about any alternatives to the tax measure and building of a new hospital… even less about quality health care.

    The $175 per parcel per year for 48 years (which my math brain says isn’t enough actual dollars going into the project by a long shot) isn’t my contention. My concern is and, for some time, has been this communities’ perception and experience of adequate healthcare. Constructing a $40-50 million dollar hospital will not, in and of itself, create better healthcare. Additionally, I encourage community members interested in this project to consider the following:

    Is building a new hospital really in this communities’ best interest or even necessary?
    Have other hospitals that have failed to retrofit been closed?
    Run the numbers, $175 per parcel per year is not enough… maybe $300?

    What alternatives exist that will allow the current buildings to be utilized for healthcare ongoing?
    Partnerships with other hospitals?
    Changing status from a “community” district to a non profit?
    Becoming a clinic and letting go of the emergency room and Skilled Nursing Facility (SNF)?

    Some of the questions that we face will only be answered by greater due diligence, some by the outcome of actions in the future… so unknowable right now. And this is a contentious issue for sure and therefore deserving of our closer examination.

    I’m always hesitant when I feel like I’m being sold a bill of goods, especially when the tactic is fear based, “Fund it or lose it”. When I asked about the partnership or status change possibilities, the response was that the district would “Lose control” of our healthcare… that statement requires a bit more examination. What locus of control would be lost? We are already lacking services that many people would benefit from right now. When I read the comments in the blogs (even the ones actually addressing the topic of discussion) I see an overwhelming “No” to this measure that is primarily measured in experiences of inadequate services rendered. While I have had positive experiences of the hospital’s service prior to Dr. Phelps’ (the younger) departure, I hear very little positive since – perhaps that should be addressed first.

    At the meeting, when I asked about alternatives to new construction, the response was that there is no alternative and that the existing buildings will close in 2030 and there will be no hospital in Southern Humboldt; no emergency room, no SNF, or any other healthcare services as the building will be shut. The further response was that everyone will suffer and especially our aging and health challenged population.

    Maybe… maybe not. I could be wrong (because, like the presenters, I too am projecting ideas about an unknown future), but I don’t think that the powers that be will close the hospital. And even if the hospital is officially shut, this community does have Redwood Rural as an alternative (or in my case primary) already. And I just don’t buy the fear template of property values will plummet, or that people will move away. There are far too many other variables in flux presently in this region that confound that statement.

    Frankly, if a person has severe health concerns, they already need to travel north or south for specializations that our current clinic does not currently have. So many questions, so many projections and “What if’s”. Presently, I am not sure what the cure is for this ailment, but I think that the prognosis offered by the tax measure requires richer dialogue and careful examination before we rush into a course of action. As a community, let’s examine all possibilities before we put ourselves on the line for a half century of taxation; we’ll have plenty of time for a comprehensive diagnosis of the problem, expert second and third opinions, and a clear course of treatment for this community to discuss and decide.

  • What I want to know is; has that area behind the Sprowl Creek school admin site legally been acquired by SHCHD? Have they bought the lot where Dr. Wilson’s office used to be (burned down)? How much debt is already on the books (new pad poured for the cat-scan/MRI machines, also, O and the re-roofing; that must have cost a bit of dosh.)

    And how much is the new CEO being paid and his new lil’ PR guy???

  • No new taxes! Wtf

  • The Asscoiation of American Doctors & Surgeons have some great ideas on their youtube channel. One of the Doctor’s talks about his clinic that operates kind of like Netflix does, a free market system. Citizens voluntarily pay a set amount each month, & basically end up with practically free meds & service. He charges $10.00 per kid per month & $50.00 avg adults per month. (Might be a tier).
    He purchases medicines at wholesale cost, & charges direct wholesale price. This means the patient only pays a buck for the same meds other places charge $150.00 for. He makes enough profit each month to keep the clinic well staffed & updated, just off the monthly subscription instead of prescription.
    Dr. Josh Umberht explains it in this video. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=bGZaRnC1wNg
    Real healthCARE like his would be an incredible blessing to the county. Unfortunately, everybody’s too stuck on the insurance scams narratives, to even notice other options exist. It’s up to us to spread word.

  • I have to admit that my support for the parcel tax is selfish. I have a heart condition that has forced me into the E.R. on a number of occasions. I guess I have been lucky but the care and advice I have received there has been very good in fact the meds prescribed by an E.R. doc turned out to be more appropriate than what the cardiologist I consulted in Eureka recommended. The continued existence of the local E.R. is my main concern and I am afraid that opposition to the building of a new hospital may take down the services we currently have. Not sure it was a good idea to link the two but I will be voting yes.

  • Dave I wish you well. Please consider Howard Hospital in Willits.

    I hope everyone understands that contractors hired by SHCHD are doing a “Scare Tactic – Hard Sell” on this measure. These folks have been paid to ram this measure down your throat. The fact is, that the current operation in Goobsterdam will not suddenly go away, when the measure fails.

    Even if JPH were to close, you can get your needs met in Willits, Ukiah, Lakeport, Healdsburg, Santa Rosa, Fortuna and Eureka. For me, I will always take any medical need I have South, or down to Yuba City. If you have a serious condition, I feel for you, but living in Redway with a heart or liver transplant, or in Whitethorn with HIV or Hep C, or a GSW in Alderpoint, will always be a challenge. That’s SOHUM reality.

    We all make choices. I choose to live here, but I don’t need this tax increase, and I don’t believe that the money would be used properly by the current board and administration of SHCHD.



  • Thank you Stephen Quiggle for your comments as they are very well stated. I for one will vote NO!

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