Should More of Bald Hills Road Be Paved?

Bald Hills RoadPress release from the National Park Service:

The Bureau of Indian Affairs has issued an environmental assessment for the paving of 2.6 miles of a currently rocked section of Bald Hills Road within Redwood National Park. The NPS is assisting the BIA in notifying the public about this project and by accepting comments on the Bald Hills Road improvement project.
Comments may be provided electronically to the project home page at , or go to and search for Redwood National Park under Projects with Documents Open for Comment. Comments will be forwarded to the BIA for consideration.
Questions regarding this project may be directed to Deputy Superintendent Dave Roemer at 707-465-7700.


  • country bumpkin

    The funds probably don’t come from the same pool, but it seems that there are better places to spend money on road improvements or repairs after the storm damage this past winter.

  • Overall our road infrastructure county wide, as well as north coast wide is in very poor condition.

    The result is extreme wear and tear on both private and commercial vehicles.

    Many folks do commute over Bald Hills road as well tourist traffic.

    It would be nice to see the rocked section paved or at least chip sealed.

    It is a beautiful drive.

    It can also be treacherous in poor weather conditions.

    So yes, our family is in favor of the plan.

  • Don’t know where the Bald Hills are.
    If the photo is representative of the terrain, then I suggest instead paving some of the steep rural roads in So Hum Co, which have a lot of erosion and runoff, that access communities that are thousands of acres in size. Some of them are private roads now, but environmentally, and economically it’s in the best interest of the community that a deal be made.

    • The majority of what you speak are private roads. Funds for this are coming from the National Parks Service. Completely different agencies and priorities. It’s not their job to fix Humboldt County’s mess.

  • If you comment on NPS site your personal data is not protected… I am not putting my address on (another) govt website, esp one that says it most likely is not secure.

  • Sleepy Alligator

    Yes, please pave the remaining stretch of potholes, but make the logging company responsible for a chunk of the bill.

  • What about the stretch from the old ARCO mill yard up to johnson rd. Traveled that road for many years and in my opinion that has always been the worst stretch and it gets the majority of traffic.

  • Well, I am in favour of the plan.

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