What Should We Do With the Cannabis Tax?

Money and marijuana featurePress release from the County of Humboldt:

Humboldt County Seal 2017On November 2016, Humboldt County voters passed Measure S which places a tax on individuals who cultivate cannabis for commercial purposes. Now, as the county prepares for the impacts of this measure and newly legalized industry, the Board of Supervisors wants to hear from you. They want to know your priorities for funds generated by this tax.

The Board is now accepting online comments regarding Measure S via the county’s Open Humboldt discussion forum.

There, you will find background information on the measures, as well as some information

The county estimates Measure S will produce around $2.2 million in revenue in Fiscal Year 2017-18.

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  • What should we do with the pot tax? You must be so naive to even ask.

    Legalized pot will bring so many more problems to Eureka with the criminal element, zombies walking our streets, stoned drivers and the like whatever little money left over after paying for government workers doing the paperwork should be used for law enforcement, for building new jail cells & paying for new mental health workers to handle all the new misery.

  • Southern Humboldt…because there are almost no services here..
    Quality Mental Health
    Drug and alcohol Rehab
    Money for more teachers and school support art and music..
    low income housing

    for starters..

    • Southern Humboldt was not supposed to have any services by design. The community is full of undesirables. The county would rather develop services and spend tax dollars to subsidize the well fare and meth economy in Eureka.

      So since culturally were unwanted we become share croppers for the tax collectors in Eureka who will never spend money on us.

      Also just look at Agenda 21 or Smart Growth and you will see that small communities like ours are restricted by growth and services on purpose.

      When you feel like living in southern Humboldt is just so not worth it and too expensive thats California progressivism telling you that your community is being gentrified and that you need to move elsewhere because there will be no affordable housing coming. Anyhow Rio Dell is the new Garberville, invest while you still can..

  • Also,FIX OUR ROADS!!! It’s costing quit a bit to fix our rig.

    • Agree. Those semis and the growdowsers with the trailers are ripping these roads like never before. Any tax should fix the damage we all have to drive daily.

  • Nothing right away…Put it in an account to partially cover all the unforseen consequences of this unwise policy. Increased homelessness and drug addiction, high school dropout rates, teen pregnancies and the obvious coming implosion of our weed-based economy. There will be other consequences but these are the most immediately obvious.

  • Clean out the dangerous, filthy camps.

  • Veterans friend

    I agree with all of the above.

    • Would be nice to see the money used to develop a marketplace that distributes registered grower’s crops to needy states that lack a supply of top quality ganga.

  • 1. Fix the Alderpoint Road between Garberville and the Eel River Bridge
    2. Make grants available for bringing legacy logging roads up to standards of the North Coast Water Quality Board, preference for small growers who are long time residents.

    • What about the road I use? We all drive on shit roads. They all need help.

      • Yes they do, however alderpoint/bell springs are probably close to if not the worst

        • Drive the 6 miles in the redwoods on bull creek rd. Hope your roads not that bad.

          • AnonymousHumboldtian

            Exactly Jo shmoe. The road through the redwoods is state maintained, so the county can’t be held responsible for the road through the park. However from Cuneo creek to honeydew the road is atrocious. Not to mention the county maintained portion of Panther gap road is sliding away in 3 or 4 different locations and all the county does is set up cones and calls it good.

            The state parks need to get their crap together too. They only seem to fill the potholes with cold patch before the bike races and marathons. The rest of the year they could care less.

        • Not even. I know a road in Ferndale that is worse.

    • Yes, California and Humboldt County in particular NEEDS more drug addicts…

  • Mental health programs will not have a chance to keep up with the huge increase in the crime we are experiencing. The county jail should use that lot next to it and add more room. Just because our jails are full, we can’t keep allowing repeat offenders and criminal addicts out to continue to invade our lives. Those people just arrested in Fortuna, and others like them, are not a mental health problem. They are just career criminals who need to be taken off the street. Stop making excuses for people’s stupidity and choices.

  • Give it to me!

