[UPDATE Friday] A Reader Caught a Cop Doing This…

On March 15, about 4 p.m., reader, Joe Rial, said he “caught this cop taking a tire iron from his cruiser.” The California Highway Patrol officer was pulled over beside Hwy 101 near the slide that closed the road recently.  There was another car in front of the officer’s cruiser.

“I saw him and wondered what was up,” Rial said.

Looking closer, Rial noticed an elderly man with a cane near the other car which had a flat tire. ” I saw [the officer] had removed the iron from his cruiser and went right to the tire.”

Nice of the officer to help the elderly man and kind of Rial to make sure the officer and his agency received a little recognition.

Send us your photos of someone doing a good deed to Redheadedblackbelt@gmail.com and spread a little good news.

UPDATE Friday: The Garberville CHP shared our story and added a little information, “That is California Highway Patrol Officer O. Rodriguez #21216, he is assigned to the Garberville area. Thank you to everyone who responded with their positive experiences. The California Highway Patrol and its employees are dedicated to providing the highest level of safety, service and security.”



  • woot! thank you Sir!

    Thank you!!!

  • One of those rare moments when officers get to deal with someone who isn’t a dirty lowlife.

    • Like themselves? Badges don’t make them good people.

      • A badge doesn’t make them bad either.

      • Having a badge doesn’t make them bad people either.

      • A little depressed aren’t we.. Just so you know more minorities die in the hands of minorities then they do cops by 20 folds.. In 2015 cops killed .09% of the blacks and 83% were killed at the hands of another black.. Society needs to quit blaming everyone and look in the mirror.. I thank god we have cops because I can’t even imagine what half of these dumb fucks would do if we had no sort of police in this country.. Actually we would have Martial Law and let me tell you something during a Rally military doesn’t smoke bomb you they fire rounds at a crowd.. So good luck with that

  • I’ve only seen that happen one other time! That’s a very very rare occasion!! That’s very kind! Good job CHP FOR keeping us safe

    • I have seen it happen one time in life as well and it was in Fairfax, VA and the pulled over was a hot white woman so I didnt blame the officer for wanting to help. Lol

    • Ive seen it 3 times in person, and Im only 34.

    • sharpen your pencil

      I have seen it countless times…. It is also part of their duty to check motorists that are on the side of the road. I was once pulled to the shoulder, taking a very important phone call, and had CHP pull in behind me, get out and walk up to my window and ask if everything was ok and if he could do anything to help me out. Told him no and he was on his way….. If a tree falls in the woods, and no one is around to hear it, did it really fall?

  • This is the same officer that helped me with my dump trailer instead of giving me a situation for the safety chains and the emergency trailer break.He even offered me a zip tie to aid in the fix.Looks like they hired one that actually cares.Didnt catch your name officer but we could use more like you 👍👍

  • fantastic. i was stranded with a flat and a spare but no jack. chp pulled up, and i thought hed lend me a hand. instead he insisted wasnt allowed to help at all because if anything bad happened hed be liable. despite my assurances he refused, all the while walking around and peeking into my car. he asked if id had anything to drink or if i had a cooler in my car. despite the blatant insult, i thanked him and he left, periodically returning to drive by until the tow truck arrived. i dont drink, had a clean car, never drive under any influence. i was guilty of having long hair.

  • AAA, with a gun.

  • Johnnyrastaseed

    He should get a medal of honor! Not!
    Apparently cops are so terrible these days that changing a tire for an elderly person is a jaw dropper.
    This only shows us what state we are currently in.
    I believe this shouldn’t be a big deal whatsoever, they are as human as all of us minus the reptilian draconian bastards that make and shape this society.
    Your friend and helper is what is depicted above.

    • You are so correct, THEY ARE HUMANS LIKE THE REST OF US.
      It is only a minor act of kindness shared from one man to another. He isnt a negative and ifnorant bastard that thinks he is entitled to every damn thing. Give a little, get a little goes a long way. NOT judging everyone else while you sit down and dont even better yourself while anchoring your ’cause’.

    • Your a snowflake huh?

  • I’ve seen a number of CHP officers changing tires over the years. It’s great to see them do it, but it shouldn’t be expected.

  • Now that’s a cop 🙂

  • Thanks CHP for serving the people. Much respect!

