After Surrendering Passport on Monday, Marci Kitchen Approved to Leave State

kiya and Marci Kitchen feature

Kiya Kitchen on the left. Marci Kitchen on the right.

Marci Kitchen, who was arrested for the hit and run deaths of her daughter, Kiya, and her daughter’s friend, Faith Tsarnas, had her attorney in court today successfully requesting permission to attend the birthday of her boyfriend’s grandmother in Oregon.

On Monday, Kitchen was required to surrender her passport after the Humboldt County District Attorney’s Office successfully argued that there is concern about “the likelihood of her future return if she were to retain her passport.” (See article in the Lost Coast Outpost for more details.)

Today, however, Judge Christopher Wilson, allowed Kitchen’s request in spite of the District Attorney’s office opposing it. According to Humboldt County court blogger John Chiv, “In fact, he asked if attorneys could stipulate to out of [state] travel. If not, he would decide on a case by case basis. He also agreed to seal all her future travel records and itinerary.”

According to a close family friend, “It’s just frustrating that she is allowed to go on elaborate vacations and the families are still without any type of justice.”

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  • This [edit] is concerned about attending birthday parties and not the death of her own daughter and close family friend. This [edit] is concerned about vacations over being a decent human being. And now this [edit] doesn’t want the public knowing if she goes on these vacations. [edit]

    • Don’t fucking edit my comments Kym, if you don’t like what I said then take it down completely, do not put something I didn’t type.

      • KeyboardCrusader

        And then you’ll invariably ask “what happened to my comment / why’d you delete it” or accuse her of being an establishment tool who tramples free speech wherever it may be found. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

        Your point got across just fine.

      • I agree this woman is an absolute pig but I bet she doesn’t do a second in the county jail or state prison please again just gonna roll over her daughter and keep on going

        • With all the hoop law of her killing her own daughter we forget about faith tsarnas don’t forget faith looks like the judges have

      • I don’t add anything other than the word “edit” to show that something has been removed. If you don’t want something removed, don’t break the rules.

        The basics are:
        1. No encouraging or threatening violence.
        2. No accusations of illegal behavior without facts or law enforcement having asserted the same crime.
        3. No racial, sexual, political etc. slurs.
        4. No insulting other commenters.

    • T, while I agree 100% with the content of your comments, I disagree with your using the word “bitch” in describing her. If she is guilty of running her daughter over while drunk and leaving the scene, then she is guilty of felony manslaughter, at the least, and should go to prison (more than ten years, perhaps twenty by my way of thinking). The method of communicating using words like “bitch” and “fucking”, while fun for the writer, and very common for me in private speech, detract from your post.

      There are many people out there/here who don’t have a clue about some of the things going on all around us. Those that do have some understanding are giving others information that hopefully will help lead us all towards a better community. Kym is doing more than her part in letting us/you/them with a platform to get the views out.

      I realize how frustrating it is and can be for all of us. It is people like you and others who write in who are helping others to form new ideas, called critical thinking, and your comments will influence many more people if you just clean up the language a bit.

      Attacking the messenger is not acceptable.

      Attacking the guilty (verbally) is acceptable.

      thanks T


  • It amazes me what some parents will do. If I was her I would dig a hole and bury myself.

  • Disgusting wench should burn in hell.

  • Well arent judges elected? Lets let these judges know how we feel.
    That drunk driving a-hole in arcata who mowed down a man who was screaming for the driver to stop as he was dragged under the car to his death was given a one year sentence.
    Now this??? WTF?!? I hope at least shes not allowed to drive.
    And to be fair there was just that unethical hire in the DA office and so the quality of our DA’s office is in question as well. If these 2 cases show their best work then we’re gonna see more and more violent criminals let out and not really punished, setting the tone that you can kill someone with your car and have very little repurcussions.
    Oh yeah i almost forgot about the case Kitchens lawyers had before her, where the woman who hit&killed a man on the side of 101 then fled the scene got 6 months.
    So glad everyone decided to hate on Gallegos so we end up with a completely inept DA office who hires someone whom hasnt worked in court for years and who did what will turn out to be a sneaky possibly illegal hiring process.

    Everyone whos sick of crime and who complains about people getting out too quickly, you need to redirect your frustration to the offices that are actually in court, the DA and the judges.

    • I agree-it’s time for the community to start voicing their concerns/issues/disappointments to the DA, the Jusges, the State Bar, etc. The system here is so broken and corrupt.

      This is one fucked up bitch.
      How arrogant to “seal” her travel records as if she’s just untouchable. Ideally, she will be in prison soon and won’t be allowed to flaunt her travels.
      Disgusting piece of trash.

