In March of Last Year, Drivers Claimed They Were Being Shot at by BB or Pellet Guns; Now, It’s Happening Again

broken glass

A car window that a reader believed had been hit by beebee or pellet near Fortuna in 2016.[Photo provided by a reader]

In March of 2016 multiple moving vehicles were damaged near Fortuna between the Kenmar Exit and Palmer Blvd. Most were on Hwy 101. Drivers claimed they had been shot at by a bb or pellet gun. A year later, more cars are being hit and more glass is being shattered.

The California Highway Patrol released information today that they have received “more reports of individuals shooting BB or Pellet guns at passing vehicles.” They are investigating these reports.

They urged “anyone who believes they may be a victim of these incidents to first, get off the freeway to a safe location, and then contact the CHP… .”

If you have any information call the Humboldt Area CHP at (707)822-5981.




  • What the hell is wrong with people? METH, it’s what’s for breakfast in dumboldt!

  • Okay can’t wait to read the comments of your comment good luck….

  • Law Enforcement might inquire about an incarcerated individual whose timing is in line with the dates of the random shots. Last year it occurred? A year can either mature a juvenile towards adulthood or fester anger which will make matters worse until caught – (honestly, I can’t imagine one older than 18 resorting to such behavior.) Believe in Karma, watch out now.

  • Honeydew Bridge Chump

    Every spring there are rumors of the Nazi skinhead motorcycle rally that converges on the brewery to drink Great White.
    It’s about time for the Nazi rally and I wonder if the two are somehow connected?

    • Also we need to investigate connections between auto glass installers and these incidents. It sounds like a great plan to increase business. Lots of insidious behavior afoot since the authorities have allowed massive production of the devil’s lettuce,,,

  • My daughter and saw the guy standing on the 12th street bridge. I thought he was going to throw something or was looking at traffic on freeway. Thankfully, he did not shoot at our car. I work very hard to my $ and just bought a new used car. He had longer hair and was wearing a brown coat or sweatshirt

  • My window was cracked on that section of 101. I can also say more than once, my window has been cracked on the straight section of 101 between CR and Hookten. Pretty sure it was rocks, not a bb.

  • They’ve gotten me twice, southbound between Palmer and Main St. Exits.

  • It has happened coming down the Ross Hill Road in Fortuna. And heading back up onto the freeway from Kenmar exit.

  • We have been hit twice in the last year. To the tune of $500 per windshield. Yes, $1000 in windshields due to this idiot(s). Same location, Hwy 101 between 12th and Main St. My theory is the apartments towards the east of 101. Perfect spot to be a douche bag and fire at cars.

  • Fry these bums!

  • It can be quite startling, and could cause a serious accident.

  • I do not advocate violence, but the moron(s) doing this might want to consider the potential consequences of their actions if the wrong person finds them out.

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