  • Man I ha da flat and a spare but no tire iron. It was 2 or 3 in the morning near the peg house . Ended up calling choice cuz my phone would only emergency dial. Well, I fell asleep waitong, cops woke me up with flashlight and “step out of the vehicle with your hands where they can be seen” “um, I just need some road side assistance, I live 10 miles north and have been sitting here with a flat for a while.” “Do you have any weapons?” “No, just a flat tire.” “Well, we may have a tire iron.” It’s cold and rainy. “Mind if i grab my jacket?” “Just wait a moment sir” as one cop grBbed the iron and the other watched me with his hand on his hilt. Well, I hadn’t been pulled over, what’s going on and why I, a tax paying law abiding citizen, starting to feel like I’m getting harassed? Finally the cop brings the tire iron and just tosses it by my flat. “There ya go.” The two cops circled around me and stood behind. “Um
    . Can I get a little light or can I grab my flashlight?” One of the cops then uses his iPhone, no flashlight, to which I say “okay, I can just use my phone .” Then I process to jack up my car, change the tire, and all the while these two 20 something’s are snickering about bad hours they are working. Well that was a weird experience
    Thanks for the help ivgues.

    Okay, times two. Don’t wanna be too harsh. Cops have a hard job right? Dangerous and scary and they deserve some kind of special respect right? No cop is a low life right? Okay, well, years later, my pregnant wife and I are ina. Spin out on some black ice right by empire grade rest stop north of laytonville. Spun around 9 times and landed in the southbound lane facing traffic and the dead side of a big curve. Any semi had come, and we’d be roadkill. Neither of our phones had service but luckily the person coming up behind me pulled around and his phone workrd. Okay, 911, this is an emergency right? Crash, late at night, all airbags out, wife 8 months pregnant? Yes, it is. This is when you need 911. Luckily also the car started and I was able to get it down on the rest area and borrowed a truckers phone to let 911 know I had gone to the other side of the road into the rest area. Well.. one, two, there hours later, two really upset looking cops show up. Sorry it’s late. It’s an emergency. You’re a cop. You get paid by my taxes. Don’t be a cop if you don’t expect to go out Kate and deal with emergency
    Protect and serve bitches. These cops immediately just grill.me. licence, registration, where do you live, ho is your daddy and what does he do, etc. Where you going and coming from? In a crash? It seemed a little over board. No we won’t call a tow truck from garberville
    No you can’t use our phones to help get a ride. We will take you toa hotel on laytonville. Well I tell them I live 20 miles north, not south, but they don’t care. We opt to stay until I can charge my phone, not in the cop car, cuz they won’t let me, and call a friend who comes and picks us up. So thanks choice,for all your help.
    Like when you pulled my wife and three witnesses over for not speeding on our road and took them all outta car cuz maybe thought they were trimming or something, in the rain, a block from home, for no reason.wrote a 200no insurance ticket that we obviously fixed because the guy said there was a time limit on finding paperwork in a car. Such b.s. cops are the lowest denominator in society. Sorry. I’m not sorry. Not at all. Cops don’t deserve respect until they give it. Same with everyone else. Psychological problems abound.

    • Man that was hard to read! lol, makes me feel better about my spelling which is terrible!

    • Maybe it was because of the vibe YOU gave off. I’ve had several experiences with CHP and I really believe most are trying to do a good job and go out of their way to be helpful. If you are young and fit, why would you expect them to change your tire. Local cops and sheriffs vary quite a bit, but in my opinion (just my opinion, no one has to agree) CHP are a fairly consistently good group. On top of that, a don’t think any of The Humboldt CHP are 20 something.

      • Most of them are twenty something’s. And my vibe didn’t affect their profiling.

        • sharpen your pencil

          Judging by the attitude you carry in your comments. I would say your “vibe” had everything to do with your treatment. Maybe the cop could just pick up the whiney jackass in your voice!

    • Tell The REAL story

      Lowest common- [edit] Airbags don’t come out on a spinout, so I am sure the rest of your story is full of lies and lack of additional true facts as well.

    • Lost Croat Outburst

      “Psychological problems abound.”

  • To Protect and Serve . . . Thanks CHP Officer

  • I had a CHP officer that was off duty save my day by stopping and changing my tire at 5 am in the morning on 299. Was so thankful since it was on a dangerous section of road, no cell service and still kind of dark out.

  • He did this without recognition, too.
    Will someone let his CO/supervisor know of how he helped another in public service?

  • Good job officer,it’s things like this that restore my feelings about the police,I wish everyone can see that not all police officers are nasty,there are alot police officers who are real life hero’s, thank you sir and may God bless you.