  • Use The upcoming funds to quadruple the planning department temporarily to steam line the permitting process. aprove the 2300+ applicants within one years time. Collect 10’s of millions of tax dollars over night. Taxes collected per district should be redistributed to those districts equally. If 80% of the revenue is collected from SoHum growers, then 80% should go back into SoHum. Use SoHum taxes to incorporate Garberville, giving South County the ability to govern themselves correctly. Creating a comprehensive community action plan with an actual vision of a sustainable future. And by sustainability I’m talking about fiscally. So tired of the gross incompetence and neglect.

    • AnonymousHumboldtian

      I agree bob. However that’s likely not going to be the case. The taxes are going to be majorily taken from so hum and redistributed. I would be surprised if the supes actually used the tax money to benefit the community it was taken from.

  • Education & Scholarships for the kiddos! There are going to be a lot of kids that can’t follow in their parents footsteps.
    And give some to the clinics, better health care for those who need it.

  • I think we could start a daily work program like they have in Albuquerque. Where you can work for the day cleaning up the community and get paid that same day. I think it could be a stepping stone for some people who have fallen out of society.

  • Bail out the growers who are getting permitted, only to be crushed by the rest of the state that grows more cannabis than Humboldt, as good as if not better quality and at a much cheaper overhead with all of the work force and ag needs in place and close to the markets. I still can’t believe people are going into debt at this point in time to grow cannabis. How the f*ck you going to make money when track and trace hits? What are you going to do with your surplus? How are you going to compete with $600 pound price? What can you offer at a better price and quality than the rest of the state? Why would someone spend a million dollars plus to grow cannabis up here in the first place?

  • Christine Rogers

    First, I totally agree with Bob. Next, since I’m involved with community road maintenance, I’d like to see some money come back to help with all the damage from lots of big delivery trucks not to mention increased worker traffic. Our gravel roads are getting thrashed and a lot of these big growers are not paying their share. The county road sucks too.

  • The county won’t raise anywhere near 2 million unless they start giving people there permits I’ve heard they’ve issued around 10-20

  • Create a top-heavy, bloated bureaucracy, with a cool logo that, effectively, accomplishes nothing while giving kush (pun) jobs to its members.

    • Ullr Rover, Well at least somebody’s been paying attention to what the state has done with our tax money for the last 40 years.

  • Update our state parks. Humboldt has 7or 8 I believe. We are suppose to be big on tourism I know the states are suppose to fund them but that’s under threat. Our parks could be so cool with a lol TLC. Tourism brings healthy revenue for folks not on the Mary Jane Train.

  • Use some of the tax money to prosecute those growing it illegally. A question for Kym, have you applied for permits to grow legally? Where will you be selling your weed?

    • Ya, pick on the mom &pop grows that brought it to this point that we’re obsolete. Then use the taxes from the people that ruined our peacefull livelyhood aganst us.

      • Thank you for noticing! Yes- this is what we’ve done. Congratulations Everybody! Thank you CCV-H, Wonderland, Gallegos, Kevin Hoover, High Times, Emerald Family Farms, Board of Supervisors, Sheriff’s office, etc etc

  • Replace the taxes we used to receive from logging. %25 of federal timber sales goes to the schools and roads in the county from where the trees and weed comes from.

  • Lower our taxes and fix our roads!

  • Instal the Enercon E126 7.5 MW windturbines. Each one can run over 7000, thousand watt hps lamps at night, we can have the rest during the day for free. We vote green, we grow green, we are green, lets be green.

  • Roads, roads, roads. Healthcare, healthcare, healthcare. Mental and dental health are soooo hard to get around here!!!

  • The money will never happen cuz this business is going up in smoke.



  • Gentrification

    • Yes, use the funds to evict the poor and give grants towards a gentrification process.
      The poor and their thinking is the root of all our problems. Once the poor are eliminated the system will start to work correctly. The poor take up valuable space and resources and are the biggest drag on our economy. They are not sustainable.

  • There won’t be any money, unless they actually start approving the thousands of permits. That won’t happen for years, because our stupidvisors are only good at creating bureaucracy, not funding it. If there ever is any money collected, it should ALL be given to road associations and volunteer fire departments. Unpaved roads in this county are the worst ever, not just from the rain. The outrageous greed of industrial growers is destroying all of our private roads. They are encouraged by this county’s insane decision to permit huge grows. Pay your fucking road bills, douchebags! And then, pay them again!