      • agree. seal her travel records??

        i was schooled & have an aa degree/paralegal.

        we were taught about having reverential awe and respect for judges, as REQUIRED.

        look at pleadings… “we pray to the courts”…”honorable judge_____”.

        they “bench” is an elevated desk where they lord over the court.
        they wear a black robe like some high priest.

        i’m glad to hear news recently of judges loosing their positions and being taken off the bench due to comments that disparage rape victims and say that a young rapest is just doing what kids do…!

        i’d be willing to protest the sentencing practices of our bench.

        how’s that for putting a bulls eye on my back?

        • Yessss!!! Same here – paralegal. 17 years.
          This is just disgusting.
          The mockery that is being made of the system, and the judges allowing it, disgust me.

    • I don’t believe judges are elected. And good luck trying to reach one in their office…they do not accept outside communication regarding cases. Neither do their staff.

    • How would one go about that?

    • I think you might be thinking of the Public Defender who hasn’t “Worked” in a courtroom in years just by mail!!! Is he going to mail in their respective defenses??? That should be helpful to the DA but not so much any actual innocent parties!!! Of which this “Itch’ is NOT!!! She should be dragged behind a vehicle then horsewhipped then stung up for a finish!!!!

    • Lets not forget Kade Chandler who killed Kendra Lewis and her cousin Savannah Kindred Feb 21, 2015. Still waiting for his preliminary to hopefully finish up this month (March 28). He too has had the glory of never setting one minute in jail and never had to even bail out!!! He also has traveled to Mexico, Florida, Oklahoma etc…….These DUI drivers need to be setting in JAIL until the final sentencing. Their victims and their families have all paid the price but the DRUNK drivers are out living it up!!! So incredibly unfair. Kade was not only drunk but was found to have Alcohol, marijuana, cocaine and opiates in his system at the time of the crash!! So now over 2 years and this nightmare is still not over.

  • Why isn’t she behind bars yet??

  • She is a self absorbed narcissist. They NEVER CHANGE. They care only about themselves. When we project our NORMAL human emotions/responses onto these sorts of selfish myopic people it makes US crazy. They are not capable of empathy or love. Google NPD.

    Let her go.
    Ignore her. These kinds of drunk assholes are everywhere…unfortunately sometimes they ARE YOUR LOVER or PARENT. Then you end up abused, betrayed & possibly dead. 🙁

    • She appears to be a sociopath. No sense of guilt since it is never her, always someone else. I have one in my family and it is serious mental illness.

      There is a serious problem with the entire legal/judicial system up in Humboldt. The tweekers and fools control the entire area and the people who have the power to do something about it sit on their asses and let it happen. Like a dose of anarchy is good for society?

  • Wow she should atleast have to ware a gps or something. How can this wretched soul live with her self let alone travel on vacations

    • Maybe she isn’t living with her self , she probably hates herself, and maybe she wants to get away from all the haters. Whole lot of judging going on.

      I’m not disagreeing with her needing to be held accountable and should not be able to travel anywhere with a passport.

  • Wow, I’m just appalled that they would even let her leave the county, let alone the state. How can this woman go and celebrate any ones birthday while her own child, that SHE killed is laying in a casket 6 feet under. Sickening just sickening! This woman, I can’t even make myself call her a mother, should be sitting her a*s in jail! This woman shouldn’t even show her murdering face in public. Just my opinion! Her daughter and her daughter’s friend can’t ever go to another Birthday Party, Halloween Party, celebrate Christmas, go to and school dances or their Jr or Senior Proms. Why should this woman be able to go and celebrate ANYTHING!!

  • This is one of our local judges who has been in trouble already and found guilty of submitting false affidavits to push his salary higher. Why is he still on the bench??? You or I would be in jail for such a thing!

    Judge Christopher Wilson of Eureka, CA; serial liar Print E-mail
    User Rating: / 0
    Judge Christopher Wilson of Eureka, CA; serial liar

    The State of California presented Christopher Guy Wilson with a law license in 1984 after he graduated from the University of Oregon Law School.

    The Judicial Performance Commission found Chris guilty of the following misconduct.

    The California Constitution provides that “[a] judge of a court of record may not receive
    the salary for the judicial office held by the judge while any cause before the judge remains
    pending and undetermined for 90 days after it has been submitted for decision.”

    On at least eight (8) occasions, Chris knowingly submitted false affidavits and as a result received a salary he was not lawfully entitled to collect. Examples of delays of rulings by Chris are as follows:
    125 days in Humboldt County vs. Breckinridge case
    125 days in Jack Crlenjack vs. Humboldt Land Title Co.
    123 days in Cynthia Harcharik vs. James Harcharik
    111 days in Janet Battaglieri vs. Donald A. Battaglieri
    105 days in Laura Lewis vs. Jeffrey Lewis
    As a consequence of his misconduct, the apologists for Judicial Misfits sitting on the California Supreme Court punished Chris by gifting him with a complimentary admonition.