  • It chokes me up. What a great guy

  • When my husband and I were in a single-car accident this past summer, we blew a tire. A great young CHP stopped and changed the tire for us as my husband and I both have bad backs. All I know is that his name is David. He was very kind and helpful and we appreciated it very much!

  • People are helpful every day. Why does a cop get such a pat on the back?

    • True I can’t count how many times me or my friends have stopped to help stranded people, and I don’t even get paid for it, it’s called good karma

    • See the part on the bottom where it says, “Send us your photos of someone doing a good deed to Redheadedblackbelt@gmail.com and spread a little good news.” We’re hoping that leads to moms and grocery clerks, waitresses and garbage collectors, grandpas and fishermen all getting recognized for the good they do.

    • Because they’re usually douche bags. The fact that people are so blown away by an act of kindness from a cop is very telling. Hopefully it will encourage more of them to do likewise, instead of trying to generate as much revenue as possible by cranking out speeding tickets.

      • Douglas Tompkins

        People like you that have negative things to say about cops,most likely have a criminal record or done illegal activities.!!!

        • Oh wow good for you. So have most of the people on this website! Welcome to humboldt

        • [edit] Ever stop to think maybe, just maybe, they have had horrible experiences with the police, BECAUSE of the police, and not because of anything to do with them, OR their records? [edit]

    • Cops, at least around here, need the cudos! They are on the front line, protecting us and putting their life at risk every day. I talk to them too often, and I care for them. Actually touched them, arm to shoulder where in more hostile places I would have been taken down. We were all smiles.

      I hate the cop abuses and the reflection it makes on all of them, but just thank them for service when you can. It not only lets them know we’re all on the same side, but that you are an appreciative citizen.

      I invited one to come over, off-duty, to burn one with me. Still no show, but smiled with me for invite 🙂

  • It’s so nice to see this and have someone post it. Our LE Officers are bashes so much in the media anymore, it’s really nice to see this! A Huge Thank You to this CHP officer. Too bad someone couldn’t have gotten his name so he could get recognition for this! I grew up with a few guys that are now CHP or Sheriff’s now and they definitely dont get the recognition that they deserve. Anyway. Thank you to this Officer!!!

  • wow a cop does a good thing and it’s big news, pfst!

  • Wow!! I wonder how many Yuppies making a shit load of money in the Cannabis Industry would do for the elderly population. Lets guess. Not a fucking thing!!!! Look at our dilapidated schools, underfunded Fire Departments, and the Senior Healy Center which has been open for over 30 years and on the brink of closing.!!

  • I’d like to share a strange story from my youth, 45 years ago. My school mates’ Renault had broken down, again (fkin Renaults), in Palo Alto, so we loaded up in a Ford truck from Santa Rosa to go pick it up (literally, lift it manually, it fit in the back of the truck).
    Well, me n Tim sittin in back of truck in traffic jam, with a 40 o beer and passin a joint, three others in front doin same.
    I look over my shoulder at a BIG BLACK CHP COP ridin a Harley cop bike between lanes right next to us. I coulda reached out and touched him. Tim is tryna pass me the joint, I pushed his hand down. Thru the window I see them PASSEN A 40 AND JOINT. HA! We were scoundrels. HA!
    I turned over my shoulder and asked (this is 2mph like 10 slow minutes rolling) ‘Is there anything wrong, officer?’ He replied, ‘not as long as you don’t take too many hits’ and roared down the road, at which time the driver finally saw the cop and put the bottle down! HA!
    I’m not sayin that was right, but things were gentler in those days.

    • what a ummmm great story,,,in those days we didn’t need no stinkin seat belts or helmets and we could ride in the back of a pick up truck, ohhhhhh those where the days….sigh.

  • I’ve been broken down with children in my ride and cops went by,and by and by. Back then their were no cell phones,so I sat that their for awhile till the rain stopped and fixed it,with a flash lite. Broke down in Death Valley on a day it was 134* and a CHP helped us. It’s not their job. My uncle’s always stopped for people in need.

  • And, I didn’t say ‘BIG BLACK CHP COP’, like about color, but he was certainly big, and a cop, but I still deeply remember his color. It was the most beautiful darkest skin. So, wtf?
    Thanks to all that serve. And I hope he has many children.
    (most people mistake me for a white guy)

  • disenchanted snowflakes???

  • The way i see it !!! That because he were a badge dont make him a good cop or neither it make him a good understanding cop or whatever far im concern you cant trust no cop at all!!!! not at day or not at night or whatever as long they were a badge i dont want them around me at all because there no such thing call trust cop because you cant trust law enforcement at all because all they do is abused there power and system is all corrupt up bad.

