EPD Officers Capture Fleeing Suspect Believed to Have a Stolen Vehicle and Felony Warrants

EPD arrest suspect

Eureka Police officers discuss the incident after detaining the suspect. [Photo by Mark McKenna]

This afternoon, Eureka Police officers attempted to detain a man suspected of having felony warrants on H Street. The suspect fled on foot but was eventually detained on the 900 block of G Street about 2:15.

The suspect is believed to be associated with “a confirmed stolen vehicle,” according to Eureka Police spokesperson Brittany Powell.



  • Michelle Steele

    Yeah another one bites the dust. Kudos to law enforcement for getting these people off the Streets. Now go get the druggie and drunk drivers who roam our community along with all the other types of offenders like rapist and murderers. Then mabye our community might be a little bit safer again. Hopefully

  • Kudos ? Does that come with or without the Yuppie BMW ?

  • They’re out!😀 Have a nice day.

  • I lived in one of those apartments for 6 months. Water would run down the walls when it rained. The whole place is layered in paint and mold. The landlord is a real piece of trash.

  • Dumb and dumber, at least they had to forfeit the guns, lmao

  • Back in the 70s eureka was a way different town all there was the mall on the Harris st .that’s was all oh and monkey wards .Ben Franklin down town . The pulp plant ,all the mills were going Scotia has full steam a head .every one of the people were working .now all that’s gone .a buy gone era .now all you see are bumS on the street. A prostitute and her 2 bums escorting her .tweekers, theives ,sexually deviants .animal cruelty,and it’s only getting worse law abiding tax paying citizens arm your self because in the next ten yrs at this rate it will become the norm if the meth and heroin isn’t stopped the days ahead can only get worse .I very rarely go to pukereaka I know refer to it as .this is what I saw just going to lunch at Sammy’s barbecue awesome food .that’s the only thing worth going to pukereaka. So sad that that’s what has happened to a once nice place to live .Native Humboldtian

  • I hear no guns equals paid vacation to maui again for 10 days somewhere on a beach, this felon hangs out with alot of trash I hear,

  • My friend just called me he lives in Hydesville someone just tried to break in to his house broke into his she’d. The plague is spreading .

    • There’s a guy whose been on here a bunch of times. Him and that Fidler guy have the most arrest releases, anyway him and another thief are robbing houses on 36, Driving a white BMW, been out in little golden gate area, and a few others have been following them around blasting it on Facebook. W.H and C.M

  • Headed to Vegas where all trash goes.

  • My buddy just sent me a video of the perpetrator prying the door open with crow bar pushed the door stuck his head in on a swivel,but didn’t cgo in got spooked buy surveillance cameras ,and my friend lives on the outskirts of Hydesville ,and the guy is a cancer survivor WTF

  • No that break in was yesterday

  • I think donny fidler is in prison got an escape chargehe got caught and now he’s in complete hell lock down 24 7 .

  • Sounds to me as if someone is.trying to stick Mr Harris accusing him of a crime he possibly couldn’t have committed because he was no where near Humboldt during this time. Maybe it was you gazoo that committed these actions and now want to put the blame on him. Either that or you are a coward and live vicariously thru Mr. Hi. Better watch your mouth before you have a lawsuit on your hands. Show proof or shut up

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