    Because Judicial Misfits in California are held to a much lower standard of conduct then everyone else, Judge Wilson was never criminally charged with perjury despite the fact that he lied under oath at least eight (8) times.

    As we speak (ca. January 2016), Chris continues to sit as a Humboldt County Superior Court judge in Eureka, California.

  • Mel Pearlston, wonderful weed attorney, must be calling out some old favors for his son’s girlfriend Marci. We know this county is corrupt, dirty with decades of weed money deals and favors. Heck- that’s how the “justice” system works! Of course she is receiving preferential treatment, in deference to the esteemed attorney Mel Pearlston’s family. And Okin is simply the front lawyer, attorney of record. But please, people- stop acting shocked or surprised at how the system truly works or at how deep the weed money goes. Yeah- it’s disgusting! I agree with that!!

    • And shes spending as much as she can as fast as she can so when she gets fined and a settlement against her they wont be able to take as much from her, is what she told a ” friend” of hers in Fortuna last month..

  • Sorry, I won't be at the family reunion next year

    Good on all accounts, to me.
    It is LIBERTY and JUSTICE for all, no matter who you are or what you have been accused, or even convicted, of.
    Besides that: she better get those family visits in this year. I have a feeling she won’t be getting many more for a long time.

    • what gives you that feeling? the courts have shown hit/run killings are not worthy of punishment in the legal eye.
      i get the feeling if she is found guilty she gets less than a yr in-house?

  • Oh that bitch is going to run, someone needs to keep an eye on her for sure….

  • This is a sick joke. She should be in prison and Judge Christopher Wilson should be on the unemployment line.

  • My view on all of the above comments- it sounds like a bunch of cackling hens at a lynching.

  • Let’s just say you or someone you knew did this… as a person or friend support is needed. What she did is despicable but it is done, irreversible. The families of the girls, the community and even the kid killer need justice to heal. If you have ever been charged with a serious crime or know someone who has I’m sure you might know the emotional ups and downs that come with that. She killed her own daughter,her sons sister,yes she left the scene, but she watched her die in the hospital. She killed another families kid that she knew for years. I hope in her darkest hours all she can do is replay all those images in her mind, I hope when she sleeps she dreams those lost souls haunt her in her slumber.. I hope she can’t stand the site of her own reflection,if she can she is a sicko. She can run but you can’t hide. She knows what she did… Everyone in Humboldt and beyond does!

  • Shame on Judge Christopher Wilson!

  • “Oh hi grandma and happy birthday! I’d like you to meet my girlfriend, Marci. No, she only has the one child. She killed the other one while driving drunk but she’s really nice and man can she cook! You’ll like her, just wait and see! She’s a really nice girl!”

  • Nor call gal you took the words right out of my mouth only better than how a was gonna put it well done.

  • Has her daughter been laid to rest yet, or still in the morgue?

  • I believe that their were services.

  • Well that just sucks!! Only in HUMBOLDT Co.can you get away with murder,or just about everything else!! What exactly is she charged with? And isn’t it in death only she can leave the state?as in family,not fuckin partying. I guess this is were our system has lead us. SAD

  • This entire case leaves many of us feeling our system has majorly failed. I have no idea why this whole ordeal has been allowed to continue as it has with no consequences for this woman. Why was bail allowed? Why is she allowed to live her life the way she chooses? Had it been anyone else, they would have never left their jail cell. Why is she do different then anyone else? Why is this case pretty much been just lagging without some kind of resolution or some kind of possible outcome to ease the families of these two girls and the public for that matter. This is one situation many of us do not understand why the hell it is being handled the way it is. There is always some damn excuse. Nothing has angered me more then this case has.

  • Tired of the crime

    Guess my comment wasn’t appropriate, yet it’s okay for her to go on vacation lol. So, I’ll say it this way: if someone were to run then her over, I wouldn’t shed a tear

  • This subject is just too sad and controversial to be talked about rationally. I, personally, haven’t heard any hard evidence that she was 100% positively behind the wheel when this accident happened.

    She is complicit for sure, but to what extent nobody knows. We will just have to trust the American system of justice to find the rational conclusion. And, I lost all faith in the “American system of justice” during the O. J. Simpson trial.

    • I agree Ernie. She’s been convicted in the court of public opinion, but that’s far from a court conviction. It sounds like she has a “dream team” of her own.

    • Okay, I know for a fact that she told her own mother that she thought she hit a deer & this is all I know. I have also watched all the comments, but I think God has the power to heal wounds & he has final judgement.

    • Hope your faith in karma was restored after The O.J. got what was coming to him in Nevada.

  • Boiles down to how much cash are u willing to spend ,or how much you have to spend .the longer it takes . the witness es can’t recall facts as vividly if she would have been tried much sooner while the witneses minds were fresh .it a common practice for a scum lawyer.

    • Years ago being caught with a little marijuana or few plants would get you thrown in jail, on probation and unable to leave the county…….

