Muddy Conditions Force Partial Closure of Hiking Trail

Headwaters Forest Reserve

Headwaters Forest Reserve is accessible by the Elk River Trail. [Photo by Bureau of Land Management via Wikimedia Commons]

A section of the Elk River Trail in the Headwaters Forest Reserve, near Eureka, is temporarily closed due to muddy conditions.  The access restriction begins about three miles from the trailhead parking area.

The Bureau of Land Management is issuing a temporary closure to protect public safety and to prevent trail damage. The restriction will be lifted when conditions improve this spring.

The first three miles of the trail remain open to hikers, bicyclists and dog walkers. The first mile is paved and accessible for those with limited mobility. It features interpretive signs about the reserve’s natural resources and rich history.

For more information, telephone the BLM Arcata Field Office at (707) 825-2300.



  • the wettest I’ve seen Humboldt in 10 years I’ve lived here. Our roads and highways are trashed. Since CalTrans and the state of CA are already broke and begging for federal aid maybe declaring CA a ‘sanctuary state’ is just one more really dumb idea from Governor Jerry Brown.

    • I have been around longer, there are years with more than sixty inches of rain in Eureka. Go ask a old-timer about Honeydew and be happy.

    • This is the Humboldt that changed about 10 years ago. Nice to see the weather we are supposed to have.

  • After years of being in drought we got slammed by some moist storms yes they had bad impacts wiping out roads causing hillsides to give way. Atleast we finally have full reservoirs at our dams we got the soakers we needed so badly including snow @ sea level

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