  • Its funny how many of you are saying “first time I seen a cop do this”

    #1. Its not his job so call a tow truck or AAA. IF YOU DONT HAVE IT TOUGH LUCK CAR COMES WITH WHAT YOU NEED!!
    #2. How many of you have stopped to help a stranger?? Many of you may have never seen a cop do it but I know you’ve seen someone broken down.. So get off your high horse and do the good deed.. If not then shut the fuck up!!
    #3. Cops are just people doing a shitty job.. We have way more criminals then bad cops in this shitty society we have made with violence and rude behavior towards our own neighbors.. People act like dicks all day but once someone says something they ball up like little bitches and whine for the world to see live on facebook in hopes of becoming even the slightest bit famous.. Especially when it comes to cops just doing there job..

  • Thank you so much!!!

  • Cops are people ,good and bad. Just like the rest us !
    Good work trooper .

  • Jesus Christ am I insane?? You’re/ they’re paid to do this. Protect in Serve. Not jam hands in pockets.

    Really.. who would NOT have stopped to help anyone in a precarious situation let alone a senior, thats a story.

  • Humboldt has THE BEST cops! APD, EPD, Sheriff, CHP – they are the gold standard for law enforcement.


  • I live in Nebraska and the state patrol does this sort of thing everyday. Run out of gas they will take you to station and supply the can. There’s a good reason for this.when you’re stalled on the highway you are in danger and they are paid to protect you. So stop the pats on the back. He wouldn’t have stopped in his private car.

    • In Idaho I had a blowout on the freeway and had barely pulled over when a state patrol stopped and put out cones. He then radioed for a crew in a state service truck who rallied like a pit stop changing my tire and getting me on my way in minutes. In California we’re grateful to not be arrested but in most other states the status of”taxpayer” is a bit better.

  • As a former over the road driver for various companies, I always carried a four-way lug wrench and a small hydraulic jack in my side box, while driving through Wisconsin, an elderly couple passed me. Fifteen minutes later, I saw then in the shoulder of I-94 eastbound with a flat tire. This was one week before Christmas. I pulled my rig over to help. The lady told me she had called tripleA and I told her I could have them on the road before the wrecker even got out of the garage! I changed their tire for them and tried to go on my way, but she insisted that I give her my name and tractor number ! I gave her the information and she hugged me and also insisted that she pay me for hanging their tire . I didn’t want her money,and really didn’t want to offend her,so I just stuck the bill in my pocket. When I got to the Illinois state line I stopped for fuel, it was a $100 dollar bill she pressed in my hand !! So yes, Karma can be a beautiful thing ! Not all officers are bad ! But , I have found out in 58 years of living ,that it’s mostly assholes who have NO RESPECT FOR THE LAW, that have all the issues for our officers ! Don’t be a dick and you will receive the respect you afford the officer ! Thank you Trooper for a truly random act of kindness ! My prayers are with you all ! P. S. My hair is halfway down my back and I have 13 tattoos !

    • Thanks Brian M., that is a great perspective, and agree 100% on the RESPECT FOR THE LAW statement, you get what you project.

  • Thank you to ALL of the me and women who wear the uniform of Law Enforcement!

  • So awesome!
    I’ve only seen this once in person and it gives such a good feeling about true human beings, he had a choice and he chose to help out, if we could all just help a little we would all have a better world

  • Nice people are nice people, jerks are jerks. Not very many nice people are jerks and not too many jerks are nice people. CHP is just like anywhere else, there are both kinds of officers. I do have a few different friends who have been pulled over around here and basically harassed about where they have been, what they were ding, where they are going, do they have any weapons, are they carrying any drugs, etc. For no apparent reasons. They weren’t given tickets. All these folks are white haired. I don’t get it, I don’t like it. I don’t think it’s legal but what are you gonna do?

  • I only wish that Fish and Game had the same balls and respect that this Peace Officer had. Fish and Game are all assholes, You can quote me on this. they will ticket you for the most minor infraction possible. I do not know what drives these animal officers to act in the most retard manner possible.

  • That made my day! A feel good kind of day. The CHP in Del Norte County are all pretty good also! Kym is also great!

  • I have a back injury, and many Thanksgiving Day’s ago I had a flat on my Toyota MR2 roadster, and I was struggling to get it off…Humboldt CHP officer Maria Anderson drove past me on hwy 101, hung a u-turn, & helped me change the tire, so she was my hero that day…THANKS

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