  • The entire tax scheme involving cannabis should be repealed and thrown into the trash heap of history. De-criminalize cannabis use and production, and get the state and county governments out of the industry. Taxation is about command and control, and the Slave Combine has decided this is a better strategy than outright prohibition. More profits can be made, and the product can be modified and gradually poisoned just as tobacco was in the cigarette industry. Corporate combines can and will dominate production and distribution.

    Furthermore, the precedent is being set here that a substance or industry can be taxed in advance, based on the mere intention to produce a product, rather than by what is actually produced. This is the worst kind of tyranny, and the fact so many people accepted the devil’s bargain and voted for this draconian policy shows a deep lack of understanding and critical thinking among the general population. This type of tax policy will ensure that prohibition and undeclared war against the citizenry will continue into the foreseeable future.

    Whatever little money of is left after the state takes what it wants will be precious little compensation for the weight of tyranny it puts on the necks of the citizenry.

  • I want my driveway paved too. And a new gate maybe too.

  • Buy one way bus tickets to Phoenix. Hand them out at lunch at the Mateel…

  • FIX THE ROADS – That’s Public Safety Job #1!

  • It would be much appreciated if the county could hire people who could anticipate RECURING RD maintenance issues based on recurring weather patterns ; Like it rains in winter ,but not so much in summer ! ! !
    It would be even more appreciated if the county either terminated one / or counseled same on other employment opportunities ! ! !
    What some of those marginal in-charge people might think about kids with grow dozers is besides the point ,red diesel , blue diesel ……NOT YOUR JOB TO LOOK INTO .

    I’ve had a cordial discussion , in some detail , with both Supervisor Estelle , and Director Madsen about this matter

    Yes , I’m in favor of using ALL that tax money to hire qualified Rd engineers ,
    FIX RDS .
    Perhaps also a plan of cooperation between Rd .departments .

    Hans in Palo Verde

  • I recently attended a Cal Growers Meeting in the Bay Area where estimated taxes for cultivators will be around 55%. This does not include licensing fees (or consulting or water board fees.) I do not believe this included payroll taxes- I think it was limited to local, state and federal taxes. Just a heads up for everyone planning on going legal.

    This is all happening while prices for units are dropping.

  • Money should used to enforce regulations. Make the entry to grow legally and smooth as possible, but regulate the hell out of it and hold those who do not comply to account with a firm hand. Large fines or jail time or both. The last thing we need is a blatant and flaunted grey economy for cannabis. It’s the worst of both worlds. The regulations and enforcement should be at least on par with the regulations for manufacture and distribution of alcohol. I’d love to see this industry grow into a nice tidy operation providing revenues for the county without the negative aspects that have plagued it and the area for too long.

  • Tax revenue should be used strickly for enforcement on the Mom
    & Pops who have so blatantly shunned their noses at revenue contribution for decades. Seize their assets for violations and auction the properties off to corporations who will bring them into compliance. Generating hundreds of millions in revenue.
    Continue that model until all 7500 estimated unregistered grows are seized and resold to legitimate investors who will actually assist in creating a healthy “community”.
    Allow the corporate model to heal the wounds of the past.

  • By all means we should give the supervisors another raise because they worked so hard on this mess and then anything left over should go to fix the roads that have been torn up by all of the trucks hauling dirt, water and whatever else for the pot growers.

    • Dear county -Fix county roads- !until then facts suck ,Most of the old haul roads from logging were turned into subdivision roads .These are private sub par roads( meaning county has no jurisdiction).Many of these roads if not all are dirt and have major concerns to the ” agency’s” .Permitting grows on god awful shit roads is a pipe dream the fact is the majority of these roads will not and should not allow a business to be conducted on them.simply put the more people who drive a dirt road in the winter the more shifty and muddy it gets…the kicker is the mega growers don’t even chip in for road dues .your access road could be your problem.

      • I so know how this is. Big trucks coming down my road all the time, and who fills in the pot holes, not the growers, but the blue collar working man or woman.

  • ForestProtection

    Use the taxes to clean up trespass grows on our Public Lands. For details of the damage being done and the lack of resources to address it, read this March 30 article: “Back Country Drug War” at: http://www.biographic.com/posts/sto/backcountry-drug-war

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