  • Kym, it says she is only charged with manslaughter, drinking and driving and hit and run. Why are her charges so low. Shouldn’t she have two counts of each, lying to police, and other charges? She not only has special treatment but the charges are so low. I guess this is a question for the DA.?

  • Had a friend years ago who grow pot out Dinsmore way. His property bordered a judges property, which the judge let be used for growing. CAMP was notified by the judge that the area was a ‘no fly’ zone, so my friend was totally safe from being busted. Many public officials, including Law, judges, attorneys, etc own property and lease it out, then take a percentage after harvest. Pretty well known fact.

  • I have this twisted visual of her with a party hat and a noisemaker. She’s laughing and having a grand old time. Then, when she’s good and shit-faced, she drives back to the hotel. Meanwhile, two young girls were unable to attend any party ever…

  • She should be given the death penalty in my opinion!!! She took the lives of 2 young girls, Why should she be out enjoying life?

    • I agree!!! She should go down for 2counts of murder… And she would have plenty of time to I don’t think she would survive prison.. She’s too high and mighty and thinks her Shit don’t stink..
      I feel bad for the Father and the brother that have to go on without there loved one..And the other girls Family, How sad… I couldn’t Imagine how I would Feel..About all that is happening.. They need Justis!!!! So So sad..
      Not cool she gets to go do what ever she wants right now..

  • +1 on the outrage.

  • Such a double standard and conflicting expectations for the accused. She must feel very privileged by the judicial system of Humboldt County.

  • Why isn’t this judge under investigation? Sounds like payola!

  • Wow so sad. Let’s not forget this woman has to go to bed every night knowing that she killed her daughter and another innocent person because of her disease alcoholism .So sad.

  • Surprised anyone would invite her to their party. They must be having difficulty getting attendees.

  • She should be in jail not traveling around. She killed two individuals and left them to die on the side of the road like dogs. People make mistakes, but there is no excuse for what she did afterwards. If she was truly remorseful she wouldn’t be going to parties.

    • I hope nobody would do that to dogs! Even a deer we stop and put down if necessary. Accidents happen. We all understand that.

  • Mind blowing to say the least. You’ve killed two young girls, one of them was your daughter and you are in court fighting for your right to go to a party in OR. On top of that she has been to Mexico, twice. And you want all future travels to be kept secrete. I would be doing good to get up and take a shower, much less go to Mexico. This is so gross.

  • Just Discussing!!!😡 she should be in a cell..

  • A s a local bail agent in our community and own my own business. Many think Police put criminal in jail and we get them out. In a broad perspective that’s true but we become the active corrections department. So, here the problem leys, misleading information that people don’t understand. There is process and steps to the justice system. Remember our elections when everyone voted to decriminalize the felons who don’t commit violent crimes, remember voting on letting out thousands of criminals to the streets? Then we all sit here and point the finger at the justice system?? That’s the people’s vote speaking, not them there hands are tied. The jail is full cause of the realignment issue placing people in county jail who should go to prison. It’s seriously higher up then our local issue, it’s at the level of governor office and the vote of the American people. Maybe next time read the little fine print before you vote yes. It’s dangerous look at what has happened. If we maybe created a harder penalty system and voted different we wouldn’t be having this issue. But I believe manslaughter Carry’s a 7-10 year sentence

  • As a local bail agent in our community and own my own business. Many think Police put criminal in jail and we get them out. In a broad perspective that’s true but we become the active corrections department. So, here the problem leys, misleading information that people don’t understand. There is process and steps to the justice system. Remember our elections when everyone voted to decriminalize the felons who don’t commit violent crimes, remember voting on letting out thousands of criminals to the streets? Then we all sit here and point the finger at the justice system?? That’s the people’s vote speaking, not them there hands are tied. The jail is full cause of the realignment issue placing people in county jail who should go to prison. It’s seriously higher up then our local issue, it’s at the level of governor office and the vote of the American people. Maybe next time read the little fine print before you vote yes. It’s dangerous look at what has happened.

  • Both my sister and I have had our spines destroyed by shitty drivers in Humboldt. If you are driving a multi ton death trap, it is your responsibility to keep it on the road. If you think you can drive around and leave a path of destruction in your wake and then drive off like nothing ever happened, you are wrong. One spine surgery down and probably two more coming….every time I scream in pain that is on the driver that hit me, spiritually. Quit destroying people’s lives! Take the bus if you can’t keep it in the road.

  • There are other ways to appropriately punish people besides jail. Learning through the consequences of our actions is a good one. Driving is a privilege, which can and should be taken away for life if you kill someone in an at fault accident. Whether you are drunk, high, stupid…doesn’t matter. People should be held accountable for negligence which causes another to suffer. I also propose restitution be payed to the victims for life by the negligent party or until the victim feels the debt is satisfied.

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